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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Chinese village that FOUGHT BACK !

The Village of Wukan, 20,000 brave Freedom Fighters, have apparently thrown the Communist oppressors out of the village ! !   This is the first I have seen of this story, appearing the the British Daily Telegraph,

If this is true, then it is a near-first (after Tienanmen Square).  News from the Dark side of Communism, where news does not easily escape.  PLEASE share this story as widely as possible, before the article (like the 20,000 endangered Patriots of Wukan) disappears.


Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanks Giving!

Happy Thanksgiving.

Just a thought about what goes on today. Many people will think of it as "turkey day" or a chance to O.D. on football (though I believe the schedule is limited this year).

Believe it or not, these secondary, sectarian things are an important part of Thanksgiving. They are, of course, not the central theme, but joy shared with friends and family is one of the main ideas. Originally it would have been singing, story telling and perhaps dancing.

But for what and to whom are we thankful? This should include anything that has been a blessing (oops, there's one of those - um - old fashioned words) to you. You should be grateful to your family and friends for whatever they have extended to you: help, growth or just understanding and companionship; perhaps just a hand, a shoulder or an ear. Family and friends are a blessing in themselves, of course. Some don't have these gifts. Don't take them for granted. You should also be grateful for those people, for their existence and their relationship with you. And to whom does one express this gratitude?

Oooops. Another one of those awkward, old fashioned notions. This one simply must go to God, in whatever way you comprehend Him. For me, this is God the Father, maker of heaven and Earth, at whose right hand now sits my Lord Jesus, his only son, who together with the Father and Holy Spirit holds the universe in their collective hand.  Oh, and who holds for me a place where all is made right, just for believing and doing my poor best - - an ultimate reason that transcends nice-but-limited Earthly reasons.

Its nice to have some definition in mind for all this, but even if you are one of those who simply believes is an amorphous "God" with no other details (I know that not all of my understanding is correct, because I'm just a fallible human), that's fine. But today I think you need to believe consciously and gratefully. The Founders, far from just "Deists" ('cause if they were, they sure packed a lot of praise, gratitude and pleas to Christ and Father in their daily writings). Take a moment and dedicate it to that gracious being, whatever He is.

I am glad that I don't have to be grateful to some dead, uncaring "odds" or random physics for my soul or blessings, or think that this (nice as most of it is) is "all there is". That must be a real stretch to get joyful over, or all nostalgic about for a HOLY day - er, holiday.

Nice job, God! Please keep it up.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Conservatism: to the rescue in 2012

We have seen many faces of the Conservative movement.  There is even some contention among Conservatives as to what is "real" Conservatism.  What should the priorities be: fiscal, moral, social, strict Constitutionalism, etc?  Is there a strict litmus test?  Is there a disqualifying factor?  So, how does this whole thing work?  Can people get together? Tea Parties? Libertarians?  Even a few in #Occupy?!?  What is pure?  What is acceptable?

Imagine one of those old "Spirograph" pictures;  looks kind of like a daisy or a model of an atom.

The one at the left is simple, but it illustrates the point.  Each individual, Conservative tenet is one oval.  It overlaps with many other ovals or priorities.  It partially overlaps with some ideas and only the core of other ideas.  A few portions of the matrix are kind of hanging out there in space by themselves.

So here's the deal:  the whole Conservative concept is represented in the drawing.  Tea Parties, the GOP, Libertarians, Conservative Independents, absolute pro-life proponents, Paul followers, pragmatists, II-A defenders, Constitutionalists, Parlor Republicans, the whole bag.

Pretty much the entire group believes strongly in the core ideas of Liberty (small government), sensible (minimal) government spending, individual rights, strong family values, equal opportunity, pro-life, border/voter integrity, self-support, adherence to the Constitution (as written), etc.  They pretty much agree with stronger versions of these;  zero abortion, austere government, zero illegals, fundamental Christian values, absolute Constitutionalism, etc.  They don't really agree with others' edgiest versions of these, but they can get along with them.

The central core of the drawing is the core beliefs of Conservatism. Our Constitution was the first time in human history (and the only time that it stuck) that the People got together and selected their own government and made the law of the land a document that limits that government, with any dispute (until the Progressives began reversing things) going in favor of individual liberty.  We have peacefully (if not politely) adjusted our government (head of State) 44 times in a row over 234 years (222 years of it under the Constitution).  This is more than any other country in the history of mankind (and far beyond than the pitiful 70 year maximum of Socialist tyrranies). Most of the country largely agrees with this core, even Independents and sincere (small 'D') dEMOCRATS.  It also represents the ground zero of evil for the hard core Left.  The Constitution itself is what Socialists (and Jihadists) want to destroy, in order to have total control and no responsibility.

The ring of overlapping triangles around the core of the drawing are things that are also very important to us, but maybe not critical.  The next ring is made up of "allied" concepts that Conservatives generally agree with, while some others find them critical.  The outer, non-overlapped part includes things that most don't mind, but don't necessarily agree with.  Everyone can think of an example where "those guys go too far" in that area.  But we find that these things are less harmful than the Socialist attack we are currently under; limited by the Constitution or dealt with in honest Congressional debate.

Try this:  put your thumb or another object over any part of the drawing, as long as it includes most of the middle.  You could apply labels to the segments, so that your covered area accurately describes your priorities.  It includes your core beliefs, those other things you strongly believe and some things that you agree with but don't put much emphasis on.  Then there are the un-covered things on the far side of the drawing that you probably think are silly or even counter-productive, but not dangerous.

So, this is 'us', folks.  This is the big tent.  Conservatives.  We can get along well enough with each others' ideas, and believe in live-and-let-live enough to coexist with the ones we disagree with.  The problem is the 'other side'.  The ones that want to control you and everything about you; the Leftist or Statist or Socialist or Jihadist.  As long as they agree to disagree and stay within the Constitutional lines, we can ignore them and get along.  But these are the ones that cry "democracy", but really just mean a mob that can decide every detail of health insurance you must buy.  The ones that claim Republicans are the killers of liberty, when 75% of the regulations come from the Left.  They also point fingers at "racism" when we simply argue actual facts on economy, voter integrity and separation of Constitutional  powers; despite the actual, historical fact that it was Democrats who prevented the Declaration and Constitution from eliminating slavery, owned the Southern Plantations, formed the KKK, fought desegregation and beat M.L.K. supporters, dreamed up "the Negro [annihilation] Project" (aka "planned parenthood"), and now endorse the rabid anti-Semitism of C.A.I.R. and the #Occupy rioters.  The ones that claim that the Constitution - - which revolutionized the world for the better and gave rise to the most successful, generous, prosperous and tolerant country in the history of the world - -  is just "a living/breathing document", meaning (to quote Captain Hector Barbosa), "more what you'd call guidelines than actual rules".  This meaning, instead of the absolute Law of the Land, each word precisely chosen and understood, alterable, but only via a stringent Amendment process to avoid transient or frivolous issues, it is simply to be modified at will by judges or whoever holds power.  Exactly what it was written to avoid: the capricious whim of powerful men:
"A Prince whose character is thus marked by every act which may define a Tyrant, is unfit to be the ruler of a free people."

