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Thursday, October 25, 2012

What does it mean? [updated]

What does it mean, when you see and hear this stuff from the most powerful man in the world; the guy with the Nuclear Football; the one who's chief responsibility is the protection of you and your family; the ultimate example of honesty, safekeeping the Constitution and our way of life; fairness; 'racelessness'; and positive encouragement for a thriving America?

What does it mean, when Obama (D) promised in 2008 to “cut the deficit in half” in the first 3 years of his first term, then each year proposed deficits* around $2 TRILLION ($2,000,000,000,000.00)?  When, forced by pressure from the people and GOP, Obama agrees to $1 Trillion (still way above anything Bush called for) but then he calls this “budget cuts”?  Obama’s deficits and debt dwarf all previous presidents and far exceed actual, legitimate Governmental need. What’s it mean when Obama claims ‘jobs created’ but leaves out ‘jobs lost’ and actual 14.7% unemployment (Labor DeptU-6 table)?  What does it mean when Obama wastes $billions on “investing” our money on cronies’ and foreigners’ private investments?  When dozens of these companies go bankrupt within a year of pocketing the taxpayers’ gift?  What’s it mean when a Democrat-dominated Senate has not passed a single, annual budget [required by law] in four years?
[UPDATE: Obama's Labor Dept announced new Unemployment figures on 11-2-2012.  The number they admit to is a higher 7.9% unemployment (Leftist L.A. Times actually calls this "Economic growth"). 
But wait - the B.L.S.'s own, actual, U-6 "underemployment" (unemployed and no longer getting benefits, or settled for low-wage and part time) rate is 14.6%!  SO: it was stuck well above 8% for 3.5 years.  It was 8.2% in September, then magically DROPPED not to 8.1, 8.0, or 7.9%, but 7.8%!  All the while NEVER posting as much as 200,000 new hires (it takes at least that number just to keep pace with layoffs, company closures and population growth).  Are all your friends and neighbors suddenly in decent, full-time jobs?
WHAT DOES IT MEAN, when all that the Progressive Socialist Democrats care about are headlines for their own campaign advantage, not jobs for Americans' advantage??]

What does it mean when a President appoints a “Justice” Dept. Attorney General, who refuses to prosecute armed, racist thugs (that admitted to threatening voters based on race)?  When both he and his A.G. claim that they ‘never heard of’ of thousands of weapons issued to Mexican narco-terrorists under Fed orders? And when hundreds of innocentMexicans and several Americans were slaughtered with those weapons, but Obama claims “executive privilege” (privilege applies only to direct conversations with the PotUS or to lawful 'deliberative processes') to block investigation?  What’s it mean when “Justice”Dept. declared policy is that “ ‘race A’ cannot be the victim of a crime committed by ‘race B’ “ [it should not matter which race is which in a non-racist society].

What does it mean when a President is “so smart” that he skips more than half of his daily Intel briefings (presented by specialist experts with thick binders of details) and just 'reads the outline'?  When he doesn’t even notice increasing regional Al Qaida terrorism and sends an ambassador and other Americans to their death in Benghazi (a knownhotbed, where British, French and Australian consulates were closed, along with a Red Cross office after each was attacked)?  What’s it mean when he goes to bed duringthe live drone video of the attack? When he blames a previously innocuous American’s anti-Jihad video (virtually unknown inthe Middle East until Obama and Clinton announced it, internationally, a dozen times) instead of Ansar al Shari’ah (Al Qaida)?  When heskips another briefing the very next day, to go to a ‘Vegasfundraiser?  When he and they lie about it forweeks? 

What does it mean when, in a “presidential” debate, Obama colludes with a Leftist media “moderator”, who just happens to be holdinga “transcript” (of Obama’s Benghazzi lies) when Obama calls for it[!] and claims that Obama was telling the truth (the moderator later admitted [quietly] that Obama was wrong and Romney was right)?  What’s it mean when the media is so biased and committed to one ideology, that a rising tide of evidence of gross incompetence, Chicago Way corruption and intentional Marxist malevolence is all but ignored by our “watchdogs”?

What does it mean when Obama and other Progressive Socialists recklessly accuse Romney of: “evading taxes for 20 yearsandpioneering the outsourcing jobs [less than Obama’s ownjobs czar’]” andkilling a woman with cancerand committing “a felonyandwaging war on womenand wanting to “take $5 trillion from the poor to give to the rich”?  Then theyare mute when all these lies are dis-proven again and again?  And how about when they say that “challengingthe President” is “unconstitutional”?
[UPDATE:  Hurricane Sandy mixed with a major cold front storm, then hit the New Jersey area hard.  Obama (who had NOT bothered to visit the W.H. Situation room while Ambassador Stevens desperately called for help, under attack by Al Qaida and denied either preparation or rescue), made sure he had photographs published of himself watching the storm in the SitRoomThe situation was and is actually under the purview of FEMA, Red Cross, National Guard, local mayors and other planned/practiced/prepared experts, who needed NO input from a PotUS other than encouragement to help those in need ASAP. 
Obama has NOT spoken up about fellow Progressive Socialist Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who has diverted precious generators, fuel, food, volunteers and police assets away from still-stranded, cold, hungry New Jersey and New York residents.  Some are still awaiting rescue.  Residents are prohibited from using bridges to go to work without 3 passengers.  They wait for hours for fuel, if a station still has any and has electricity to run its pumps.  They get in fights for fuel and food, or go dumpster diving.  But their Leftist Mayor is going to IMPORT thousands of extra mouths to feed, visitors to manage; and take power to light and heat tents for the marathon.  It is DARK and COLD in most of that area.  Obama is back out on the stump, lying about Romney and cannot be bothered to speak up. WHAT DOES IT MEAN, WHEN AMERICAN DISASTER SURVIVORS ARE LEFT "ON THEIR OWN" WHEN ASSETS ARE WASTED BY DEM/PROG GOVERNMENT FOR A FREAKING R A C E ?!?]

