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Friday, April 30, 2010

Lying and politicizing need to STOP

Two things I came across this evening:

One is a group that - in the face of the mindless hatred and violence of the Illegal Alien supporters - represents many if not most honest,law-abiding and intelligent Hispanics: Dontspeakforme.org

Second, while the Progressives and "anti-racist" La Raza rioters continue to spin lies when they know better, an Arizona Deputy was shot by several illegal alien drug smugglers. The bogus dissent against this fully Constitutional and necessary law needs to STOP.
...the legislature even took the word "sole" out of the description of the prohibition of using appearance for probable cause, to make it even more airtight. Now, not only can it not be a 'deciding factor', IT CANNOT EVEN BE CONSIDERED, though it is one common thread in most Arizona illegals.

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