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Monday, December 27, 2010

Thanks for the laugh, Judah!

Judah, a  devotee of the Global Warming/Cooling/Change/Whatever-it-takes fraud wishes to continue the gravy train of funding (measured in hundreds of billions) and extortion (measured in trillions) that his religion feeds on.

Ignoring the fact that (without massive refrigerator-style heat sinks to shed the heat somewhere) heat cannot make cold, AND that ice packs and glaciers are growing wherever ever-shifting precipitation permits, (and polar bear numbers are encroaching on other species), AND that it is at or below normal everywhere* all at once, AND that this decades-long heating/cooling cycle has been present for eons (gradually getting cooler along with our planet's core and the rest of an expanded universe), he tells you that 'heat makes snow', and you'd know it if only you were as omniscient as he and the other fraudsters. 

Judah provides proof of his own priorities.  He doesn't want his 'alarm' spread to warn people of the danger, rather he insists on copyright fees for quotes of words, phrases, large portions or the entire article, even non-profit blogs.  In the lower left is a box to get a quote (I am not kidding) for permission to reprint any portion of his ransom note.  I inquired and was robo-informed that it required special review and email conversation. AHH-ha-ha-ha-ha! >snif<  Since I'm not interested in contributing to the global shakedown, I will simply let you read it at the NY Times site, since they paid their fees.  The comedic carbon-speak can be found HERE.

1: I checked several dozen locations around the world simultaneously during last year's record-breakingly "warm" blizzards, and they were all reporting normal to below-normal temperatures at the same time.
2: The snow in Siberia is just fine, thank you - - it's just so remote that the fraudsters feel they can reference it while we are trying to navigate the ice-choked northern passages and avoiding the crowds of Polar Bears.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Existentially blind: Focus on denial

In his Dec. 22nd letter to the S.B Sun, “Wrong focus” the writer, Scott Tudehope, lashes out at everything except lack of personal responsibility; the single greatest threat to our society.

Tudehope first ridicules the Corrections’ Dept crackdown on illegal cell phones in prison.  He can state no reason to allow this contraband in jails, but rather attacks the concern over their illicit presence.  He chooses to ignore the fact that communication with inmates has been restricted for centuries, in all cultures, for good reason.  As a way to arrange escapes, coordinate drug and weapon smuggling, target witnesses, attack criminal competitors and endanger rival gangs (not to mention prison staff), cell phones beat secret signals, coded letters and even personal contact at the fence.  Increases in all of these issues have been connected with the rise of cell phones. 

When Inland Newspapers responsibly supports the crackdown, Tudehope blames them too, asserting that “everyone else” is focusing on outdated facilities, food quality, prisoner health care and visitation policies. Clearly, some facilities are overcrowded or need repair, but except for outrage over wasted billions of taxpayer dollars on a few overly-cush prisons, HDTV, muscle-building equipment, law libraries, free elective surgeries and prisoners escaping during unsupervised visits and furloughs, I have never heard anyone mention such things.  I have also heard complaints about prisoners’ endless (and groundless) appeals as well as suing the government over prisoners’ “rights” to  particular brands of peanut butter on the taxpayers’ dime.

Tudehope moves on, whining about this brother’s point of view about his poor “prison experience”.   Seriously?  This is not fine dining, sir, this is jail.  It is INTENDED to be as safe as possible in a population of criminals, but not entertaining or pleasant; something to be avoided.  I suppose the brother might consider leaving no tip.

The writer summarizes incarceration: After booking, you realize that conviction has changed your life; correct (realizing this BEFORE the crime would prevent the whole issue).  Others now control of your life and freedom is limited; check (this is the definition of prison).  The routine is dull; um – duh (dealing with hundreds of people who couldn’t manage their own lives requires organization, but no activities director)!  There is increased segregation; yup (inconveniently, many of the inmates wish to KILL each other based on race).  The routine never changes; yes (see above).   Phone calls cost $1.50 per minute and not rioting only gets you 2 FREE calls per week; right (vandalism-resistant phones, random screenings and systems to screen out threats to victims and such cost money).  Lastly, “jobs” only pay $5 per day; (and the daily taxpayer cost of securing, feeding and housing each prisoner – given the high efficiency above – is over $60 per day, not counting police and court costs or the losses to victims).  Is there a complaint in there?

Tudehope blames his brother’s difficulties on, “Idaho’s wonderful ‘three strikes law’ and Judge [Deborah?]  Bail”.  So does he mean that, though less than 1% ever go to jail for anything, his brother just couldn’t help committing an ARMED robbery (“holding up a… store”)?  He also couldn’t avoid committing the TWO previous felonies on his record?  Clearly, it’s the law’s fault and the judge’s fault.  Now we can see why his brother would write a complaint letter about a ‘restriction of entertainment’ due to a justifiable safety regulation like ‘no unauthorized communication’, rather than on his self-destructive lifestyle or some genuine threat to his safety while in custody.

This is almost the same view, and just as absurd, as the notion that the U.S. taxpayer “owes” a free living to every citizen and (unlike every other nation in the world) every foreigner that sneaks in.  Let’s focus on reality.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Merry Christmas!

This is what I say to those I meet this time of year.  It is the same greeting that my family and friends would get, so it applies to benign-looking strangers as well, meaning them nothing but good.  My Jewish and Islamic friends also get “Merry Christmas”.  Not surprising among reasonable people, they smile and return the blessing.  Likewise, when I notice (not being a theologian or scholar) that it is Ramadan or Al-Hijra, I will tell Muslims to have “a blessed” one and I post a hearty “שמח חנוכה!” when I see that Hanukkah is approaching.

The way I see it, if I would bestow the same wishes to my children, they should be pleased if I wish them well in the same way.  Likewise, if they are sincere and would give their loved ones the same greetings, then I am satisfied with their intent when I get a “شهر رمضان المبارك” (I admit I cannot even come close to pronouncing the Arabic).  I’m not worried about being diminished somehow or being tagged for eternal punishment.  I don’t believe that God, the only one that gets it right with a sea of imperfect humans underfoot, would do anything other than smile.

Don’t get me wrong, I am rock-solid in my faith and believe I have most of it right.  I know that I misunderstand some things, but, “behold, I stand at the door and knock.  If any man hears me and opens the door, I shall come in and eat with him”.  If I have Jeshue’s or Jehovah’s name wrong, or make some other error because of what I have been taught, He will come to me if I am sincere.  He makes up the difference.  That’s called “grace”.  If He will cover for me, why not any other human striving (according to his experience) to be Godly?

But this “happy holiday” business?   Holiday?  If they’re lumping in everything from October to January, that’s one thing.  If not, exactly which Holy Day are they celebrating (with their Christmas trees and presents) if not Christmas?  The Festival of Lights and Islamic New Year are over.  Kwanzaa (not a holy day, but a cultural event) isn’t until after Christmas.  This appears to be a rather vapid attempt to avoid being offensive by some and an attempt to deny the true nature of the celebration by others.  Some make it “winter solstice”, which is just the name of the shortest day of the year. 