What’s it mean when Obama gets encouragement from a six year old child andresponds, “Kids have good instincts. They look at the other guy [Romney] and say, 'Well,that's a bullshitter, I can tell.'"?  How wonderful that is for the dignity of the office and our international standing. What does it mean when Obama refuses to release any of his own plans for a second term (waving a pamphlet full of his recycled, failed ’08-’12 policies, labeled “A plan for jobs & middle class security”), then claims Romney/Ryanrefuse to reveal” their oft-proclaimed “5-step” and “59pointprograms for restoring the economy and strengthening the country?  When Obama then takes those very same steps and points, strings them together with things that he himself would do (pushing hard Left for more spending and taxing), ignores the historic fact that cutting taxes while increasing employment almost always increases tax revenues and claims that “Romney wants toincrease the debt by $5 trillion!”  All this while ignoring the fact that he has added over $6 trillion in less thanfour years; the highest debt of any – in fact, all combined previous Presidents.  He denies his own proposed “sequestration” (removal from access) of huge, across the board funding from our defense budget, which his own SecDef Panetta calls “devastating”. 
What does all this mean?

If you have not heard of these things, it means it’s time to research them; SophosArchaeus suggests first a “mainstreamLiberal source (you may find nothing, or perhaps a whitewash), and then a few Conservative outlets (one is provided for each; you can easily find information overload).  A welter of rabid Leftist, Anarchist, Communist, Socialist, Globalist, Green-Fraud and other anti-American postings have usually pushed most Centrist and Conservative posts to page 8 or 10 of a Google search, so be patient.

It definitely means it’s time for a new President.

[* ‘Deficit’ is annual spending beyond the government’s actual intake (government itself produces nothing, taking every cent it spends from productive taxpayers).  Debt’ is what unresolved deficits add up to over a term of office.]

 - - - -

On Election Eve:

What does it mean, when Obama broadcast/published/bragged/shouted/proclaimed his presence in the W.H. Situation room for:
bin Laden's demise (by the grace of Bush-era [WATERBOARDING] intelligence and the plan-making abilities of the CIA and SEALs:

...when he is fully in Command for the de-funding of Big Bird:

...when he was there watching Red Cross, FEMA, the National Guard, local cops and firefighters handling Hurricane Sandy [entirely without kibitzing by the CinC]:
 and bravely walked around watching other people work and/or suffer [and Chris Christie made it clear that thanking Obama for doing a basic part of his job is NOT the same as his early and repeated endorsement of Romney for the next President of the United States]:
and picked up the endorsement of NYC's Michael Bloomberg, while he and other Progressive Socialists pointed out how "disconnected" Romney is:
and Obama surrogates Bill Clinton and Joe Biden stayed on the campaign trail, reassuring us that "Hurricane Sandy is nothing" compared to having people vote for Romney.

...but Obama somehow MISSED the meeting when 30 Americans were repeatedly denied support, were attacked in waves for seven (7) hours by Ansar al Sharia (Al Qaida offshoot) and an Ambassador, his aid and two retired SEALs (who disobeyed orders to "Stand down" and ran to the sound of the guns to help fellow Americans) were eventually murdered:

Friday, September 21, 2012

Here is YOUR Federally Approved Schedule for today:

Just how much control do you want in your day-to-day life?  You may have heard of something called "Statism"; what does that mean, exactly?

We all know that some central authority and regulation is required.  In a still-dangerous world, we must have investigative services and quick, formidable defense capability (unless you want our fighting done in Duluth, Santa Monica, Hartford and Orlando neighborhoods). We can't have cars built with no reliability or safety standards at all.  We can't have people driving those cars at reckless speeds or whatever side of the road they choose.  There's got to be some rule against printing your own money or stealing you neighbors' stuff.  Drug dealers can't be allowed to hand out "samples" to our kids to create new "customers".  But just how far does this go?  Exactly how much control should government - especially distant, centralized, unresponsive and un-responsible government - have over every aspect of your life?  When something presents no impact on others, no realistic safety threat and no restriction on their own right to make their own decisions for themselves, should government be stepping in and regulating what you can or can't do, or how you do it?

Let's look at some recent cases in the news; make up your own mind.

Deaf Pre-Schooler in Nebraska told to change his signed name.
By: Nicole Ramage - The Examiner.com

Tuesday morning, Grand Island School District in Nebraska was told the Spanjer family that they would not be requiring Hunter, a deaf preschooler, to change the way that they sign his name. Last week, it was reported that the school district wanted his name changed because they felt it violated their 'no tolerence' policy because his name sign kind of, sort of, maybe just a little bit, looks like a gun.

When deaf preschooler Hunter Spanjer signs his name, he does so by crossing his middle finger over his index finger on both hands and moves them up and down. His father says that this is a registered sign within S.E.E. (Signed Exact English) and he should not be made to change his name. The school board says that they feel his name is too close to the sign for a gun, which many teachers at the grand Island district feel is taking things a step too far as the signs are not similar in any way. One ASL (American Sign Language) instructor says that Hunter's name more closely resembles the sign for 'hurry' than anything. Parents and community members are outraged because they don't feel and have not yet encountered any child associating Hunter's signed name with a gun sign.
When asked, one Portland parent had this to say about this disturbing news;
"That's like asking me to change my son's name because someone finds it offensive. How about we change it to a single middle finger and see how the [Grand Island] school district cares for that."
Grand Island Schoo District says that they decided to drop the case when they started receiving hate mail and even death threats over something that the community is finding 'above and beyond'. One letter sent to the district from an enraged parent had this to say about asking the deaf preschooler to change his name;
"A parent's choice of name for his child is one of the most personal aspects of the parent-child relationship and the district cannot step into the middle of that constitutionally protected relationship."
While the support for the spanjer family has been astronomical, many Portlanders are outraged that this would even be an issue, especially in a nation with a large deaf culture.