These counter-revolutionary, seditious anti-Americans prefer the power and lucre of the always-failed Socialist system.  It lends itself beautifully to small, greedy, powerful cabals that want to tread the rest of humanity underfoot; but it generally collapses after a few million murders and within 70 years, because it runs out of productive people's money and ingenuity.

They also lie as an artform.  It is (in addition to murdering and imprisoning their populations) what they do.  To quote National Socialist Leader (translated: "Führer") Adolf Hitler: 
“The size of the lie is a definite factor in causing it to be believed” ("Mein Kampf").  
The 2008 election (the campaign of which has never ended on the Left) was a prime example.  So were, "You have to pass it to find out what's in it", "most transparent and ethical administration in history", "never heard of Solyndra", "no illegals will be covered", "I didn't know about Operation Gun Runner", "taxes won't go up", "the rich don't pay their share", "inflation is down", "polls show that Americans agree with us", "we will create jobs" and 99,991 others.  This year.

Their other passtime is slander and character assassination.  They smear and insult 9 year old girls, pass baseless innuendo to GOP staffers in Primary season, accuse everyone else of what they are doing and generally resort to name calling whenever they have no argument.  It is this last issue that I will close on.  Governor Chris Christie warned Conservatives not to think that, despite the magnificently incompetent, counter-productive, destructive, and dishonest performance of almost every aspect of the Democratic/Progressive Socialist regime over the last 2 1/2 years (plus the last 2 years of Bush 43's term), the one thing that they can do effectively [disgustingly, but effectively] is: CAMPAIGN.  In fact, they never stop.

This means that we should rigorously test and challenge our candidates.  But we must do it in a fashion that doesn't give ammunition to the Left.  At least make sure that everything is factual, not just name-calling.  And once we select our candidates, we must throw everything we've got behind them.  We cannot assume that we have enough margin (despite all reputable polls [Bloomberg shows Obama winning by a 132% margin]) to let Conservatives stay home, allow Leftist funny business (a la' armed Philadelphia Black Panthers threatening voters and being excused after finding of guilt by Holder), or - - worst of all - - splitting the vote.

We all know that the GOP is far from perfect.  In fact, polling confirms that we are much harder on Conservative representatives, like responsible parents expect more from their own kids.  For example, everyone knows that while the GOP has failed to "hold fast" enough, the Progs have actively sought to run up debt and strangle industry.  The GOP House has passed 22 pro-jobs bills since January, which languish in the Dems' Senate.  Yet opinion is that "Congress" has 9% popularity.  We might eventually be better off with an actual Tea Party.  

But right now, the Progressives are in full, panicky, hue-and-cry campaign mode, wielding all the political might of the Democratic machine that they co-opted over the last couple of decades.  They will scour the system to harvest every last fraudulent vote and still challenge legitimate results that go against them in the courts.  Obama is boasting about his "billion dollar" war chest (by the way, where did the other 300 billion stimulus bucks go?).  We need money and especially organization to reach the Independents and sincere dEMOCRATS that have been misled for years (thank you, teachers' unions) and will be increasingly deluged for the next year with manufactured statistics, revisionist history, deceptively stated policies and other outright lies.  The one thing we cannot allow is a personality cult taking the place of defense of the Constitution and our way of life.  If Ron Paul gets the pennant, we all need to be out getting him elected.  If he doesn't and decides not to endorse the candidate, or worse that he will go to a Pyrrhic third party, the result would be that his 7%  following will be confused and conflicted; probably lost.  Many will throw their votes away or stay home.  Thousands and thousands of votes will not go toward actually restoring Constitutional Conservatism, playing right into the Left's hands in what may be a very tight race, despite the disillusionment of more aware blacks, Jews and young people with the Obama fiasco.

2012.  It's not some academic exercise.  It IS your family's future.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

We are "better off" (Obama). WHEW! [updated 11-17-11]

Obama shows his grasp of reality. (Or his respect for telling the truth to the People.)

NBC News via YouTube

Obama went on to say, "I don’t think the country is stronger yet than it was when the economy was still booming and we didn’t have Wall Street crisis, and we didn’t have the housing bubble burst. But, we’ve made steady progress, we just need to make more."

Probably every visitor to this page knows someone (several someones) who are far worse off than they were just 2 years ago (giving full credit to Obama after 5 months free of "Bush" - unlimited Progressive Socialist power with super-majorities in both houses and the White House). Most of us are just struggling to say afloat at the same level, while 15,000,000 more Americans are on welfare and size of the labor force has actually shrunk: so many have given up that the unemployment rate actually appears better than it is.

Meanwhile, the "#Occupy 99%" rioters are burning Oakland while their Progressive "Mayor" dithers. Europe wavers between disaster (letting bankrupt, Socialist Greece go up in flames from their own unions, without a bailout) and just sinking deeper into the trap (bailing them out for a few weeks, as their debt gets bigger, along with Portugal, Spain, Italy, France, Germany [yadda]). It is this European Socialist model that Obama and the rest of the Progressive Socialists and union cronies are steering us toward.



 And back to Progressive D.C.:

Um, hello?  You readers know better than that.  If you count those who have given up or fallen off official unemployment, the real number of Americana that have to work but cannot find any is closer to 19-20%.
Pelosi continues to hallucinate or  manufacture stuff to tell the electorate.

And back to New York, where #Occupy started. Obama says they have legitimate arguments and Pelosi says, "God bless them; they are grass roots ...and they will be effective".  Whew!  At least they aren't those dangerous, threatening, dirty Tea Partiers:


And here is the reality of our economy. The Congressional Budget Office has already predicted that next year (right through elections) will continue to be 'flat' at best. That is,unemployment and the economy will continue to stagger at near-historic levels for years unless the reckless spending and debt of the Progressive Socialists are not just frozen as Democrats have proposed, but drastically cut. The Free Market (yes, Capitalist) economy must be cut loose from strangling regulation and crushing taxation so that it can use the money they are sitting on to hire, build and produce. No amount of smoke and mirrors, governmental, cronyist spending will even get us back down to the 8% unemployment that Obama promised his Keynesian/Marxist agenda would keep us below. The threat of "skyrocketing" energy and the costliest parts of Obamacare yet to come have employers and investors hoarding their money (including a lot of "stimulus" money) until they know when and if they will be able to use rather than waste it.  Obama "jobs" gimmicks worth a few hundred or thousand dollars will not entice them to spend tens or hundreds of thousands on each machine or employee.