This last group (atheists) insists that any mention of anything to do with God (they often make it “magical sky-god” to be as offensive as possible) is unconstitutional.  They demand that ancient city names be changed, historic memorials and other artifacts be hidden or destroyed, etc.  Real Taliban stuff.

The First Amendment says that the government will not set up a state religion, but otherwise, the free exercise of religion shall not be prohibited.  This is referred to as “freedom of religion”.  One is also free to opt out of participating in religion.  But it doesn’t even suggest that anyone can be free from seeing or hearing about it.  ‘Freedom from religion’ (protection from exposure) means staying home.  Interestingly, the phrase “separation of church and state” does not exist anywhere in either the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution.  It is widely attributed to a 1947 SCotUS decision, referring to an 1802 letter from President Jefferson to a religious group.  Jefferson confirms a division between religious and government business, but goes on to wish them the blessings of the “Father and Creator”.

And a Happy New Year!  I was going to save pedestrian, D.C. news for future scribbling, but we have been given gifts too important to ignore.  The Democrats have been ignoring the will of the People and the Constitution as if November’s election never occurred.  They delayed responsible legislation (like a budget and the expiring tax cuts) all year to cram it all into this false-crisis “lame duck” session, along with tons of Socialist agenda items.  Instead of a “continuing resolution” (50 pages, simply continuing all programs at current levels until the new Congress in January), they (most Dems, a couple Republicans) came up with a gargantuan “omnibus spending bill”.  Yet another 1,900 page monster, crammed with hidden/confusing language, and at least 8,000 new, Progressive spending projects that would increase the deficit by another trillion dollars. 
They also tried again to force through their DREAM act (Democrats’ Registration Extravaganza by Amnesty measure?), which would give illegal alien “children” up to 35 years old immunity from deportation upon application, and eventual citizenship, in return for their “service” in accepting money, free food and free education for years, if they promise to accept the additional burden of more free cash and education.  And priority over Americans’ kids.   And ability to vouch-in their entire families.
Well, the conservatives did as we told them in November:  they largely held the breach against the blitz in favor of illegal aliens, massive debt and crippling tax increases.  They had to give up on “paying for” the extension of unemployment, so it wasn’t a great deal for the country. They wanted some cuts somewhere to offset that cost (most of the “$700 billion – no, $900 billion – no, $1 trillion, GIVEN to the rich”).  However, it seems that the Progressives’ much touted “pay as you go” resolution (and recent screaming about debt) was just an inconvenient truth for them to sidestep.

So, while we still have a lot repair work to do, we will be in much better condition than we feared (or they planned) in January.  We can breathe a bit easier and enjoy the more important truth.  The Good News that is the reality of this season.

False premise in “sacrifice”

In the Dec 19th Perspectives (Inland Newspapers), Garland Byrum’s and Daniel Jeffs’ letters are used to ‘debate’ whether it is “time for sacrifice”.  People have always sacrificed here.  Americans have long been the most charitable people on Earth, whether in support of our own citizens or responding to distant emergencies.  Our government typically gives more than any other (and most combined) to any given aid drive and our people freely donate more than our government.

Byrum is a lawyer with the American Institute for Progressive Democracy and 1st V.P. of the Democratic Club of Claremont (his ‘USAPAC” could be any one of several by that name ranging from “Conservative Leadership” to the “Communist Party, USA”).  He admits that our deficit (quintupled since Progressives took supermajority control of the government and equal to the first 42 presidents’ combined) is “unsustainable”.

From there he departs from reality, asserting that “common good cannot be sustained by cutting expenses alone” and if there is a government program that we individually benefit from, “adding taxes will require sacrifice”.   He then recites the Left’s class warfare mantra of looting “the rich”, using partial information about tax rates.

Byrum’s “common good” likely includes giving 47% of the population a complete pass on income taxes, while the top 2% pay about 70% of those taxes.  They also get “rebates” on the taxes they didn’t pay.  These are I.R.S. return numbers, not skewed statistics to be quoted with “but they use loopholes”.  The loophole asterisk belongs with his citation of Eisenhower’s “91%” tax rate: the 1950’s tax code was rife with loopholes and less than half of that rate was actually paid.  It has been proven over and over through history that overtaxing the rich just makes the rich go elsewhere to hire and invest, while “common good” free rides make the poor dependant on their welfare masters and run up the debt.  Socialist “rich” cry for higher taxes (and their loopholes) but somehow fail to donate to the government, while conservative “rich” donate far more to charity.

What made young America a superpower in only 150 years, and THE superpower in another 100 (despite Socialist waste, interference and sabotage), was maintaining a minimum level of centralized government and allowing the individual desire to prosper bring the entire economy up with it.  They let families and local charity or faith-based groups do their much better job of caring for the needy.  Then local or state approved government programs took care of the little that remained.

The correct ending for Byrum’s, “…if there is a government program…”, is not, “…adding taxes will require sacrifice.”  The correct ending is, “…it should be eliminated in favor of the better system.”  The Constitution does not provide for centralized welfare control among the enumerated powers.  It is the several states that created the United States, and they and their People actually hold most of the power.  Until the 1920’s Progressives, our debt and deficit rates were almost flat, because the system worked.  Certainly, we cannot just cut people off.  We must honor the contracts we made with the poor, the elderly and the sick.  But we can start the process of moving responsibility and control back out where it belongs; gradually move people into equal or better programs that are NOT going through the vast bureaucracy.   Better yet, help many of them out of indentured servitude and, over time, into self-sufficiency.  This means no welfare-imposed limits on prosperity for minorities and the poor.

The reason that too many politicians and lawyers don’t like this obvious answer is that power over the federal valves that control the flow of trillions of dollars is vast power.  Even a little “leakage” to individuals and their cronies is measured in billions of dollars.

Daniel Jeffs’ “Why give more?” doesn't appear to be written for this debate, but his points are all solid.  He has served the People at the local level for decades.  He does not appear to be one of the growing numbers of unionized “public servants” that double-dip and triple-dip to bring home more in retirement than they ever earned.   He, like most of us, is still willing to contribute what he can: his time and experience to help others.

When the people recognize (as 70% now do) that our system has been corrupted to favor centralized power over efficient use of charity and local control, they get frustrated by the continued waste and abuse they now see in the stunningly arrogant, “lame duck” session.  Only a month after a historic repudiation of the Left by voters, Progressives (even a few in the GOP) were cramming another TRILLION dollars of pork into bloated giveaway bills as if it was their right to do so.

Conservatives stopped most of the additional damage.  Repair will come, but slowly.  If government (especially the higher levels) would get out of the way, more people would have more money to contribute as well.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Funny “give” and “take” - - and WWRHD?

We see some funny word usage these days.  Not kid’s jargon or some techno-lexicon.  I mean political Leftspeak. Much is obvious, such as when the current President says anything about “making Progress or that he will “considerRepublican  proposals.  Some is more obscure.

Let’s leave “journalist” (i.e. anti-American/hacker/extortionist/anarcho-Socialist/terrorist) DeRange (or LeStrange or whatever his name is) for another day.  Lots of double-talk among far-"right" anarchists that conveniently destabilize democracies for the picking of  far left Socialists.