[ED: The school feels it is superior in authority to the parent, deeming that the child's name, or the standard signing protocol used to express it, 'might' be offensive to somebody, somewhere, somehow; or that it is dangerous because it might lead to someone mis-using the term for "hunter" or "hurry" and grow up as a homicidal maniac.  In any case, the State as embodied by the School should control what parents can name their kids as well as our society's perception of the eons-old concept of hunting and defense.  Really??]

Professor forces students to sign 'pledge' to vote for Obama
By: Jason Howerton - The Blaze

A college professor at Brevard Community College (BCC) in Cocoa, Fla. has been placed on leave after she allegedly required her class to sign a pledge to vote for President Barack Obama “and Democrats up and down the ticket.
Campus Reform reports that professor Sharon Sweet at BCC allegedly told students to sign a pledge that states: “I pledge to vote for President Obama and Democrats up and down the ticket.”
The pledge came from “GottaVote.org,” a website paid for by the Obama campaign.
The Leadership Institute’s Campus Reform has more:
University administrators said they learned about the incident late Thursday afternoon and launched an investigation, after they received a phone call from a concerned parent.
“Based on the allegations, Associate Professor Sweet has requested, and been granted, a leave of absence without pay effective immediately,” reads a statement put out by John Glisch, Associate Vice President for Communications at BCC.
“The college will continue its investigation into the matter, which will include interviews with all students in her class,” continues the statement.
In addition to being inappropriate action in the classroom, Sweet’s pledge requirement may have also violated Florida election law.
Section 104.31, of Title IX in chapter 104, states that “no officer or employee of the state… shall… use his or her official authority or influence for the purpose of interfering with an election or nomination of officer or influencing another person’s vote or affecting the result thereof.”

[ED: Liberals, especially educators (and politicians in their offices) are simply much more wise than all the rest of humanity. They must simply tell us everything, as we are totally incapable of learning to deal with things outside the classroom unless it matches the theories inside the classroom*.  Left to themselves, the stupid, un-liberalized masses might simply keep doing what has been wildly successful in America for 300 years (the strong, thriving colonies were Capitalist).  They might not seek the Socialist utopia, which has failed everywhere, every time it has been tried, and collapsed of its own unsustainability at an average of 65 years.
*Look how well John Maynard Keynes' Cambridge blackboard theories have dragged out our miserable, damaging, so-called 'recovery' for over four years (worst recovery in U.S. history)]

Cheering at Graduation leads to Arrest, Diplomas withheld
By: Ben Waldron and Colleen Curry - ABC News
Cheering on your family and friends at graduation has become a risky proposition as schools around the country have cracked down on celebrations, withholding diplomas from students and arresting parents who "misbehave" during commencement.
In Florence, S.C., proud mother Sharon Cooper was handcuffed and escorted out of the arena where daughter Iesha Cooper was graduating from high school last Saturday. According to South Carolina news station WPDE, the school had warned parents earlier that anyone who cheered or yelled during the roll call would be escorted from the building, and that people who were disorderly while being led out would be arrested.
Cooper was taken out of the civic center and placed in handcuffs, according to the report.
"'Are you all serious? Are you all for real?' I mean, that's what I'm thinking in my mind," Cooper told WPDE."I didn't say anything. I was just like OK, I can't fight the law."
Cooper was placed in a police van and taken to a detention center for several hours before posting a $225 bond, according to the station. Cooper, who was charged with disorderly conduct, could not be reached for comment.
A spokeswoman for the Florence school district, Pamela Little-McDaniel, told ABC News that because three high schools were graduating together, it was important to ensure that every parent was able to hear their child's name called. The school sent out multiple notices to all parents requesting their cooperation and warning them that cheering or yelling could get them removed by police from the ceremony.

"The school did try to communicate this information with the parent, so everyone would be able to hear the ceremony and hear their child's name get called," she said.
In Mount Healthy, Ohio, graduating senior Anthony Cornist was docked a diploma because his family and friends cheered too loudly as he walked across the stage during the graduation ceremony.
"I will be holding your diploma in the main office due to the excessive cheering your guests displayed during the Roll Call," read a letter from the school principal, according to ABC News affiliate WCPO. The letter also demanded Cornist or his family members complete 20 hours of community service in order to receive his diploma.
"It's crazy how someone can do that to you," said Cornist. "I didn't do nothing wrong, but walk across the stage."
Cornist's upset mother said that teachers, other students as well as other families were cheering for her son. "I don't understand how he is being punished for something he has no control over. He's definitely not doing the community service."
Administrators from Mount Healthy high school and the school district did not return calls for comment. Cornist was not able to be reached for comment.
In Tennessee, diplomas were withheld from at least 10 members of a graduating high school class not for cheering loudly, but for sitting quietly, albeit with loudly-decorated graduation caps.
"We're going to decorate our caps anyway because we paid for them," senior Brianna Carroll told news station WRCB in reaction to her high school's ban on cap decorations.
Administrators from McMinn County High School warned students that caps were not to be decorated, and students would be punished if the broke the rule.
"He goes, 'remember I have your diploma, I have the trump card'," Carroll told WRCB about her school superintendent, David Pierce.
Carroll and other students were punished with 20 hours of community service in order to receive their diplomas.
John Burroughs, principal of the school, told ABC News that the ban came from the superintendent.
"It ended up being about 10 individuals out of a class of over 325, and we did offer all of these students alternatives prior to the ceremony," he said.
Pierce, the district superintendent, did not return calls for comment.

[ED:  Everyone has seen (and heard) the obnoxious group at a graduation.  Parents should be encouraged to keep their celebratory outbursts brief.  ARREST?!?  DENIAL of an earned diploma?  Community Service (court assigned civil penalty) for others' behavior? Once again, these Learned, Liberal Loons think that their spartan schedule ("1.7 seconds per student name") is more important than the achievement being memorialized.  Their authority must be the primary focus; even after the requirements have been met and the young adults are no longer under their tutelage.
Every educator and administrator should be able to vamp (with a smile) for a moment and then pronounce the next name on the list; if they don't have the ability or the patience, how can they teach anyone anything?  Parents and friends want to celebrate a seminal moment in their loved one's life.  Those that obnoxiously waste more than 5 seconds might be made to wait until all other certificates are handed out, at the office, after the ceremony.]