Friday, November 4, 2011

"A little #Occupy reality" Part II [Final update: 12-11-11]

This is a follow-on piece to my earlier "updated" post; it was getting too be terribly long. Too much is happening and more violence and revelations come out everyday. Minimal commentary here, just enough to explain any ambiguities. Consider it a clearinghouse.  This will be updated as well - please check back after a couple of days.

But first, a word from the SPONSORS OF #OCCUPY:
...each of these anti-American groups helped organize, supports and/or joins with the Occupy rioters.  They would gladly also organize, support and join in your neighborhood going up in flames and your family in rags if not chains.  There are others, like specific labor unions; who spend their members' money whether they approve or not.
 - - - - 
And, apropos of the "sponsor sheet" above, here is the final update [once again advanced in order to make sure it is not overlooked by readers].  The link to George Soros' Tides foundation has been uncovered.  In the article HERE, the sophisticated operation was revealed to CNN; but "the donor" who paid for it all was not disclosed.  Further investigation linked the spokespersons' links to this and other Soros fronts, dating back to the Left's creation of #Occupy Everything, years ago.

Having driven off the small contingent of legitimate, not-too-far-from-Tea-Party protesters that want our system cleaned out and tuned up, the remaining hard Left (not a typo*) Anarchists and Communist revolutionaries (*which meet them at the bottom of a proper, circular political continuum) have important work to do:  planning, propagandizing, scheming, sabotaging, conspiring, misleading, history-revising....yadda-yadda, the whole Leftist (for the benefit of the "higher power" of global profiteering) bag.

For those who are unfamiliar with Mr. Soros (George Schwartz's pseudonym: it means "the one who soars" in the made-up non-language of Esperanto - which basically denies individual nationality or language), he started his career under the NAZIs, selling out his own Jewish people for profit, then moved up to the Soviets's anti-Semitic campaign when Hitler "underperformed" (lasted only 12 years).  He considers himself above Socialists, but they are useful in his lucrative, insurrectionist 'hobbies'.  Also above family, religion, nationality, humanity, God...

Since then, he has connived, undercut, destabilized and sabotaged several different countries' economies, while he had monetary fund "bets" against them.  Basically, this means he collapsed people's systems so that their earnings were worthless, making him billions in the process each time.  He has been working on the collapse-reisistant American Free Market system for decades: he wants your earnings and savings in his bank account.

Back to the oft-updated post!

 - - - -
SophosArchaeus has moved this new (11-7-11) development to the top of the order.  When you see it, you will understand why.  It seems that more and more children - - we're talking under 12 years old - - are showing up at these filthy, violent, drug and sex ridden cesspits.  Get a throw-up bowl handy, fellow parents and others who love and respect of children.  Parents are using their own children as HUMAN SHIELDS.  Some have hidden behind them as they threw objects at police.  Here, they placed kids in wagons in front of doors where a conservative group was meeting, hoping to "lock" everyone inside.  The idea was, if attendees or police tried to force the doors open, they would not be able to avoid knocking the kids over.  The Anarchist animals were, of course, ready to rush in with cameras, issue their ubiquitous fake screams and blame everything on their victims: the attendees and the police.

More new video that needs to be shared: Everyone has seen the #Occupy U.C. Davis riot, where police were forced to pepper spray their way out of a larger, encircling mob making threats. It was carefully framed so that the circle is hard to see.

Here we see what you did not see (because it was cut from the beginning to reverse the event): the frame-up. They intentionally cut if from the beginning of the incident, then released it later as if it was the reaction of the rioters, rather than the frame-up. Notice how it is exactly what the police described, surrounded and outnumbered 10 to 1, with the mob shouting threats and demands. Finally, before the sprayng (as opposed to using night-sticks) they were liberally warned of exactly what would follow (pepper spray, arrest and prosecution) if they continued their declared unlawful assembly.

Also notice how crisply the mob reacts to their Anarchist controller: lots of shouting and threatening noise, instant silence, mindless repetition of demands, then seeming peace (as the chain of "sitters" block the only way out of the circle). Just what you need if you are shooting from a script and need to edit the footage later, reversing events in the minds of an audience for propaganda. By the way, rioters are not empowered to detain or make demands of the police that are dispatched to quell them. These things are called FELONIES. I don't know about you, but I would not try to step over (exposing myself) or go hands-on (for arrest) with members of a mob like this.

Too complex for mindless, drugged-out mobs? Remember, they have been practicing the unquestioning repetition of senseless slogans (human megaphone?) at every venue for weeks and weeks, and the chief sponsor of this Anarchist attack is the Socialists: the creators and masters of PROPAGANDA. This was all scripted out (though too cheesey for reality) well in advance. "You and your friends may go"?? Really?!?

- - - - Back to the original timeline:

First item, Oakland's Progressive Socialist Mayor initially placed the blame for violence, stirred up by the anarchists of the Occupy riots, on her own police officers. Now, after increasing terrorism, she sings a different tune (thanks to FOXnews):

Next, a FOX news piece showing ACORN's involvement (on taxpayer's dime?) in organizing and supporting the #OCCUPY rioters and increasing vandalism and violence. Embedding not yet available, see it HERE.

As a follow-on, FOX learned that ACORN freaked out when the first exclusive broke, and fired people threatened staff, shredded evidence - - you know, the typical ACORN behavior when revealed. Article HERE.

Then, addressing the 'humane' intentions and general concern for others among the #Occupy rioters:

(from MRC)

Here is a piece From the Daily Caller (not a "right wing" outlet) on a new riot in D.C.  Watch as anyone in a "luxury" car (anything that is waxed and has current registration and all its parts) is denied passage on the public streets that the rioters don't have a parade permit for.  It doesn't matter if they have kids on board or live on the occupied street.  Later on, it doesn't matter if a shoved around family has their 4 year old  IN THEIR ARMS as they try to get down the street - they engage in quite an argumen [see above insert].  Dad carries the child and tries to evade, while Mama Bear drives back the cowardly mob.  Next, innocent elder women are knocked down by the mob, sustaining injuries.  One of them, 78 year old Dolores Broderson, rode a bus for 11 hours (as it is a grass roots, self-funded group whose mission is to make everyone more prosperous) to get to a conservative event.  Listen as the animals scream, "Don't blame us, blame yourselves!"  We won't add to the obvious tresspasses, vandalisms, minor batteries and false imprisonments (felonies); but near the end, some rioters apparently blocked in someone who had the gall to try and get home, and they did their flop to the ground and scream trick.