We see “Liberation Churches” and allied Socialist (therefore Atheist) sponsored “Spiritual” centers and programs.  Black Liberation Theology (their name, not mine) is: God wants people to be heavily taxed and the wealth distributed subjectively by government, and whites (regardless of individual history) must “give everything” in reparations for slavery and can only be saved collectively.   That would be the profane “Reverend” Jeremiah Wright and Obama’s current “spiritual advisors” (how many Presidents have had a whole squad of them, like Emperor Palpatine’s Dark-Side viziers?).  For the record, I do not believe the PotUS is a Muslim.  In fact, Obama professed his “collective salvation” in several speeches this fall.  My humble opinion is that he simply favors Islam (of any sort) over ‘Christianity of the past’, but is just as devout as his "Christian" advisers

advisor “Reverend” Jim Wallis founded Progressive Socialist Sojourner magazine.  Asked if he favored “redistribution of wealth [Marxism] in society” under B.L.T. he responded, “Absolutely, without any hesitation. That's what the gospel is all about.”  I missed those verses somehow; were they in red?  That’s what Jesus would do?  I seem to recall him giving tax collectors and usurers a hard time, even as he strove to save them, individually.

Next is “Reverend” Otis Moss Jr, who preaches LT like Wright.  Then stridently (and pitifully) self-hating “Father” Michael Pfleger, also pushing LT like “Reverend” Kirbyjon Caldwell (who plays all sides to favor Socialism) and “Bishop” T.D. Jakes (T.D. Jakes Ministries, Inc: CD sets on sale this week and soliciting corporate partners) to round out the crew – er, conclave.  All of them generally (mis)invoke the Bible, God or Jesus only when pinned down, preferring the vaguer “spiritual”, “moral”, “ethical”, “compassionate”, etc.

This high-sounding vagueness (with no mention of God at all) is the dialect of Socialist moral-tweaking frauds; just sounding like churches.  ‘Why are you such an immoral, racist hater, that you would deny the spiritual basics of ethical life to children?!?’  They pretty much just extort money by guilt and divert it to leftist groups that abuse/ridicule/sabotage anything Constitutional, values-oriented or American.  Then, if you delete the pseudo-spirituality altogether and begin the (rather pitiful) insultingmagic sky-god” stuff, you get mainstream “Sojourner” fodder*. 

After 2 years with Progressive super majorities and the White House spending like 40 previous Presidents combined, we find ourselves with a (really, really) lame duck congress.  They did not bother to draft an annual budget or settle extensions to avoid massive, across-the-board tax increases until now.  Never mind that they are (still under Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi) dithering over DREAM amnesty bills, protect Vegas poker gaming, attacking the 1st Amendment, debating giving Russia our defense plans, finally wrapping up Rangel’s guilt and posturing over Don’t Ask Don’t Tell in the few days before adjournment.   

As to the Income, Inheritance, Capital Gains, and other taxes (listed, with a leftist bias [ignoring that their lowest beneficiaries PAY NO INCOME TAX TO START WITH] HERE) that will skyrocket for everyone unless Bush’s cuts are extended, let’s see what Speaker Pelosi says.  She declares that every unemployment dollar "creates jobs" and “pays back 2 to 1”.  That is, people will spend their (2 full years of) unemployment checks (that we pay for) on the basic bills they have always paid, somehow pumping up the economy above normal and cutting unemployment.  On the other hand, Nancyspeak is that “giving billions to the rich” (employers and investors that are chomping at the bit for opportunities to hire or invest to get richer; already paying 90% of all taxes while 47% pay none) would do nothing for the economy.  Really? All of history is wrong?  And “GIVING?  Excuse me; aren’t we arguing about how much government will take away from the earners?  Actually that’s incorrect; it’s how much more will be taken from them.

Pelosi continues that she won’t allow an extension “unless it includes a cut for middle class”.  Hmm.  Only Nancy’s bill would exclude anyone; Republicans incessantly say to “cut everyone’s taxes”.  Her imaginary, class-warfare-conservatives are “holding the middle class hostage”.   They also somehow forced “$90 billion (bailout)” past the Dem’s supermajority for rich bankers, “and now they want tax breaks…after all they put us through?”   Wow.

She repeats this mantra, trying to make it come true: ‘mmm, investors don’t want to invest,  mmm, unemployment creates jobs, mmm, employers don’t want to employ, mmm, spending lowers the debt,  mmm, success is evil,’ etc.  She adds that the 5 million jobs Dems destroyed over 2 years somehow “created more jobs than the entire 8 years of the Bush administration” and that they saved “values, veterans, the Heartland, the auto industry”, unicorns and the Golden Fleece along the way.  Progressive congressmen parrot Nancy’s, “give $900 billion ($700B last week) to the rich”, Leftspeaking that “Americans agree with us”.  This is from polls that showed  (3 separate questions) more favor breaks for ‘just the poor’ than ‘just the rich’, but 66% favor “cut everyone’s taxes”.

Obama double-Left-speeched on Dec 6 and 7.  To him, jihadist, mass-murdering terrorists don’t exist, but Republicans that negotiated with him are “hostage takers” that “have harmed the hostages”.  With an eye to his own re-election**, he admitted that “to stabilize the economy” he had to extend the Bush tax cuts for everyone (breaking his promise to punish the rich).  But he also claimed that any improvement in jobs or the economy would be because of his already-failed stimulus and extending unemployment.  He also admitted that Socialist “purists” might let the extensions lapse (creating massive hardships), then institute reductions next year that could be called “Obama tax cuts”.  He reminded his “sanctimonious” Progressives that they need to get what they can this year and keep usurping power into the future as they always have.  The Left responded by threatening to let the tax cuts expire, adding, “You’re another one!” [my summary].  They are irate that many successful people might go unpunished and keep some of their money.

Finally, since we’re in la-la land, let’s revisit the Leftspeak argument for their open hatred of (and now-admitted goal of looting) the rich**: Robin Hood.  He stole from the rich and gave to the poor, right?  Actually, the conglomerate figure (11th-12th cent) that was Robin o’ the Hood, led resistance against usurping government that insulted, over regulated and overtaxed the people; he stole from abusive tax collectors [not recommended present day] and returned the money to those that earned it, letting them take care of each other in genuine charity.

Seems that What Robin Hood Would Do is closer to What Jesus Would Do than what Socialists Would Like To Get Away With.

*Worshiping the rock we live on rather than the "sudden, infinite release of energy" (with no physical source) that virtually all scientists now credit with the act of creation of everything.
** Trying (a la the 1998 'trust me, I'm no Socialist' campaign and not to be confused with actual movement away from the extreme Left) to look sensible and capable for his own benefit, as Soros et all call for his replacement (interesting talk for a foreigner who "is just into finance" and not globalization).  Forced into his true persona by the pressure, he actually promises more Progressive Socialization and specifically raising taxes in 2012.
 ***Excluding of course, Hypocrite-Socialist billionaires Warren Buffet, George Soros, etc.  They loudly proclaim that the rich should "give much more" to government programs for the poor (than they already do).  When they are told (over and over) that the government accepts donations from any that choose to give, they suddenly only speak Sanscrit or suffer from spontaneous deafness.  Given the same opportunities to support charities, mere millionaires usually out-give them to help the truly less fortunate.  Soros, of course gives millions every year; to anti-American Socialist groups and campaigns that destabilize economies (which he eventually collapses to profit from in money markets).