Father-Daughter dances Deemed Discriminatory
By: Bob Kellog - One News Now

A Rhode Island school district has taken parents by surprise by suddenly announcing it is banning "father-daughter" dances at the request of the ACLU.
The American Civil Liberties Union sent a letter to Cranston public school officials citing the federal Title IX anti-discrimination law when a single mother complained that her daughter was excluded from the "father-daughter" activities.
Peter Sprigg of the Family Research Council finds it unfortunate that one girl is denying many other girls a special event with their fathers because she feels excluded.
"A girl without a father is going to suffer some disadvantages as a result of not having a father, not just as a result of supposed discrimination, and no ACLU lawsuit can change that fact," he asserts.
Sprigg asserts that a father treating his daughter as a young woman should be treated -- with dignity and respect -- offers a valuable lesson in life.
"It's not just a matter of a social event where some people are being excluded; this is an important or can be an important rite of passage," he contends.
School officials pointed out that while Title IX legislation banning gender discrimination gives an exemption for father-daughter events, Rhode Island law does not. Sean Gately (R), who is running for the state Senate, says he will work to change the law if he is elected.
Mother-son events have also been banned.

[ED: Liberalism no longer has anything to do with Liberty.  It has become the Marxist quest to make sure everything is equal; and since the entire Socialist* method of increasing the poorest's lot has always been an abysmal failure, that means it must become the more realistic (but cruel) mantra of reducing the society's lot to the most miserable, deprived, failed existence of the least fortunate.  "Everyone equal (at the bottom, but equal)."
Don't allow those with a good family life to enjoy the benefits thereof.  Don't simply allow "or other, significant, male patrons" to also go to the first grown-up dance with their advancing young women.  Nope.  Cancel the dance for all, because some might enjoy it, while a pitiful few don't have a "father".  BTW, it is the Liberals, the Community Organizers who push 'easy' abortion and the undermining of the Mother/Father/Kids family, that are responsible for the large numbers of these unfortunate girls having a broken family in the first place.]

So, here we see the fruits of Statism - the power of the State to simply make all decisions, instead of the People being individually protected and empowered, and the State being regulated and controlled.  The difference between polite but businesslike Police Officers acting on the urgent stuff, and cold, robotic Storm Troopers regulating your every move.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

What does it mean, when... [updated]

The Obama administration continues to blame America for the attacks and murders by violent Libyan and Egyptian extremists - and continuing to spread! Obama's "popular, successful foreign policy" now sees not only North African mobs calling for our blood, but growing throngs (thankfully still not majorities) in over 30 countries.  It can't possibly be the eerily familiar failure of this Administration to show strength, to even try to influence or encourage a moderate, civilized replacement for the tyrannical strongmen that were deposed - - while actual grass roots rebellions against more dangerous dictators in Iran and Syria continue to be ignored and abandoned (and shelled and machine-gunned) under Obama's policies. 

Like Carter, Obama's policy (exercised by Clinton's State Dept) was to ignore honest quests for freedom; no money, no arms, no encouragement, no endorsement.  In fact, the only Administration praise, taxpayer $Billions and actual U.S. "boots on the ground" (or planes in the air) were engaged in the insurrections being obviously co-opted by the Muslim Brotherhood or the even less rational and peaceful Salafists.  We were told by the White House and State Dept that they were: always peace-loving, faithful reformers, or they were reformed themselves and no longer homicidal, or they were somehow restrained from gaining power.

In a back-door attack on the First Amendment (and by extension, the entire Constitution) Obama's Progressive Socialist regime is once again blaming an otherwise unknown film [actually just a 12 minute video on YouTube that has been there for 4 months - waiting for the Jihadist leaders to call it out on September 11th] and all but excusing the murderous rioters. When Ambassador Susan Rice (who should [in a stance that the Left would actually approve of] be compelled to change her name to avoid impugning the intelligent, credible and honorable Condoleezza Rice) claims that a fully practiced, heavily armed platoon-strength attack in two-pronged waves, with indirect fire support, it is a "spontaneous" event. She even asserts that, despite a forest of burning U.S. flags and calls for "Death to America", that it is "NOT Anti-American".  She advances the Socialist/Jihadist agenda against the Constitution by exhorting us to believe that when anyone publishes a story that hurts someone's feelings, THAT person is dangerous and unlawful. That person creates violence that would not otherwise exist.  In other words, our Bill of rights is evil; OUR Constitution needs to be re-written, to avoid 'pissing off' foreign zealots.

Many of the attackers, in Cairo and elsewhere, chanted, "We are all Osama bin Laden".  And, lest there be any mistake, Obama's claims that his "Arab Spring" [like the dangerous, terrorist, #Occupy Anarchists that Obama, Reid, Pelosi and the rest embraced] is a glorious upwelling of freedom and democracy, the Muslim world does NOT esteem "the corruption of democracy and freedom":

[thanks to FOX via YouTube]

It was over a year ago that Imam Choudary threatened to force Shari'Ah upon America.  Yet, Obama claims (in typical, Leftist, all-or-nothing argument) that ANY Democracy is better than the brutal but peace-keeping dictators that were replaced by Muslim Brotherhood and Salafist Jihadists.  Was there no non-Jihadist faction to back or encourage?  We have now been told that 'Obama made a call to foreign leaders and it's all taken care of'.  That's great - except for the part where it has grown and spread to dozens countries! What was NOT released (by our side), was that Egyptian President Morsi told Obama that the irrelevant film-maker 'should go to prison FOR BLASPHEMY'!!  Just imagine how strong the "Arab Spring Democracies" must be if one unknown, low-talent, video nerd can trash it all so easily.