New video has been released on the DC riot vs "Americans for Prosperity" (an "everyone do well and live better" type group of $35k $70k folks).  Here is one from participants in the "American Dream" conference that was interrupted, invaded and locked in:

Did you notice the "rich banker" (black dude with kid) in his chauffeur-driven, stretch Rolls Royce limo (looks like a mid-class import SUV to me), demanding to get by?

And here is a whole string of videos (thank you, AFP) showing many outrages by the pro-Socialist Occupy rioters and the people they are victimizing:
There is video out there showing the "protester hit by a car".  I saw it briefly on FOX but have not yet found it for posting here.  Basically, a white compact can be seen waiting for a green light, and several rioters hustle up and stand in front of it.  Many other rioters are prowling past [I wonder: how many carjackings in D.C. per year?  Just a thought.].  Anyway, the car is seen edging forward until one thin, possibly black man is touched, gets enraged and hammers on the hood of the car.  If that's me driving my family in my car, I floor it.  The driver involved [more info HERE] has more trust and patience than me, and just rolls on, shoving the rioter out of the way.  Police report (correctly) that the driver had the green light and the rioters were unlawfully in the street.  Funny thing is, the 29 year old driver of a nice but non-exclusive car was probably fairly sympathetic to the #Occupy "movement" until this stupidity and the resultant crowd calling for his head.

Here is a textbook arrest, with exceptional patience by the officers, after an Occupy Oakland thug trespassed and disrupted a private meeting.  He decides to add resisting arrest [and could be charged with escape, getting back out of the car], but is still treated with more respect than he deserves.  Meanwhile, a bunch of junior-high [age and/or mentality] chants absolute nonsense, without a clue if he is a 'political rpisoner' or a mass murderer.

Thanks to Media Research Center

A reasoning human tries (and fails) to discern any reasoning thought  on the part of the rioters.  To fill the time, he assembles the scorecard for the #Occupy "movement" [this is a public service, as most of the rioters can't track further than, "one, two..., oh wow, man."

Here, another protester tries to make his point:  Its all about Unions handing out signs (and money) to hold up as each other gets arrested, and they don't care if there is another Great Depression...

And HERE is Van Jones, threatening us again.  It seems he foresees #Occupy as not only equivalent to the 1000% larger Tea Party, but "evolving" into something more powerful and seizing power.  This as #Occupy rioters in NY and elsewhere again try to block businesses, highways, bridges and attack police.  And it looks like it is "spreading and evolving", since one of the Occupy rioters fired two rounds from an assault rifle into White House (that's our Presidential residence, not Obama's).  They even developed their own elites and ghetto, and even "the Daily Show" was onto it.

What is the response of the rioters to a [drug-impeded, incompetent, Leftist] assassination attempt?  One thing we know is, there's no way they could endorse even this kind of weak-kneed shooting.  Right?

Hm.  A new low, even for these animals.  And it's not like they proclaim his innocence; as they pass the can they ask for donations for "the guy that shot at the White House".

But the next day, they are even lower.  From anti-American to criminal to terrorist: they not only block workers and school kids, they follow and threaten those little children!

And while most cities are fed up with the health hazards, open drug abuse, rampant vandalism, assaults, rapes, suicides and murder, HERE is what the intrepid [or is that vapid?] City of Los Angeles does with its' Occupy rioters.

The City of Los Angeles is even more doomed than the rest of the State of California. Paying the rioters off for their anti-American, nihilist obstruction of honest people trying to earn a living wage. One hardly knows where to begin in such an absurd situation.

And finally, when they have long since chased off the few sincere or meaningful protesters they had and replaced them all with Anarchists, criminals (drug abusers, rapists, thieves and thugs) and lunatics, it gets cold and wet. The 0.099% had vowed to man their posts forever. To stand and demonstrate (as their Socialist masters depend upon to scare the masses into the arms of their "strong leadership and protection") until the system is purged of evil success and self-reliance. But, as I said, it's getting chilly. #Occupy Indianapolis is not the first where paid mercenaries have been proven to exist to promote an appearance of many with a cause, but it is the first place where the entire protest (all 4 of them) are paid homeless people. Might as well get less than minimum wage if they have to stand out in the cold and damp anyway; while the noble @Occupiers sit at home in their heated apartments and ranch-style homes:

All this just to try to stir up class hatred against investors and employers.  We have already seen the rioters doing their 1933 Germany style hate-speech against Jews.  Mob rule just picks out somebody they don't like and that is the enemy du jour.  Tomorrow it's those haters that hold U.S. Citizenship in Tucson; people evil enough to be born white in Scranton "gotta go (hey-hey, ho-ho)" next week.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Respect your elders..

They have been through a lot more, with a lot less, expecting no payback.

[thanks to Michael DeAdder, Halifax Daily News)

...and they if they were able to become elders, they aren't pointless, mindless, suicidally narcissistic mopes, like many unattended children these days.

It's November... three years down the road.

In a new GOP ad, Obama speaks for himself.  Listen to him!

via YouTube by MC

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Hope and REALITY

Some facts (please check, yourself!) on the “most open and transparent” administration in history:

The #Occupy riots:  Neither “grass roots” or a “movement”, they were planned and financed by S.E.I.U., Move-on, Code Pink, WorldSocialism.org, et al.  Obama appointee/Communist Van Jones, other Socialists and Anarchists announced them months ago (this is funny, since Anarchists are supposed to be "far Right" and Socialists are "far Left".  Interesting how they work together - and have for over 100 years).  A few protesters were legitimate at first; now they’re uniformly anti-Semitic, pro-Socialist and/or anti-AmericanU.S. flags are defiled and banners proclaim “F*** the troops”.  Unions paid some (illegal alien) protesters to hold signs.  Occupiers leave tons of filth, assault, rape and steal from each other.  They are endorsed by Democrats, unions, ACORN,  Socialists, pro-Islamist C.A.I.R. and the K.K.K.  They deny that bailouts, forced on banks by Progressives, were repaid (with interest).  They set-up or attack police, then produce their cameras and fake screams.  Their goal is to create anarchy for Socialists to exploit for powerMedia conceal the facts and exaggerate their numbers, but pollster Doug Schoen (D) and others prove the truth. Perhaps the whole issue is a decimal or percentage error.  They are not "the 99%" but the 0.099% - - a splinter fringe group.