Monday, December 6, 2010

Meh, 'unusual methods', 'creative accounting', shenanigans, fraud, LYING TO THE SOVEREIGN AMERICAN PEOPLE?

Below is a direct reprint from the Washington Post web site (as printed in several other newspapers).  Other than capturing some background links under the by-line, it is copied as published, including the author's text source links.  He doesn't need any help from me in getting this point across.

Unusual methods helped ICE break deportation record, e-mails and interviews show
[Thanks to WashingtonPost.com]

By Andrew Becker
Center for Investigative Reporting
Monday, December 6, 2010; 12:08 AM
For much of this year, the Obama administration touted its tougher-than-ever approach to immigration enforcement, culminating in a record number of deportations.
But in reaching 392,862 deportations, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement included more than 19,000 immigrants who had exited the previous fiscal year, according to agency statistics. ICE also ran a Mexican repatriation program five weeks longer than ever before, allowing the agency to count at least 6,500 exits that, without the program, would normally have been tallied by the U.S. Border Patrol.
When ICE officials realized in the final weeks of the fiscal year, which ended Sept. 30, that the agency still was in jeopardy of falling short of last year's mark, it scrambled to reach the goal. Officials quietly directed immigration officers to bypass backlogged immigration courts and time-consuming deportation hearings whenever possible, internal e-mails and interviews show.
Instead, officials told immigration officers to encourage eligible foreign nationals to accept a quick pass to their countries without a negative mark on their immigration record, ICE employees said.
The option, known as voluntary return, may have allowed hundreds of immigrants - who typically would have gone before an immigration judge to contest deportation for offenses such as drunken driving, domestic violence and misdemeanor assault - to leave the country. A voluntary return doesn't bar a foreigner from applying for legal residence or traveling to the United States in the future.
Once the agency closed the books for fiscal 2010 and the record was broken, agents say they were told to stop widely offering the voluntary return option and revert to business as usual.
Without these efforts and the more than 25,000 deportations that came with them, the agency would not have topped last year's record level of 389,834, current and former ICE employees and officials said.
The Obama administration was intent on doing so even as it came under attack by some Republicans for not being tough enough on immigration enforcement and by some Democrats for failing to deliver on promises of comprehensive immigration reform.
"It's not unusual for any administration to get the numbers they need by reaching into their bag of tricks to boost figures," said Neil Clark, who retired as the Seattle field office director in late June, adding that in the 12 years he spent in management he saw the Bush and Clinton administrations do similar things.
But at a news conference Oct. 6, ICE Director John T. Morton said that no unusual practices were used to break the previous year's mark.
"When the secretary tells you that the numbers are at an all-time high, that's straight, on the merits, no cooking of the books," Morton said, referring to his boss, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano. "It's what happened."
ICE declined to make any officials available for interviews. In selected responses to e-mailed questions, spokesman Brian P. Hale wrote that the agency did nothing different from previous years but did not deny that ICE had focused on voluntary returns when it faced a shortfall weeks before the fiscal year ended. Rather, field offices were reminded of the voluntary return option, he said.
"ICE offered eligible aliens . . . the opportunity to accept voluntary return," Hale said. "The decision to accept VR [voluntary return] was the aliens'."
Those efforts did not appear to result in a spike in voluntary returns. Statistics provided by ICE show that voluntary returns peaked at 8,960 in June, before dipping and then leveling off in the last two months of the fiscal year. A total of 64,876 immigrants were voluntarily returned to their home countries in 2010.
Chris Crane, president of the American Federation of Government Employees National Council 118, the union that represents ICE immigration agents and officers, said offering voluntary return was not common practice for the agency. The union has been at odds with Morton over what it calls lax enforcement and gave him a no-confidence vote in June.
"It's breaking the rules to break the record," Crane said. "You don't change the way you do business to meet some quota. Morton said we don't do quotas. But that's what this is."
New accounting

On Oct. 1 - the start of fiscal 2011 - Robin F. Baker, an acting ICE assistant director, cheered field directors on to the finish line in an e-mail obtained by the Center for Investigative Reporting.
"We are just 1061 shy of 390,000. However, we still get to count closed cases through Monday, October 4th so . . . keep having your folks concentrate on closing those cases," Baker wrote.
Starting in 2009, ICE began to shut its books for the fiscal year ending Sept. 30 in the first few days of October. Any deportations that take place in one fiscal year but are confirmed after Oct. 5 are added to the next fiscal year's statistics.
Based on the new accounting approach, the agency counted 19,422 removals from 2009 in the 2010 statistics. In 2010 itself, 373,440 other people were deported.
Current and former ICE employees also point to an expanded U.S.-Mexico partnership as another way the agency increased overall deportation numbers.
Known as the Mexican Interior Repatriation Program, the bilateral effort between the U.S. and Mexican governments focuses on reducing the deaths of migrants attempting to cross the border during the scorching Arizona summer. Mexicans caught by Border Patrol agents in the Sonoran Desert region and southern Arizona are turned over to ICE agents, who carry out the removals to Mexico.
In a February memo, James M. Chaparro, ICE's head of enforcement and removal operations, called on field directors to "maximize" participation in the program, which he outlined as one of the ways to increase removals and "move us into position to meet or exceed the fiscal year goals."
Since its launch in 2004, the program had never started earlier than July 7. This year, the first flight full of Mexicans departed June 1. By starting in June, ICE tallied 6,527 returns that in the past would have been handled - and counted - by the U.S. Border Patrol. Overall, a record 23,384 Mexicans between June and September accepted flights back to Mexico City, and then a bus ticket to their home town, at a cost of almost $15 million.
ICE spokesman Hale said the agency started the program early because of available funds and a timely agreement between the United States and Mexico. He acknowledged that some of the immigrants removed through the program were caught or detained hundreds of miles from Arizona.
Select individuals from west Texas were offered an opportunity to volunteer for safe return to their place of origin in the interior of Mexico," Hale said.
He also confirmed that Mexican nationals detained near Seattle - possibly as many as 500 immigrants, according to one local officer - were also included on the flights.
A year-end scramble