Obama, of course, told Morsi that he cannot do that here. It is unclear whether he mentioned that "After my election, I have more flexibility". But in an AMAZING coincidence, the otherwise anonymous film-maker that supposedly enraged the entire Muslim world (despite a lack of views and a small percentage of YouTube devotees among the no-electricity, poor, undeucated mobs) was "voluntarily" detained and transported at midnight by a reinforced squad of Deputies*, with "voluntary" control techniques and a scarf over his face [http://pjmedia.com/instapundit/150781/ ]. For old (misdemeanor) probation 'questions', of course - just another 9-11 coincidence.  That man, creep or bigot or not, has now gone into hiding along with his entire, equally guilty family.  An American citizen family fingered by the U.S. Government for the benefit of vengeful, foreign, anti-American Jihadists.  For exercising his First Amendment rights is a way that was inconvenient for the PotUS and his policies.

Of course, Obama's assertions and Ambassador Rice's ridiculous lies have now been totally dis-proven, in a very rare piece of actual Journalism by otherwise biased CBS.  Not only did Libya's own President Mohamed Magariaf (already possessing more credibility than Peace-Prize winning Obama) acknowledge that the Benghazi attack was organized, militant and coordinated to fall on 9-11, but he revealed how his government had warned the U.S. days before the attacks.

Good news, though!  Even though Obama is "too smart" to attend his own, Presidential Daily Briefings [briefings are compiled by all major agencies, outlined and then delivered by experts with great depth of knowledge on surrounding facts], and too busy to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu in the face of nuclear Iran's threats, and too important to stay near the White House situation room as 30 countries host attacks on our country (there are 'Vegas fundraisers to attend and stars to hob-nob with), Obama did manage to clear enough time to meet with a distinguished representative of the critical "International Talk Like a Pirate Day", for photos to post on his campaign page.  SophosArchaeus could NOT make this kind of mindless crap up - never got into drugs.

Sen Joe Lieberman (I), (who caucuses with Democrats) and the Homeland Security committee have taken notice of all the evidence ignored by the Administration and covered up by Obamedia.  It is now known that the attack was led by Libyan Al Qaida militant Sufyan Ben Qumu (actually a member of AQ affiliate Libyan Islamic Fighting Group).  Qumu, now in Libyan custody, was safely locked up in the Guantanamo detention facility, classified as a  'moderate to major risk'.  But in 2007 (yes, actually "blame Bush" for this one), under massive ACLU and Democrat (DNC controlled Congress since 2006, including Senator Obama) pressure, Qumu promised to go home and play nice and was released along with dozens of others.  Many of these have since killed or tried to kill Americans.

If all this happens over a four month old, high-school quality, 'trailer' on YouTube (which almost no-one in the Middle East ever saw and most never even heard of until now), one wonders what will happen when the full-production, theatrical 'Kill bin Laden movie, FULLY SUPPORTED WITH CLASSIFIED INFO FROM THE WHITE HOUSE hits the theaters [http://tinyurl.com/DailyMail-ObamasMovie]

[*PLEASE NOTE that the deputies involved were almost certainly told (by policy-making superiors) that this guy was simply wanted for probation violations and that the weird arrangements were 'necessary'. In the opinion of Sophos Archaeus, most or all of them had little or no clue of the politics or Constitutional issues.]

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The CHAIR is STILL E M P T Y . . . [updated]

The following is a running commentary on the events of the morning of the day after 9-11-2012.  It has all the components and trappings of a Jimmy Carter, Tehran Embassy redux.  One hopes that the U.S. political change that followed the first Progressive fiasco will also be repeated on 11-6-2012.
Please excuse the ham-fisted formatting and any typo's; SophosArcheus wanted to record this as it happened.  The ends of the threads will be recorded elsewhere (though Gov Romney's comments will be shrouded or shredded by most media).
 - - - -

It is now 9:10 AM, Washington D.C. time; we have heard from Romney and Boehner.

Last night, when we heard that U.S. Embassies and Consulates had been attacked, there was no 'leadership' from our PotUS, for hours. A U.S. flag was torn from the flagpole and totally disrespected; a Consular official was murdered. First was a strong but restrained statement by Romney. Also a PATHETIC, P.C. A P O L O G Y FOR THE FIRST AMENDMENT* from Obama/Clinton's State Dept, instead of any sort of condemnation of the filthy thugs or demand for order by Libyan and Egyptian authorities. Then a W.H. statement [issued half a day later and after Romney and others called out the weak language] that the cringing apology "was not cleared" (by the Obama White House) - ooh, strong stuff!
NOW WE LEARN that American Ambassador Chris Stevens and two un-sung Marines were murdered in ROCKET ATTACKS that continued as we slept. Still, the CHAIR IS EMPTY! Romney announced at 9:15 (ET) that he will make a detailed statement at 9:35. At 9:20 (ET) the White House announced that Obama will speak at 10:15. No doubt, his staff will carefully review Romney's statement for ideas and mistakes to capitalize on [already, half of the W.H. statement s have been FROM THE CAMPAIGN, attacking ROMNEY: whining that Romney dared to call for some kind of response as "politicizing"!!]
{* It occurs to Sophos Archaeus after a couple days [some days are quicker than others, dear readers] that this is the Socialist Administration's way of attacking the Constitution: 'It is Freedom of Speech itself that causes problems, not murderous Jihadists.'}

INSERT:  SophosArchaeus is sad to have to share these photos, but American safety is hanging in the balance.  Just broadcast by the Jihadist animals, here they are gleefully showing off the body of our Ambassador, Chris Stevens, despite Obama' self-serving comments of "continued cooperation" (and thus, 'A SUCCESSFUL OBAMA FOREIGN POLICY') with Libyan officials.