Obama’s “jobs” bill:  This is basically a repeat of Stimulus I. Back then, Obama threatened that if his Stimulus was not passed, "unemployment could exceed 8%" (insinuating it would stay at 7.6%).  Here we have sat for the last 25-26 months with unemployment over 9% and an additional 9% having fallen off the bloated, extended unemployment rolls.  As Obama demanded on Sept 8th, the House under Boehner's GOP leadership voted on StimII “right away”.  Dems joined in its bi-partisan defeatHarry Reid (D) delayed it for weeks in the Senate, ignoring Mitch McConnell’s (R) call for a vote.  Reid then altered the bill, blocking GOP input; yet Dems again joined in the bill’s eventual bi-partisan defeat.  It is a mix of small, temporary tax credits, large, permanent tax increases and give-aways.  These include billions for non-critical “infrastructure” projects, but only for unions and “Solyndras”.  It includes a few GOP initiatives that Dems previously blocked.  Meanwhile, the House passed 15 (make that 22) jobs bills since June, which remain blocked in the Senate.

Operation Gun-Runner:  Following a small, strict Bush-era program ("Operation Wide Receiver"), Federal agents (under Obama appointees Holder and Napolitano) were ordered to pressure gun dealers to sell to selected buyers: known Mexican narco-terrorists.  Unlike Wide Receiver, wherein 500 guns were carefully tracked (though a few were lost) over 2 years to discover smuggling connections, Gun-runner involved over 2,000 high-powered guns, allowed to “walk” by dozens and hundreds; just disappear into the Mexican countryside with no surveillance.  There was simply no plan to track them. They were used to kill thousands of innocent Mexicans and at least U.S. Border Patrol agent, Brian Terry and ICE Agent Jaime Zapata.  Holder and Napolitano denied knowledge of it, weeks after his Deputy advised Holder and Obama announced it as an anti-gun tactic.  In fact, after repeated opportunities to apologize and take responsibility, Holder can only fall back on the original, Socialist plan and claim that more gun laws are needed.  This is in spite of the fact that historically, increased restriction on the posession of guns by lawful citizens always results in an increase in crime and death, while relaxing gun laws on the law-abiding always results in a lower crime rate.  That's because criminals simply ignore gun laws [that's what they DO, folks] and prey on an unarmed populace.  When there is greater danger of resistance, they go elsewhere.

Now the administration wants a law to give them permission to lie to courts and the People.  The Freedom of Information Act ("FoIA") allows citizens to get copies of government documents, keeping leaders honest.  The government can deny a request if it jeopardizes an investigation and the People can appeal the denial in court.  They can even respond, "the requested record(s), if they exist, would jeopardize xxx investigations if released".   They cannot say "No such record exists" if a record does exist, and thwart the oversight of Congress and the regulation of the courts.  Judges have ruled many times (more often than not, on a Leftist FoIA request) that the government cannot lie, especially to courts.  Holder’s “Justice” Dept has withdrawn the request, but responded that they already have authority to lie to us at will - - ‘granted’ by an internal DOJ policy memo.

That last fact may be the scariest of all.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

"...one Nation; xxxxx Xxx; indivisible...."?!?

UNDER G O D ! ! !

NBC continues the assault against the historic and critical role played by Christians and other Godly men in the world-changing revolution which is the United States of America!

Thanks to Wallbuilders via YouTube

At a time when Christians are under attack in China, Iran, "liberated" Egypt and elsewhere around the world, NBC intentionally wipes God out of the Pledge of Allegiance twice, here in America.

This stops now.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Simple, common sense about gun laws and the II Amendment.

Here is the basic theme of this piece in a graphic. Go, Gunny!

Pretty straightforward, eh?  History and statistics (honest ones, at least) prove that disarming law-abiding people increases the incidence of crime, while relaxing gun laws almost always brings down the crime rate.

Here, Ted Nugent gives his thoughts on the concept of innocent, law-abiding citizens having to go unarmed while criminals universally ignore gun laws along with their particular favorite crime.  Just how much loss, pain and suffering is the victim required to sustain from the predator?

Thanks to Mr. Nugent, YouTube and KLRU.

Sounds a little harsh - until you consider the innocent, productive victims, minding their own business when attacked by their repeat (really, they are all repeat offenders, past present or future - - no one accidentally or mistakenly rapes, robs or murders anyone, or "tries just one") offenders. He gets 'rights' and the law-abiding victim is reduced to just be one of his victims. What amount of loss is the victim REQUIRED to sustain from the predator?

Solution?  Allow law-abiding citizens to carry weapons if they are comfortable with them.  Let the predators know that a high percentage of the populace is armed, willing and permitted to defend themselves and their neighbors.  Shoot the attacker until he stops being a threat, provide first aid and prosecution as necessary.

I am SophosArchaeus and I am the Tea Party

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Quick primer: The roots of the Mortgage-Bubble recession.

This is old news (to those that  don't depend on "mainstream media" to deliver facts) about who did what in the Democratic-controlled Congress under Bush.  It will be new to many or most of you:

Thanks to YouTube and The Mouthpiece.

Here is one piece that should be brand new to almost everyone.  You see, it was taped for Saturday Night Live, which is on NBC.  Now, NBC has been in the pocket of the Leftists and the Progressive-Socialist dominated DNC for a few years, so this skit was banned and was never to see the light of day.  They probably enjoyed the Bush-bashing, but it is surprising that more jobs weren't lost among the SNL staff once they got to the meat of the piece.

Embedding is not available, but it is well worth your time to go to the repository and see this censored bit of history at SaveThisNation.org.  Somehow, every time somebody posts it on YouTube, is gets yanked.  Thus, it serves as a double lesson about Socialist politics.  Thanks to Save This Nation and the original cast and writers at S.N.L.
- - acknowledgement (but no thanks) to the producers at Leftist NBC and cowed YouTube.

[this may be updated occasionally, if more related material comes to our attention]

Monday, October 10, 2011

Definition of "timeless"

Sometimes, a truth is told in just the right way, so that it can be seen and understood years or decades later.  It is true of the truths (not "facts") in the Bible.  It is also the case with any sincere investigation of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.  It has been demonstrated by Churchill, Washington, Red Skelton, Leonidas and Lincoln.