The surge to break the deportation record in the final weeks of the fiscal year consumed the agency, said a high-ranking immigration official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the person wasn't authorized to discuss the matter publicly.
"They had everyone burning the candle at both ends to reach 390,000," the official said. "They were basically saying anything you can do to increase the overall removal number, that's what you should do - over everything else."
lIn the Seattle area, immigration officers were instructed to give the voluntary return option to immigrants who did not face mandatory detention and didn't have attorneys.
lIn the Atlanta area, ICE officers were told to persuade immigrants who had already asked to see an immigration judge to instead voluntarily leave the country.
lIn Chicago, officers were told to stop releasing eligible immigrants and monitoring them with electronic ankle bracelets, which might spur more to accept voluntary removals, according to a Sept. 22 e-mail.
"Due to our increase in funding for detention for the remainder of the fiscal year, do not release anyone on an order of recognizance at this time," James McPeek, an assistant field office director in Chicago, wrote in the e-mail to employees. "Another option is to offer a VR [voluntary return] and keep in custody - this will increase our removal numbers for the fiscal year."
An ICE employee in Louisiana, who spoke on the condition of anonymity for fear of reprisal, estimated that over a two-week period at least 100 to 150 Mexican nationals, some of whom had multiple drunken driving convictions, had their court cases reassigned as voluntary return, which was not common practice. ICE agents elsewhere reported similar numbers.
Several ICE employees said, however, that once the fiscal year ended, their offices reverted to infrequently offering the return option. In the Pacific Northwest, some employees received an e-mail stating just that.
"Effective immediately: do not offer V/Rs [voluntary returns] to aliens who have been convicted of or are pending DUI," ICE supervisor Elizabeth Godfrey wrote Oct. 4.
ICE's goal for 2011 is to remove 404,000 immigrants.
Andrew Becker is a reporter for the Center for Investigative Reporting. He can be reached at abecker@cironline.org.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Keep facts sorted and labeled

Reader Jack Berens (“Fable and labels” Dec 2), liked Keynesian statistics presented in favor of unequal, taxes for the “rich” in dealing with tax cut extensions (Perspectives, Nov 28).  He did not like my borrowed story, scaling distribution of tax burden (measured in trillions of dollars) into accurate but everyday terms, or my use of “Leftist”, “Socialist”, “class warfare”, etc.

I wrote “Taxes in Scale” weeks prior as a stand-alone piece and posted it here with a reference to bourgeoisie.  It was selected, edited and re-titled by the editorial board (thank you) for their head-to-head spread along with anti-prosperity writer Brian Setzler.  I would have used a different set of arguments for such a debate.

As to Mr. Setzler’s “reasonable, rational and clear reasons”, statistics (as Benjamin Disraeli so pithily explained) can be, and were, conveniently collected and presented to give false impressions.

I found and reported (as a conscientious conservative) my erroneous quote of the “700 billion [not 700 million] increase in debt” claimed by Leftists in opposing fair extension of Bush’s tax cuts.  In fact, history and the Laffer Curve show that reasonable, across-the-board lower taxes increase revenue by encouraging robust employment, investment and spending, while singling out “rich” employers and investors for unfair tax burdens reduces revenue, thus increasing the debt.  It was just proved again, in Maryland and New York’s “millionaire taxes”.*

Finally, my appellations were used for accuracy, since it is unfair to tar sincere democrats (small ‘d’) and honest liberals (small ‘l’) with the same brush as those that co-opted the DNC (and many Republicans) and now willfully run up disastrous deficit and debt, in violation of the Constitution.  Most of the current administration uses “Progressive” to describe themselves, and “Progressive” only means “Progressive Socialist” (kin to Fabian Socialists of Europe).  Obama appointee Van Jones prefersCommunist revolutionary”.  So, the terms are neither “name calling” nor “meaningless” as Mr. Berens tries to convince readers that don’t watch “Fox News” as he does**.

*Note: a few billionaires (Warren Buffet,  George Soros, etc) shout that “the rich" 5% should pay more than the 70% of all taxes that they currently do.  However, though the government accepts donations beyond tax code minimums, not one of these "philanthropists" contributes.  Their legions of lawyers shelter them from taxes.  Each gives to charity, but many “millionaires” give more (far more by percent of income) to charity than any of them.  Soros profits from collapsing economies, prepositioning his assets and then triggering the event with a doomsday letter (crushing people dependant on those systems), while Beck and O’Reilly donate over 10% of their income to churches and charity, as well as paying their share of taxes.
**Though the Left keeps a very close watch on outlets like FOX themselves, they prefer that only "politically mature" (dedicated Socialists) do the monitoring, as access to factual information would eventually lead to the "masses" becoming too educated to accept their lies easily.  Not that Berens is necessarily a hard Leftist; he may simply be still in denial.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Biased poll no surprise

 Just the title of the Dec. 1 AP article demonstrates the problem.  “Poll: Ideas for cutting U.S. deficit unpopular.”  The propaganda piece then goes on to quote a narrow, badly phrased section of a poll conducted by the Liberal AP itself for Leftist CNBC (Nov. 18-22).

One reason that , is that they constantly skew stories to promote a Keynesian/Socialist agenda. In today’s case, a plurality (47%) willing to cut government services, while fewer (46%) would prefer to keep their freebies, somehow makes it “unpopular”.  Nobody expects a reduction in services to be a great joy, but they understand that government is bloated and unsustainable.  They know that we must cut wherever we can (even trivialities like earmarks that Dems say "only make up .05% of the deficit"... $2,500,000,000.00) to protect our childrens future and prevent a possible collapse in the near term.

As a matter of fact, the same AP/CNBC poll actually shows that a clear majority place unemployment and the fragile economy above terrorism as threats to our country.  Taxes are rated lower, but 70% still rate them as a high priority.  So even middle and lower income Americans understand that government, especially at the federal level, is supposed to maintain a positive infrastructure, not run everything.  Things like “turtle tunnels”, “aid” for oil producing countries (while banning American oil),  mandatory health insurance, private (style, USAF) jets for Pelosi, an airport for Senators* and increasing benefits for illegal aliens are just ridiculous.  They also know that un-American class warfare against employers will not help them get jobs and that statist economies have never succeeded anywhere. 
Cuts to a bloated government might be unpleasant, but they are better done now than down the road.  The course we have been put on leads to Europe: Communist/union led riots in Greece, Spain, Britain, France, Portugal, Italy, Ireland…

[*ED NOTE: in print version, I incorrectly noted "Frank's airport", when it was John Murtha's semi-private, taxpayer paid and maintained, 3 taxpayer underwritten flights a day, luxury airdrome.]

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Which way to turn?

Independents have to choose between the left and the right.  They got conned along with many of us in 2008, but it’s not really all that difficult of a question if you have the facts.  The majority of the people have figured it out, despite an unending (and recently intensified) Leftist assault on truth in the "mainstream" media and by public officials.  The recent election and Progressives’ responses to it are just more proof.

Let me be clear: there are crooks in all parties.  Also, two (or more) voices are absolutely required in our American, Constitutional system, because (unlike Socialism) open debate and real choices are key to maintaining freedom.  All major Communist states have (or had) single party, single candidate ballots.  Their media is (or was) funded and controlled by the state.  Even the “softEuro-Socialist states suffer union-organized rioting and attacks on opponents when things don’t go their way.  And here there are elected officials, like Progressive WV Senator Rockefeller, who wants censorship by the F.C.C. to ‘get rid of the right and left’ by shutting down FOX news and MSNBC (considering the number of viewers for each channel, that would be like the Socialist team giving up a weak, fumbling, bench warmer, while the People would lose a powerful, MVP team captain).  Our current President, elected by a majority that wanted more honesty and transparency in government (and now overwhelmingly disapprove of him), calls information “a deversion” and conservative media “destructive”.