 REMEMBER: this is the result of Obama sitting back and ENDORSING his "Arab Spring" instead of trying to steer the movement away from the Muslim Brotherhood*, or at least make contacts and appear supportive and friendly to the PEOPLE of those places. He had dithered for weeks as PRO-DEMOCRACY crowds in Tehran were mowed down by Ahmadinejad. Obama, Biden, Reid, Pelosi and other Socialists mooned and sighed about the glorious Arab Spring - put on your Easter Bonnet and bring the kids! But you DON'T ALLOW A KNOWN, muzzled bad actor to be replaced by a MUCH WORSE, HISTORICALLY DANGEROUS MOB OF ANTI-AMERICAN, ANTI-CHRISTIAN PIRATES!
This also reminds us of the Democrats endorsement of the #Occupy Terrorists. Even AFTER several rapes, attacks on police as well as rampant vandalism, theft and Socialist threats were reported. THEN IT GOT WORSE: riots, policemen injured, PROMISES of "violence", overt threats of "REVOLUTION", the whole, Anarchist, pro-Socialist thing.
And don't forget: Obama dissed Israel's Netanyahu once before, denying a meeting. This was about the same time that Obama, Reid, Pelosi and the rest of the Progs DENOUNCED Israel fro protecting its borders and praised PIRATES smuggling in weapons that ATTACKED I.D.F. SAILORS. N O W , Obama has been "too busy" to meet with Netanyahu AGAIN, but will make his "Letterman" appearance, by golly.
[Obama's first 'Tweet" on 9-11 was to whine that he needs more campaign volunteers, while Romney made a heartfelt statement commemorating the victims and heroes from 2001.]
> The chair is STILL E M P T Y ! <
 [*Muslim Brotherhood was founded as a NAZI-style Jihadist mother ship in 1928. Its spin-offs include Black September (the 1972 Munich Olympics mass murder), Hamas and Hesbollah (endless attacks on Israeli civilian men, women and children), the Iranian Mullahs (the 1979 U.S. Embassy seizure, up through Ahmadinejad and the Nukes), Taliban and Al Qaida.
BUT, they said they were "better now, no violence these days; have a flower!" SO, Obama and the whole Prog cabal told us to ''TRUST THEM - they're bitchen.']
...all this from the "Religion of Peace" over some movie trailer that is "critical" [we have not seen it] of its founder.
 OH - since Romney announced his statement a while ago (updated to 9:45), there is suddenly a "pop-up" statement by Hillary "I'm a Progressive" Clinton at EXACTLY THE SAME TIME (trying to keep Romney's comments off the air - with the known Socialist preferences of most media, she WILL be 80% effective. FOX will record both and air most of each, as usual). Any minute now.

[Clinton's statement was reasonably strong, but still contained a condemnation of the use of free speech to 'insult other religions' (like the one that is on tape shouting "Alahu Akbar" as they murder American diplomats (no mention by Clinton of the two U.S. Marines), shred our flag, and run a filthy, black Jihadist rag up the flagpole of the U.S. Embassy's in Cairo), nearly as strong and detailed as her call for responsible leadership in Egypt and Libya to control their mobs.  (There were no buses of students and out-of-uniform soldiers detected in either country - yet.)
Romney wisely delayed his statement a few minutes.  He made a passing reference to the need to be responsible in one's speech, but then faced the actual issues: the barbaric violence of the attackers and the need for actual leadership in the White House; this was brief and NOT made as a personal attack on Obama, but a call for adult guidance in America.
Obamedia response was, predictably harsh, parsing, citing "some people say", and ridiculously hypothetical.]
LAST NOTE: Obama still sits on his hands and promises "harsh words" if Iran continues to build its bombs and missiles, actually following through on their constant threats to WIPE OUT Israel and "JEWS IN ANY COUNTRY".  Obama says, "wait".  To paraphrase the Israeli position, WAIT FOR WHAT, YOU IDIOT?!?  Tehran has IGNORED the weak and cosmetic sanctions of Obama for almost FOUR YEARS OF WEAPONS DEVELOPMENT, and that following all the sanctions thrown at them by Bush and the U.N. for years before that.  WAITING FOR WHAT; a glass-paved Israel and hundreds of millions of victims of a wild-eyed Jihadist terror-state?

 - - - -
UPDATE:  As SophosArcheus predicted (see the preamble re: "Romney's comments shrouded or shredded"), both Obama (and his appointees and paid Propagandists) and the in-the-tank Obamedia spent more time in the 24 hours following the attacks impugning and smearing Romney than condemning the invaders and murderers in Libya and Egypt.  What the Leftist rags do not report (and Socialist apologists on FOX try to paper over, is the conspiratorial attempt to trap Romney in a 'gotcha' word trap [i.e., "Do you still beat your wife"].

Listen closely to these several reporters, from different outlets (two are NBC affiliates).  They are not ensuring that all the important questions get asked (e.g., "you ask about the gun, I'll ask about the car - anyone left ask about the money"), which is fairly common.  NO, they are colluding to make sure that one  question gets asked, over and over, and that it be asked with such pre-determined parsing as to inflict maximum implication of wrongdoing on Romney's part.  They are trying to suggest to viewers' minds that there was wrongdoing, instead of honest comments after Obama failed his Presidential duty to issue any.

[Apologies - embedding is not working for this video.  Watch it HERE. ]

Not a word from the Leftist press about Obama skipping MOST of his daily national security briefings [Obama is much too smart to need the actual experts in the room for questions; he just reads the outlines and knows all], including the briefings for this week.  Nothing about his leaving the Middle East burning while he hops an A.F.-1 jaunt to 'Vegas for fund-raising and Romney-bashing.

[UPDATE]: Days later (and after Leftist propagandists declared that Obama the Great had made a phone call to the Mid-East leaders and >poof< the whole thing is fixed, feelings are balmed, the growing number of dead are assuaged...]; the anti-American rioting and attacks on U.S. and German [?!?] Embassies have spread across the Middle East and North Africa, and even to Asia and Australia, of all places.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

A CONTRIBUTION from a friend...