In the 1940 classic, "Ghost breakers", Mr. hope proves this again and why all our parents and grandparents loved him so much.


Saturday, October 8, 2011

A little reality about the "Occupy Wall Street" riots. [UPDATED 11-2-11]

Definitions of "riot" from Cornell University's Legal Information Institute and Nolo’s Plain-English Law Dictionary:

A concerted action: (1) made in furtherance of an express common purpose; (2) through the use or threat of violence, disorder, or terror to the public; and (3) resulting in a disturbance of the peace. Under common law, the crime of riot requires the assemblage of three or more actors. The concerted acts may be unlawful in themselves, or they may be lawful acts that are done in a violent or turbulent manner. Among the different forms that riots may take include escalated labor disputes or political demonstrations.

1) A turbulent and violent disturbance of peace by three or more people acting together. 2) An assemblage of people who are out of control, causing injury, or endangering the physical safety of others or themselves, causing or threatening damage to property, and often violating various laws both individually and as a group. The common thread is that the people in a riot have the power through violence to break the public peace and safety, requiring police action

First, let's check in on what Dear Leader Obama, the President of the United States, Leader of the Free World, responsible for the quadrupling of the already-too-big-Bush debt (which, by the way became Obama's upon the illegal, dishonest, back-room, bribery and extortion riddled "health care" bill) and the coming double-dip recession cum depression and massive, unending unemployment while giving hundreds of billions to crony corporations.  [sorry, Mrs. Yoachim; I know that was a run-on sentence - - think of it as a stream of consciousness.]  Sorry, direct, embeddable video is not available, so we refer to ABC news coverage:  HERE.

Of course, we all know and respect Nancy "you have to pass it before we can see what is in it" Pelosi.  Her unwavering support of the Constitution, transparent government, thrifty spending and a healthy economy are imaginary.  Er, I meant 'mythical'. Um, 'a lie'.  Ah, hell; let's just listen to what she says about the rioters in Wall Street, San Francisco and elsewhere:

Thanks to YouTube, The Blaze and MSNBC

Okay, if there is one person you can depend on to give the straight scoop on the economy, its Ben Bernanke. After all, he knows all about monetizing debt (we buy our own with money we printed just this morning, jacking up inflation which you just declare to be non-existent and hide by removing food and fuel from the indexes [see also the Weimar Republic]). Go, Ben:

Once again, ta, YouTube and MOXNEWSd0tCOM.

Let's check the ideological bud of Obama and Nancy, to see what a dignified, responsible, sacrificing devotee of scrupulously honest documentary thinks about the deep feelings and inspirational insight of the selfless and reverent occupiers. Cue Michael Moore, because we wouldn't find any of that other stuff I just said (other than the 'ideological bud' thing):

Yeah- YoutTube and Current

Now let's dip ourselves in latex (for safety) and go among the morally superior, hygienically challenged and focus-free "occupiers". (did you know that the financial institutions that formed and grew at Wall St and Broad [yes, formerly De Heere, for you "National Treasure" fans] spread out many years ago and mostly occupy WTC, John St, Fulton St, and elsewhere; while most businesses that are blockaded, trashed, vandalized and shoplifted by the mob, are small businesses with absolutely nothing to do with "bankers" or "brokers"?)

Jesse Watters gets the point of view (so to speak) of the squatters, mumblers, bumper-sticker academics and hippies.

Okay, where else? Y.T. video by Pigmine3.

At the allied Occupy Philly loitering festival, one mentally superior speaker elucidates for her equally wise and visionary zombies - er, saviors of humanity.

YouTube via skye820 - - viewer mksentinel tried to be helpful to the questioning, non-occupying 99.01%, pointing out: "First of all, they are repeating her because it's a large group. That way everyone can HEAR." Obviously one of the star pupils of the orator. Um, mksentinel? She was speaking (thanks to some corporation somewhere) into a bullhorn, the better to speak over the deafening din of 20 or 30 compliant, attentive zombies.

Here is one perspective that is (thankfully!) only available via still photo. Several of the Occupy filth think this is a good idea  A picture like these are worth, maybe 35 words, even with inflation.

Obviously, this young man is interested in making the world a better place and seeks cooperation with the local authorities.

This one is actually abusing Old Glory.  Think he is just trying to help clean up America?  This flag has been the hope of the free world - and the hope of freedom for the truly occupied and suppressed world for over a hundred years. Its ideals were the inspiration for freedom for another hundred years, giving birth to the (sadly, twisted) French revolution and others.
Notice the shocked disgust of the other well-meaning defenders of freedom, rushing to stop the travesty.

Thanks to TheBlaze.com and fbcdn.net.

Here's some more respect and tolerance from the Left. Notice how many times the well-meaning, polite young man changes his story to fit the argument-du-moment:

YouTube and NROVideos

I'm sure this racist, anti-Semitic viewpoint is just an anomaly.  Lets see who else shares the opinions of Obama, Pelosi, and the C.A.I.R. mouthpieces for the American-murdering Jihadists, shall we?
How about the Grand Dragon, Poo-Bah, Thingy of the KKK, Mr. David Duke?  Let's see if we can entice him away from some smoldering cross or noose-tying lesson to educate us.

Ooopsie - - and real Republicans* are supporting Herman Cain for President, while Lefties galore call him all sorts of offensive names.  But thanks to YouTube and DRDDuke. [*KKK members and Southern segregationists are almost exclusively Democrats - - unless they are the Grand Whatever and try to put out disinformation]

Here, on the other hand, is NYC Mayor Michael "paint-the-roofs-white-to-fight-global-warming" Bloomberg (D) on the practical effects of the pro-Socialist riots:

Y.T and TheMidnightRider11

- - - -

For a change of pace: we have all seen the closely cropped/edited scenes of cops beating innocent protesters for no reason whatever. Somehow, lots of this sort of video is always available, but always picks up just as the cops go into action. No one is ever just standing around. Weelllll..... it seems one of these anti-capitalist, anti- corporate, anti-technology protesters forgot to edit out the preliminaries of his post before sending it in [too many hits on the bong?]. Here we see rioters, having conspired as to when to attack, then actually counting down, then assaulting a thin line of peaceful cops. The cops get punched and then react, as rioters issue fake screams of horror and all the (evil, corporate, high-dollar) vids and cameras appear to record the "police brutality". Alynski, Cloward and Piven would be proud.
Rioters assault police line:

Thanks to YouTube and especially Captquest1

The "just like the Tea Party" crowds have left more tons of garbage behind than any Tea Party has ever left pounds. They have provoked more arrests than all Tea Party rallies (with a population hundreds of times that of the "occupiers", counting just the 9-12 rally in D.C. with 1.8 million alone) put together.  To paraphrase Tolkien's Saruman, 'No, the rioters are not really nice.  You had better leave them to themselves.'