Since Progressives came to power with super-majorities and the Presidency :  “Stimulus” and other reckless spending drove unemployment past the promised 8% and held it at or above 10% for 18 months; GM and Chrysler were taken from the stockholder owners and handed to the Unions, our health care industry was hijacked, causing insurance rates to rise 15-25% ahead of government-mandated services; “Justice” Dept changed policy, eliminating civil rights of whitesignored a massive oil spill (caused by forcing rigs out to dangerous depths); shut down all U.S. rigs without cause, forcing 75,000 more out of work, many rigs to leave American leases for foreign ones and even giving billions in “aid” to those countries;  driven U.S. debt and deficits to record-shattering levels; sued a sovereign U.S. state for protecting citizens against uncontrolled illegal alien invasion as civil war rages across the border, but ignored “amnesty cities” that actively defy American law; delayed reinforcements for U.S. troops in combat; defended terrorist groups while defaming American ideals; brought the U.S. before a U.N. “Human Rights commission” stuffed with NoKor, Iran, Cuba, China, Libya and other totalitarian regimes for humiliation; paid billions of tax dollars to cronies’ companies for “X-rated” airport scanners and increased the intrusiveness of pat-down searches for every passenger, but giving exemptions for Muslims in traditional dress; and more.

Since the People rejected the Leftist agenda last month : Obama (who did nothing when NoKor sunk ally South Korea’s ship last March) does nothing when NoKor shells South Korean civilians and boasts of new nuclear violations (the USS Lincoln visit was scheduled months ago); Reid re-introduces his “DREAM” act (to permit 35 year old “children” of illegal aliens to stay in the U.S. forever just for applying, get taxpayer-subsidized discounts for college, and unconditionally vouch in their entire family for permanent residency) which was already defeated as part of the Defense Appropriations Act;  the Federal Reserve ordered the printing of 600,000,000,000 dollars to buy down our own debt, devaluing our money;  Bush tax-cuts are being ignored, which will raise everyone’s income, estate  and other taxes if they expire;  a class-warfare campaign is pushed against “rich, millionaire (everyone over $250,000 - employers)” in those same tax cut debates; the Commerce Dept.  just lowered its projections on recovery (unemployment will stay high through 2015 due to healthcare costs and tax uncertainty); and - - no kidding - - the administration is seriously considering a grant of taxpayer money to pay for construction of the “Cordoba House” victory Mosque that will literally overshadow the 9-11 Ground Zero memorial in NYC.

Any party or ideology that completely misrepresents its intentions to the electorate, intentionally slanders our own country’s exceptional ideals and history, sponsors class warfare and racial tension, suppresses media and fabricates statistics, recklessly cripples our energy and healthcare industries in the name of global Socialism, generally weakens our defenses while encouraging enemies and ignores and insults both the Constitution and the will of the people, is simply wrong.

Being a democrat or liberal (lower case) can be patriotic and our system requires a left as well as a right for balance.  We as a people have been steadily pushed to the left for 240 years, with only a few, small corrections (like the repeal of Prohibition) back toward our center.  Much of it has been in the form of Constitutional “improvements”, thoughtfully crafted and legally enacted.  However, too much has been done covertly and without authority, usurping the power of the People in order to favor individuals, cronies or special interests.  We have been ‘nudged’ further in the last decade, and especially the last 2 years, than in the last 70 years.  There is now a strong push to ‘finish the job’ of humbling the American giant that has always protected free people from ambitious tyrants.  The anti-U.S. Progressive Socialists have decided that now is the time, but most of us have caught on too soon and they fear being set back for another hundred years by Americans.  You see, the whole concept of "Progressive Socialism" was developed because freedom-loving Americans already beat back the overt Communists and Socialists.  They found out that we will not knowingly trade our liberty for an unsustainable nanny-state, and they needed to have a low and slow, covert way of infiltrating instead of a revolution that damages the one that started in 1776.

For our friends in the middle, I suggest keeping an eye on the left while looking to the right.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Fact vs Prejudice

A letter to the editor,“Tea Party racist” (Chino Champion, Nov. 20) shows the unfortunate result of Progressive Socialists' re-writing of history and their undue influence in our schools.  I’m sure that the author is sincere, but his “facts” are all fabricated.  Not his fault; most were “revised” before he was born.

His “fact” that David Duke (former Grand Wizard, not just “KKK member”) “supports the Tea Party”, proving them racist, is wrong on many points.  First, the many Tea Parties and related groups are independent and have open membership.  Second, a guilty person saying that they “support” someone does not create guilt in the second person.  Third, while Duke did try to infiltrate conservatives for his racist ends, he and NAZI allies were discovered and banned a year ago.  Further, their taint caused two major southwestern rallies to be canceled, since we could not guarantee that they would not show up anyway.  We shouted down the only racist (white guy yelling at blacks) that I ever saw at a rally.

The Author's “fact” that the Founding Fathers were all slave owners (the usual line is, “rich, white racists”) who carried out the “genocide of Native Americans”.  First, most Founders were neither rich, nor slave owners, but working people.  Most slave owners were southern delegates.  They threatened to boycott the Declaration and Constitution if strong language against slavery was not removed.  Fragmenting would have doomed the tiny, new nation.  It took decades and the sacrifice of nearly a million Americans (some black, Hispanic, Native American) to finish off slavery.  Even then, Southern Democrats resisted freedom, making the 13th, 14th , and 15th Amendments necessary.  Even then, Democrats (like George Wallace) resisted blacks’ rights until Progressive Socialists co-opted the DNC and taught them to USE rather than openly suppress minorities.  Others like Margaret Sanger created the “Negro Project” to wipe out that race, and such eugenic filth evolved into “Planned Parenthood” (destroying of millions of minority babies) and Hitler’s copy: National Socialism.  The Native American tragedy was very complex and badly handled by all, but was resisted most by what later became “Republicans”.

Disease, by the way, was the single greatest killer of Native Americans, and foreign microbes don’t care if you are a welcoming friend or genocidal racist, red, white, brown, black or yellow.

The author says that his imaginary, monolithic Tea Party was “bred” (like a herd of interrelated cattle? sounds racist to me) to believe “this country is only theirs”.  With names like Woo, Smith, Singh, Lutcherding, Seghdi, Goldfarb, Tran, Riley, and Tenerowicz, we know that America was built by immigrants.  Even “Native Americans” aren’t native; they just arrived many generations earlier.  Conservatives simply want orderly entry, since we can’t absorb even 1% of the 5.7 billion that want in. Being within walking distance doesn’t make it better and cannot grant "dibbies" on legal status.  Hordes of undeclared, unskilled, unchecked (disease, criminality, terrorist ties, contraband) invaders will simply crush our society, without even helping the immigrants.  In fact, illegal immigrants are among the most abused on earth; abused by their smugglers.