My friend James shared this with me.  Its great and its brief, and time is still pressing.  I have hundreds of pages of incomplete (or now obsolete) drafts.  So James' article gets to carry the day.  James got it from his Dad (obviously an insightful and wise family!)  They got it from an unknown source, so this is attributed...

"The folks who are getting free stuff, don't like the folks who are paying for the free stuff, because the folks who are paying for the free stuff can no longer afford to pay for both the free stuff and their own stuff.

The folks who are paying for the free stuff want the free stuff to stop, and the folks who are getting the free stuff want even more free stuff on top of the free stuff they are already getting!

Now... The people who are forcing the people to pay for the free stuff have told the people who are RECEIVING the free stuff, that the people who are PAYING for the free stuff, are being mean, prejudiced, and racist.

So... The people who are GETTING the free stuff have been convinced they need to hate the people who are paying for the free stuff by the people who are forcing some people to pay for their free stuff, and giving them the free stuff in the first place.

We have let the free stuff giving go on for so long that there are now more people getting free stuff than paying for the free stuff.

Now understand this. All great democracies have committed financial suicide somewhere between 200 and 250 years after being founded. The reason? The voters figured out they could vote themselves money from the treasury by electing people who promised to give them money from the treasury in exchange for electing them.

Thomas Jefferson said it best: 'The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not.' "

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Apologies... gaps in posting...

To my occasional visitors and loyal friends,

Apologies for the gaps - - longer in recent weeks - - in posting reliable information and common sense.  In this Keynesian/Socialist imposed recession and suppression, it has become necessary to dedicate every available moment to keeping body and soul together. 

Never fear: old wisdom is hard to kill; but on top of a decades-long career and a service-injury protected retirement, the Leftist damage to our economy and regulatory increases to every tax, fee and consumer price index has made it unavoidable to get back into the workforce.  Then, with Obamacare, the world's highest corporate taxes, shackled energy system and strangulating regulation (not to mention Obama's unconstitutional voiding of Federal Immigration law in favor of an illegal alien workforce), it has been difficult to find a situation of any kind.  It has now been the grace of our Lord that SophosArchaeus has found a position that not only seems to bridge the gap, but allows continued offering of service to the People in a small way.

More on the absurd, dangerous and anti-American policies of the Dear Leader and his Socialist cabal can now follow as soon as things settle and time permits.  Thank you for your patience.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

[COMING:] And now, the OTHER shooter...

...how the Martin/Zimmerman incident was twisted and used by the cynical Left and race-baiters for political gain, and how cold, hard FACTS have forced the issue around nearly 180˚.

Monday, April 2, 2012

An initial note on "the Shooter"...

Late Monday morning, a gunman entered the Oikos Christian University in Oakland. A possible suspect was arrested in Alameda, a few miles away. There were a few fatalities and several injuries. The investigation continues; little further is known.

One certainty is that the Leftist Obamedia and the D.N.C./Progressive Socialists will immediately set about trying to convince everyone of two things: that is was a 'conservative gun nut' and that the only rational response is more gun laws, preferably the banning of all privately owned guns.

Stand by. Let's back up and look at the known facts while we wait for investigative data to be released. FACT: California's gun laws already violate the 2nd Amendment* ("the Right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed"), in that otherwise lawful Citizens are not permitted to carry arms (an operable [loaded] firearm), even openly, on public streets or in public places. They are always trying to increase the restrictions, i.e. limiting/outlawing ammunition, piling on the delays and registration of purchases, limiting types of weapons and accessories that are permitted, etc.

What the above really means, is that lawful Citizens are not permitted to defend themselves against those willing violate gun laws as they also victimize those they know to be unarmed. Since criminals, by definition, ignore inconvenient laws, and they see a "fair fight" as a greater chance of being thwarted or caught, restrictive gun laws only serve as an inducement for criminals to go armed, and do it where the Citizenry is forced into a disadvantage. Where the law supposes that all are innocent until proven guilty, including gun owners; and crooks are not sure whether their intended victim or some bystander might be equally (or better) armed, they have no such immunity or confidence. Street crimes are much lower in States (and foreign jurisdictions)that obey the Second Amendment.

FACT: the Bay area (San Francisco, Oakland, Alameda, etc) are among the most strictly anti-gun areas of the State, and constantly try to add on their own restrictions to the unconstitutional State laws.

FACT: the shooter in this case (and in every case) was aware but undeterred by all the laws, especially the specific ones of not carrying one into a school and not shooting people.

FACT: the only persons who were prohibited by law from being armed and able to defend themselves in this case (and in every case) were the law-abiding Citizens and other innocent targets.

FACT: guns have been around for 700 years, and are ubiquitous. If not bought legally (or ordered released illegally by the Obama/Holder Justice Dept), they are stolen, traded, smuggled or improvised. There are armies' worth of guns in warehouses or being traded around the world. They have been used for 700 years to suppress and oppress civilian populations everywhere except the free, Constitutional United States.

FACT: historically, and directly opposite of the propaganda that Socialists will tell you, where guns (or even edged weapons in feudal Japan and China) are restricted or banned crime and/or oppression increase - - the Criminals and Statist/oppressors know that they will not be resisted or threatened. Where guns are kept and born (carried) by a large percentage of the People, the oppressors and criminals cannot be sure that they will not be resisted and thwarted. This is so common that it is almost universal.

Look back at the Ft. Hood shooter: an AL Qaida connected murderer who waited until our troops were disarmed at home, then murdered 13 of them. This incident has been deemed "workplace violence" by DHS and the Progressives, ignoring the international terrorist aspect and adding the insult of denying Purple Heart Medals to those troops injured or killed by this opposing, armed force.

Look at our Southern border: armed narco-terrorists (some carrying the assault weapons issued to them by Holder/Obama) regularly cross ranchers' private land, threatening their families. At least two U.S. Officers, one civilian rancher and countless Mexican civilians (south of the border) have been murdered. The unarmed still invade the U.S. carrying drugs and diseases. When an American Citizen rancher detained a band of these criminals on his land, with no injury or even contact, the invaders were allowed to sue and collect damages because being detained was "traumatic".