YouTube by BRocchio21963

YouTube by GBTV and the Blaze via ybgrsfd

YouTube by FOX via MOXNEWSdotCOM

What would happen if a few pro-Constitution, taxpaying, self-supporting people with pleasant, respectful demeanors tried to exchange substantive, well-supported information with "Occupy" anything (in this case, "DC") protesters?

YouTube by aimaccuracy

And how about if an actual escapee of Soviet Socialism, with the intelligence and awareness to know what was happening there, tried to educate indoctrinated Americans about the truth of their "utopian dream"?   HERE is a video from MRCTV and TownHall.com that shows just that. [flash video player required].

And how about being educated by a homeless man,  who has to live in that park and is disgusted by the conditions of "hippies" playing homeless and then going home to their apartments, leaving filth behind them - - and threatening the goodwill of the people that let him stay there.  HERE is the video [from LiveLeak and AdamVStheMan] of the responsible man (who would be a great employee) who understands reality and stuns the Occupiers into silence.

What about Occupiers raping each other in their peaceful encampments full of love and human rights  devotees?  Not possible, right?

Thanks to MRC TV by journalist Stephen Gutowski

It's also interesting that, while there have been zero arrests and practically zero litter from the Tea Party and related rallies, comprising millions of protesters, they continue to be charged parade/demonstration fees.  However, the #Occupy rioters leave tons of trash, excrement, urine, vomit, drug paraphernalia, vandalism debris, injured police officers, damaged businesses (etc, etc),  yet most of them have not been charged the same fees.  Some cities are considering recouping their losses, when and if they can find out if SEIU, Move-On, Free Mumia Abu-Jamal (cop-killer), or which other Leftist group organized the riots.

And finally, here are some of the dedicated protesters at "Occupy D.C.", an allied disruption to "Occupy Wall St"; hard working Americans all. Ooops, they aren't workers, don't speak English (can't even read the signs they were handed) and their residency is - to be charitable - questionable. Please note, that though the non-workers have shut down non-financial businesses at "Wall St", and blocked commuters on bridges and streets, tried to invade the Smithsonian, trashed many city blocks and created health hazards everywhere they go, they have somehow managed to completely avoid protesting at Obama's White House. Hmm.

YouTube by inboxnews

A real explanation of "Occupy" mentality is at Breitbart.com.  This man gets to take his time and really express his (factually and historically imaginary*) opinion.
[* Israel pre-dates the Philistines (forefathers of the "Palestinians") in Judea and Jerusalem by about 600 years and while they have had nukes ("500"??  Chemical/Biological - like Iran and Iraw have both used on civilians?) for years, they have never used them or threatened to annihilate their neighbors or started 6 wars of aggression "to expand their borders" (though they did hang onto about 10% of their defensive gains as security buffers). ]

Dear rioters, mopes and losers stinking up various cities and making it difficult for real people (the real 99%) to struggle on with reality: you are the 0.099%. You need to soak in disinfectant and get a job. And take your trash with you when you go, for once.

- - - -
- - - -

SO.... Who should we be looking at for redress of our troubles, if not employers, investors and capital creators? Not Capitalism itself? How about the "modern", "scientifically proven", "just", "humane" Socialist agenda? This gives everyone everything they need (with the exception of the evil "rich", who should, of course, simply hand out everything they ever earned to those that can't/won't and then be rendered for their body fats - - but continue to "give" so that the system is "sustainable"), with no requirement for actually earning anything.

YouTube by PJTV

And here is the old-fashioned, far-Right perspective, presented by war-mongering Conservative (poet) George Bernard Shaw.

YoutTube via anonymous

Hm. That's kind of disturbing. Oh, that's right: Shaw was a self-proclaimed Fabian Socialist. It was the Fabians (with their "wolf-in-sheep's-clothing" logo) that gave rise to the Progressive Socialists in the U.S. This was because freedom-loving Americans would NEVER put up with typical, in-your-face Marxist Socialism. Americans needed to be distracted, lied to and slowly brought around to surrendering their liberty a little at a time, over 100 years; "p r o g r e s s ".

Here is a bit of advice from College Republicans (University of Arizona) - - folks who use colleges as places to learn better ways to do things instead of conspiring to tear down successful, egalitarian institutions:

Thanks to Arizona C.R.'s

[This article will be updated occasionally, as more relevant material becomes available]

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Is a rose a rose?

We are witnessing a massive increase in name-calling in the public arena.  Usually vulgar or inflammatory names come from naughty 4 year olds, surly high-schoolers and drunks.  The common thread among these is a lack of intelligent argument.  They have no empirical data, no content, no pith, no evidence, no facts, no examples, no (unrevised) historical reference, no truth and no civility.   According to the Left, all reasoning adults (the majority, which disagrees with the Progressives’ programs) are “racist[i], “the (evil) rich[ii], “Tea Baggers[iii], “haters[iv], “polluters[v]. “flat Earthers[vi], “extremists[vii], and/or “anti-immigrant[viii].  The disturbing part is that these now come more and more from elected “representatives”.  Virtually all come from the Left, (Joe Wilson called Obama a liar, but Obama had just lied about Illegals getting Obamacare).  These elected servants of the People also throw in “go straight to hell[ix], “Astroturf” and “the real enemy[x]

Then there is the ubiquitous Leftist talking point "do nothing Congress" or  “party of ‘no’ ”[xi].  “NO” means:  trying to slow the disastrous Progressive  ‘Supermajority’[xii] quadrupling of Bush’s too high debt, so that there is still an economy to re-start.  The fact is that, since the Conservative landslide of 2010, the GOP controlled House has passed many bills and amendments, while Harry Reid [D], gatekeeper of the Progressive controlled Senate, refuses to even let Obama's "pass this jobs bill" come to the floor.  This is because he knows that many Democrats will vote against it to save their own re-election chances and it would be defeated by a wide margin.

[UPDATE:  while the GOP-controlled house brought the "jobs" tax increase up for a vote weeks ago, and Senate Minority Leader McConnell (R) has repeatedly called on Reid to bring it up in the Senate, the Majority Leader has refused to do so.  Now, Reid  has improperly invoked the (the "nuclear option" that he condemned when Republicans properly applied it once on Jul 18 2005) as he already did to pass the Socialists' wildly unpopular, damaging and unconstitutional Obamacare. He will not allow Conservatives to comment or submit amendments to the bill, but will personally amend (which Biden said must be passed as-is) it and present it in language that Democrats can claim is positive in their campaigns.  This is because he knows that Democrats would defeat it as Obama presented it.]