People should do their own research, keeping in mind that original sources (diaries, letters, contemporary records, etc) are better than revisionist inventions (you’ll find lots of those).  Don’t take the word of history, social, or economic "experts" or so-called mainstream media (or even FOX) without checking.  Finally, try talking to people before spreading leftist “facts” about them.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Obama did not mention Dr. Donald Berwick for Medicare/Medicaid commissar for months.  Then he did not nominate his long-time pick for the post  until Congress was headed out the door.  Obama then presentedhisnameandissuedarecessappointmentwhileexpressinghisfrustrationoverRepublicanobstruction.  To his credit, Donald (he hates that name and insists on "Don") does not feign centrism, but openly touts the British system - which Brits hate and escape when they can afford to travel to the U.S. for serious medical help - and acknowledges that there will be massive rationing, that government decision makers will control what your doctor can prescribe for your treatment, that the whole point is the redistribution of wealth and it's aim is the destruction of capitalism.  Oh, and free medical care, there's medical, doctor stuff in their somewhere, too.  Gosh, I can't think why Obama would have intentionally withheld this guy's nomination just so that he could be slipped in under "recess appointment".  [I actually can tell you exactly why (he's so mindlessly ideological that even Obama could see he'd never pass); that was just humorous irony]

In any case, Berwick is being examined 6 months later in the Senate Finance Committee, still under the Leftist thumb of Sen Max Baucus (D). Today's intro is limited to about an hour in a crowded lame-duck session.  There is little they can do about him, but it is predicted that he will spend considerable time testifying about the convoluted and shadowy financing of nationalized health care in the future.

Let's see what Doktor Berwick, who espouses Progressive (aka Fabian) Socialist ideology has to say for himself:

[thanks to btdome via YouTube]

[btdome via YouTube]

[creativehold via YouTube]

And finally, Doktor Sebilius responds to Berwick's statement that, "The decision is not whether we will have rationing, the decision is whether we will ration with our eyes open."  The HHS Czarina dodges the question with a long, drippy endorsement of Berwick in general, then states that it was her response:

[sensfaninohio via YouTube]

...this guy is downright creepy in his presentation of "medicine".  The sooner his agency is defunded out of existence and his appointment is repealed altogether, the better.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Some truths speak for themselves...

...like the fact that you are not alone in the way you feel.
[scene: the former Philadelphia Wanamaker's, now Macy's.  Enter the Philadelphia Opera Company, dressed down and spread out.  Notice how almost everyone joins in with full voices, and the rest are all smiling!]

Turn up the volume.  Clear your throat.  Get a tissue. 

>snif<   The sound of  triumph!  The Lord God, I am sure, smiles and says, "Well done, my children."

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Ever seen the face of panic?

Here's a nice, little missive from one of the enlightened, peaceful, global liberators over at the Daily Kos.  I got a giggle out of it, hope you do, too. As you read it, keep in mind good old Saul Alinsky's rules (Rules for Radicals - dedicated to Lucifer), that say to remain covert until victory is complete or revelation in the form of intimidation cannot be avoided in order to stave of catastrophe.  Then you're supposed to make a big noise and pretend to be a bigger force than you are, in order to cause your enemy to be frightened or discouraged.


- - - -
You are now leaving the American sector.
- - - -

Daily Kos
An Open Letter to the White Right, On the Occasion of Your Recent, Successful Temper Tantrum
Share551 52
by tim wise
Wed Nov 03, 2010 at 04:59:20 AM PST

For all y’all rich folks, enjoy that champagne, or whatever fancy ass Scotch you drink.
And for y’all a bit lower on the economic scale, enjoy your Pabst Blue Ribbon, or whatever you favor.
Whatever the case, and whatever your economic station, know this…
You need to drink up.
And quickly.
And heavily.
Because your time is limited.
Real damned limited.
So party while you can, but mind the increasingly loud clock ticking away in the corners of your consciousness.
The clock that reminds you how little time you and yours have left.
Not much more now.
Tick, tock.
Tick, tock...
* tim wise's diary :: ::

I know, you think you’ve taken “your country back” with this election -- and of course you have always thought it was yours for the taking, cuz that’s what we white folks are bred to believe, that it’s ours, and how dare anyone else say otherwise -- but you are wrong.
You have won a small battle in a larger war the meaning of which you do not remotely understand.
‘Cuz there is nothing even slightly original about you.
There have always been those who wanted to take the country back.
There were those who, in past years, wanted to take the country back to a time of enslavement and indentured servitude.
But they lost.
There were those who wanted to take us back to a time when children could be made to work in mines and factories, when workers had no legal rights to speak of, when the skies in every major city were heavy with industrial soot that would gather on sidewalks and windowsills like volcanic ash.
But they lost.
There were those who wanted to take us back to a time when women could not vote, or attend any but a few colleges, or get loans in their own names, or start their own businesses.
But they lost.
There were those who wanted to take us back to a time when blacks “had no rights that the white man was bound to respect,” – this being the official opinion of the Supreme Court before those awful days of judicial activism, now decried by the likes of you – and when people of color could legally be kept from voting solely because of race, or holding certain jobs, or living in certain neighborhoods, or run out of other towns altogether when the sun would go down, or be strung up from trees.
But they lost.
And you will lose.
So make a note of it.
Tweet it to yourself.
Put it on your Facebook wall and leave it there so you’ll remember that I told you so.
It is coming, and soon.
This isn’t hubris. It isn’t ideology. It is not wishful thinking.
It is math.
Not even advanced math. Just simple, basic, like 3rd grade math.
The kind of math that proves how your kind -- mostly older white folks beholden to an absurd, inaccurate, nostalgic fantasy of what America used to be like -- are dying.
You’re like the bad guy in every horror movie ever made, who gets shot five times, or stabbed ten, or blown up twice, and who will eventually pass -- even if it takes four sequels to make it happen -- but who in the meantime keeps coming back around, grabbing at our ankles as we walk by, we having been mistakenly convinced that you were finally dead this time.
Fair enough, and have at it. But remember how this movie ends.
Our ankles survive.
You do not.
Michael Meyers, Freddie Kreuger, Jason, and that V******V husband in that movie with Julia Roberts who tracks her down after she runs away and changes her identity--they are all done. Even that crazy V*******V in Saw is about to be finished off for good. Granted, he’s gonna be popping out in 3-D to scare the kiddies, so he isn’t going quietly. But he’s going, as all bad guys eventually do.
And in the pantheon of American history, conservative old white people have pretty much always been the bad guys, the keepers of the hegemonic and reactionary flame, the folks unwilling to share the category of American with others on equal terms.
Fine, keep it up. It doesn't matter.
Because you’re on the endangered list.
And unlike, say, the bald eagle or some exotic species of muskrat, you are not worth saving.
In forty years or so, maybe fewer, there won’t be any more white people around who actually remember that Leave it to Beaver, Father Knows Best, Opie-Taylor-Down-at-the-Fishing Hole cornpone V******V that you hold so near and dear to your heart.
There won’t be any more white folks around who think the 1950s were the good old days, because there won’t be any more white folks around who actually remember them, and so therefore, we’ll be able to teach about them accurately and honestly, without hurting your precious feelings, or those of the so-called “greatest generation” -- a bunch whose white contingent was top-heavy with ethical miscreants who helped save the world from fascism only to return home and oppose the ending of it here, by doing nothing to lift a finger on behalf of the civil rights struggle.
It's OK. Because in about forty years, half the country will be black or brown. And there is nothing you can do about it.
Nothing, Senõr Tancredo.
Nothing, Senõra Angle, or Senõra Brewer, or Senõr Beck.
Loy tiene muy mal, hijo de Puta.
And by then you will have gone all in as a white nationalist movement -- hell you’ve all but done that now -- thus guaranteeing that the folks of color, and even a decent size minority of us white folks will be able to crush you, election after election, from the Presidency on down to the 8th grade student council.
Like I said, this is math. And numbers don’t lie.
Bottom line, this too shall pass.
So enjoy your tax cuts a while longer.
Go buy whatever you people buy when your taxes get cut: a new car or two, a bigger house, an island. Whatever.
Go back to trading your derivatives, engaging in rampant financial speculation that produces nothing of value, that turns the whole world into your personal casino. Whatever.
Play your hand, and for the love of God play it big. Real big. As in, shoot for the moon big. As in, try to privatize Social Security, and health care, and everything else. Whatever.
At least that way everyone will be able to see what you're really about.
We’ve been trying to tell them, but nothing beats seeing it with your own eyes, so "Go big or go home," Bubba.
"Git ‘er Done."
"Cowboy up," or whatever other stupid catch phrase strikes your fancy.
Just promise you’ll do more than talk this time.
Please, or as one of your celluloid heroes might put it, “make my day.”
Do whatever you gotta do, but remember that those who are the victims of your greed and indifference take the long view.
They know, but you do not, that justice is not for the sprinters, but rather for the long distance runners who will be hitting their second wind, right about the time that you collapse from exhaustion.
They are like the tortoise to your hare.
They are like the San Francisco Giants, to your New York Yankees: a bunch that loses year after year after year, until they finally win.
You have had this confidence before, remember?
You thought you had secured your position permanently after the overthrow of reconstruction in the wake of the civil war, after the elimination of the New Deal, after the Reagan revolution, after the Republican electoral victory of 1994. And yet, those you thought you had cowed and defeated are still here.
Because those who have lived on the margins, who have been abused, maligned, targeted by austerity measures and budget cuts, subjected to racism, classism, sexism, straight supremacy and every other form of oppression always know more about their abusers than the abusers know about their victims.
They have to study you, to pay careful attention, to adjust their body armor accordingly, and to memorize your sleep patterns.
You, on the other hand, need know nothing whatsoever about them. And this, will surely prove politically fatal to you in the end. For it means you will not know their resolve. Will not fear it, as you should.
It means you will take their greatest strength -- perseverance -- and make of it a weakness, called losing.
But what you forget, or more to the point never knew, is that those who lose know how to lose, which is to say they know how to lose with dignity.
And those who suffer know how to suffer, which is to say they know how to survive: a skill that is in short supply amid the likes of you.
You, who could not survive the thought of minimal health care reform, or financial regulation, or a marginal tax rate equal to that which you paid just 10 years earlier, perhaps are under the illusion that everyone is as weak as you, as soft as you, as akin to petulant children as you are, as unable to cope with the smallest setback, the slightest challenge to the way you think your country should look and feel, and operate.
But they are not.
And they know how to regroup, and plot, and plan, and they are planning even now -- we are -- your destruction.
And I do not mean by that your physical destruction. We don’t play those games. We’re not into the whole “Second Amendment remedies, militia, armed resistance” V******V that your side fetishizes, cuz, see, we don’t have to be. We don't need guns.
We just have to be patient.
And wait for you to pass into that good night, first politically, and then, well...
Do you hear it?
The sound of your empire dying? Your nation, as you knew it, ending, permanently?
Because I do, and the sound of its demise is beautiful.
So know this.
If you thought this election was payback for 2008, remember…
Payback, thy name is…

- - - -
Welcome back!  : )
- - - -

Nice try, little ones.  I don't think Mr. Soros is going to be pleased that you are adding fuel to what will already be a huge fire, once the rest of us go from aware to actively opposing.  It's too soon and he knows it.  That kind of thing gets you thrown under the collective's bus.  We outnumber you four-fold (& growing) and already surround you, and began our history by kicking the world's greatest  super power out of our land.  Twice.  That is the math and reality you already understand, and why you fear us so very much.  But your little tirade, typed up in mom's basement or the school's library, was very entertaining - - nice word-usage, with "hubris" and all, but it does kind of drone on.  Anyway, thank you for the slapstick.

Back to the American audience, that has already outlived dozens of red menaces.  It's the collective experience (many thousands of years, including my 30) of cops, soldiers, anti-terrorist specialists and grownups of all sorts, that:
-phone creeps are phone creeps because they lack the courage to face people in person.
-bad guys don't advertise when they really intend to do some dirt.  "Watch your back" or "I'll be seeing you" are the childish, last words thrown in to try and ruin a night's sleep when you've lost the argument.
-Che', Hugo, Zhedung, Osama and all the rest are generally just sociopaths; marginal or worse in combat but very brave when ordering up their cannon-fodder and  menacing (or murdering) harmless civilians or unarmed prisoners.

Anyway, for the grown-ups present,  you've already figured out that these big, scary words are only intended to make folks back down and doubt, hide, capitulate or otherwise fail to finish the fight, guaranteeing the invader an easier time.  We know, as do the Leftist leaders that disapprove of speaking too soon, that the American people may be too comfortable, but they are also the toughest, most resistant creatures to oppression that history has seen. 

The repudiation of 2010 was bigger than any setback since 1938, and took less time to react to than 1922 (when they changed from American Socialists to "Liberals").  The 2009 Republican party was declared 'dead'.  Rightfully so, since it was nearly as Progressive as the Socialist-owned Dems.  It was scrubbed clean by the People in 2010 primaries, and delivered the eviction notice just months later.  The res of the squatters go in just under 2 years.

We haven't even cleared our throats yet.  We will win this thing.  Politically.  Because we know that some massive, nasty demonstrations and actual lefty violence are coming, which we will put down as gently as possible while never even considering the surrender of our Constitutional Republic.  And if any sort of armed insurrection was actually thrown at us, the vast majority of 310 million Americans* would stand and see it through.  We would fight for our families, our friends, our neighbors and our country; not some moldy, discredited, power-trip theory that has failed everywhere it has been tried.

And the little, note-writing Pol Pots that we send to prison would be safer in American custody than among their own people, like all treasonous arrestees or enemy combatants.  And, of course, when these little Communist wanna-be's realize (as nearly all eventually do) how much they've been lied to and manipulated, they'll be able to tell others that are still among the cannon fodder.

Have a nice day.  : )

*the Dear Leader already knows that he cannot count on the cops or military.  Actually, he can: to support the Constitution that they swore to defend; nearly 100%.  The troops have already asked themselves, "what will I do, if..."