Setting aside the 2% of wingnuts present in every group (e.g. those actually calling for Bush 43’s death while he was in office, or calling Obama “Hitler”), Conservatives generally call those on the left “Socialist”.  This is not a compliment.  Hitler’s National Socialists (NAZIs) murdered 15million innocent civilians[xiii], Stalin’s Soviet Socialists murdered 35 million[xiv] and Mao’s Communists murdered at least 70 million[xv] of his own people.  All of these also ran their countries into the ground economically, structurally and societally, and fomented insurrections and wars around the world.  The suffering and expense they inflicted on humanity is staggering.  It is also absolutely accurate.  Obama appointees Jarrett, Dunn, Jones, Lloyd, Sunstein, et al, are admitted Communists or Marxist Socialist (Dunn is actually a Maoist).  His own policies boil down to regulating and confiscating the wealth of the successful and massively growing government to spend what doesn’t stick in cronies’ pockets.  That would be Marxism.

But let’s speed this up:  Obama wants to “share around” [redistribute] Joe the Plumber’s wealth.  Frank-Dodd (D-2006) created the mortgage bubble that collapsed our economy, and Dodd-Frank (D-2010) is making this even worse in the rest of the financial world.  Maxine Waters threatens to “um, er, Socialize your company”.  GM and Chrysler are actually seized and stockholders’ equity given to their union bosses.  CBC chair Frederica Wilson declares the clear majority of the People (since 71% agree with the Tea Party ideals) are “the real enemy”.  The White House forces Ford to pull unflattering “bailout” commercials.  Van Jones threatens an “October” insurrection.  PotUS tells minorities to get out and march.  W.H. budget director Peter Orzag claims ‘maybe democracy would work better if U.S. was “less democratic”.  Chiming in, North Carolina Governor Bev Purdue actually suggested that “elections be suspended”.  Dems  and Leftist/Revolutionary groups encourage and join anti-Capitalist march of (rather dismal, spaced-out, clueless, unwashed) hundreds in NYC, S.F., and other sketchy venues[xvi]. [Thanks to sphotos.ak for carton]

So, the “Socialist” tag fits and it is simply accurate definition.  Name calling as exercised by the Left is the last resort of those with no legitimate argument. They have lost the electorate and know it.  They know everyone knows the facts and are simply trying to filibuster; to stop the conversation.

We will no longer recoil from false accusations in order to explain our true character, or allow them to distract us from our defense of our Republic, its Constitution and economy, and thereby, our families and neighbors.
Thanks to the photographer/editor, Victoria Kelley, who asks "if people would like to join my fan page (as facebook is too slow), go to https://www.facebook.com/pages/Victoria-Kelley/114473698637977 "

[i] Ironic, since the Founding Fathers tried to end slavery while Southern “Democrat” plantation owners refused to sign the Declaration or the Constitution unless their terms were deleted; the Republican Party was founded as an abolitionist movement while the defeated plantation owners formed the KKK. GOP voted 100% for XIII Amendment while Dems voted 63% against, followed by hyper-racist Wilson, the Segregationists [George Wallace (D) -- overcome by Eisenhower (R)] and then the Progressive Socialists.
[ii]Funny, since this is always said with contempt if not disgust, and these would be the investors [those risking money for companies to buy new equipment & supplies and hire more workers] and the employers [those actually committing to pay fair wages over an undetermined future], as the “poor” cannot afford to do these things.
[iii] Strange, as everyone on the Left seems to know all about masticating scrota (they say this constantly), while conservatives generally have never heard of such a thing, let alone approve of it.
[iv]Confusing, because the threatening union bosses, rally finger biters, Texas plane crashers, Ft. Hood shooters, union grain-pier rioters, Tucson shooters, CBC ‘spit’ liars, Beltway Shooters, CBC “go to hell “ and “real enemy”  dividers seem to come from the far Left.  Even Timothy McVeigh sang Socialist songs in prison and hated Christians [only humoring his attorney’s request for last rites}.
[v] Frustrating, since the greatest polluters in history were the Socialist NAZIs, Communist Soviets and Chinese [along with the dubious record of the most murdered civilians: 15,000,000; 35,000,000 and 70,000,000].  Capitalists see pollution as wasted resources as well as a danger to their families and a blight on beautiful America.
[vi] Weird, since Conservatives readily acknowledge the recent warm years as well as the current cooling cycle, while Leftists of every stripe make up “hockey stick” modifications to make their climbing magazine “research” and photoshopped  polar bear evidence get hotter and hotter.  And Uber-Liberal warming czar Gore flies around in the dirtiest jet in the air (GulfstreamV), collecting $100,000,000 in prevarication fees.
[vii] “Conservative extremist”  And the definition of ‘oxymoron’ is…?
[viii] Unusual, since all of us are immigrants or offspring of immigrants, and most Americans are opposed to law-breakers who don’t follow the procedures the way Grandpa or Mom did.  They no more want criminals and potential terrorists (35% of the invaders are Arabs, Russian, Chinese, Iranians, etc) running loose in the U.S. than they want to give “a path to residency” to a burglar in their own home.
[ix] Try saying this to your boss!
[x] Google “irony” and check what Al Qaida and Ahmadinejad think about us.
[xi] This means, steadfastly defending the Constitution and the economy, rather than “compromising” - - way the hell over to the Left wall.  Republicans  have dozens of bills ready to go or already past the House.  Dems (Harry Reid) just refuse to let bills come up for a vote.
[xii] Dems took over both houses in 2006 and passed the Dodd-Frank Recession bill.  Supermajority for the 1st two years of Obama’s regime.  The People 86’d them from the House in large numbers in 2010, but there is still the Senate and White House.
[xiii] Jews of course, but also, ethnic gypsies, Poles, homosexuals, Christian clergy, mentally ill, political prisoners, political competition, etc, but not counting the combat casualties of WWII.
[xiv] Political prisoners, released Russian POWs from Germany, mentally ill, gays, political competition, etc.
[xv]Political competition, political prisoners, yadda-yadda. 
[xvi] These block traffic, leave tons of trash and force more arrests than all of the Tea Party rallies (including the 1.8 million D.C. march) combined.  The most common thread is to “bring it down”, but are unclear what 'it' is or what replaces it.