Let's wait for the actual facts of the Oakland shooting to be released. Like Tucson, where an insane Leftist was the only armed person present and shot 19 before capture, the media frenzy will need to be actively countered. Doubtless, there are 10,000 Progressive writers summing up their calls for disarmament and re-election as I write this.

Stand up. Speak truth. Oppose lies. Spread the word.

[*The first string of words of each Amendment constitute a "preamble". A preamble is intended to give at least one, but not the only, reason for the actual law that follows. It does not become part of the actual law, which in this case reads, "the Right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed". Very simple. The People have a right to keep (possess) and bear (carry with them) arms (functional {loaded} firearms).

By the way, the preamble to the II-A says "A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state...". It is well documented by the Founders that 'the militia' was the entire population (especially men and older boys) of the state, possessing arms (for hunting or defense) willing to defend their neighborhoods. Even Liberals acknowledge this, when (improperly) trying to justify forcing the People to buy things, in the Militia Act of 1792. 'Well regulated' means "practiced", not organized or licensed by Government; they can't use the arms effectively unless they have them to shoot. The 'security of a free state' means against pirates, invaders, Indian raiders, criminals, or tyrannical leaders.]

- - - -

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Obama the Warrior; a 2012 essay in serial form [UPDATED 4-10-12]

The Progressive Socialist as "Leader". This essay will grow over the next several weeks. Individual segments will be added, and earlier ones may be updated as new anti-Constitutional, anti-job, anti-freedom or anti-economy outrages occur. The source-links will also be added as we go forward [and more authoritative ones may occasionally replace lesser ones].

- - - -

Last September, President Obama declared himself (based on newly revised history) to be “a warrior for the middle class”. He modestly, immediately and repeatedly accepted that self-aggrandizing accolade on his own behalf, saying “then I wear that charge as a badge of honor.” Really? Really?? No one outside of the Obama White House has ever called Obama a warrior of any kind, much less “for the middle class” that he is crushing.

As PotUS, Obama has called patriotic American citizens - the majority - “Teabaggers” (those who engage in an obscene, sexual perversion; universally known among the Left, so they giggle when Conservatives don't understand the insult]) and “Flat Earthers” (those too well informed and rational to accept the trillion dollar fraud and power grab of “Global Warming”). He has driven up the cost of an unconstitutional and as-yet unimproved health care system and forced a governmental power grab of what’s left, against the will of the People. His A.G. armed foreign narco-terrorists and then lied about it. His appointees directed Border Patrol to give free (taxpayer paid) transgender therapy to Illegal Aliens [I could not make this up], even as he cut medical benefits for U.S. troops returning from combat. As CinC he has also announced dates on which he will withdraw U.S. forces, abandoning allies and partners (not to mention innocent girls and women) to the Taliban and Al Qaida, and he has made American troops wait, under fire, while he dawdles for four months and then only provides ¾ of the needed reinforcements. He has obstructed or restricted most of America’s energy industry and demonstrated weakness and incompetence to an increasingly hostile world.

Most importantly, he and his Progressive cabal have lied incessantly at us; to revise history, deflect blame, conceal usurpation, obstruct justice and discourage dissent. This has increased in 2012, in panicky attempts to discourage a clear and growing majority from unseating the Socialists from the White House and Senate in November.

Obama and Energy Independence

President Obama tells us (constantly) that his policies improve energy availability. He and his Socialist appointees tell us that, “We’re doing ‘all of the above’ right” [stealing the phrase from the 2008 GOP - who meant actually extracting and using our oil, NatGas, coal andother fuels to help our economy and slash unemployment], and “Drilling is up and costs are low”. Actual drilling was higher nine years ago. The only public-land increases are from Bush era permits finally coming into production, and there are still fewer after Obama closures. Private land drilling actually has increased (being largely free of EPA strangulation), creating economic booms in the States that have availed themselves of the resources. Obama illegally banned all American Gulf drilling after one still unexplained explosion, and sent our rigs to Brazilian and Chinese companies. He keeps the coastal, ANWR and Mid-Western reserves off-limits. This is in addition to the systematic exclusion of East and West coastal drilling. He continues to claim that we only have “2% [in production] of the world’s oil", concealing the actual, 150-year, largest-supply-in-the-world. When pressed, Obama claims our own supplies ‘can’t be developed right away’, and yet somehow ‘we can develop it if an emergency occurs’. He has had three years to get it underway. Obama vetoed the Keystone Canadian oil pipeline, even though a safer, agreed-upon route was already settled. Now he claims he may allow the back-half, presumably to pump air from Oklahoma to Texas refineries. Obama apparently favors shoving expensive oil from enemies through thousands of miles of seawater in vulnerable, polluting tankers. Meanwhile, he fast-tracks billions of taxpayer dollars for dozens of insolvent, corrupt, “Green” crony companies that push technologies that will not be scalable for general use for decades to come.

Progressive Energy Secretary, Steven Chu, gives himself and Democrats an ‘A’ for “controlling the cost [from $1.89 to $4.00 per gallon and rising] of gas”. In Congressional testimony. However, he refuses to be any more specific than his intention to “improve” (not ‘lower’) costs and to “reach long-term solutions” (not ‘increase energy availability’). His stated goal last year was to “boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe [currently $8.60 per gallon]”. As I write, March gas prices are the highest in history. So, by Progressive Socialist Democratic standards, they probably would deserve an "A for sabotage".

Employers cite the cost of energy (along with Obamacare) as the main reason why they cannot risk employing more of our 15% unemployed.

Obama the "Uniter"

Obama and the Economy

It’s all Bush’s fault, right? Obama and the Progressives promised in 2008 to cut the debt in half, keep unemployment under 8% and keep inflation down. They probably meant it. After all, Marx and Keynes said their system works (it always did in manifestos and on blackboards).

Now, the debt/deficit has multiplied; more in 3 years than Bush spent in 8 years of war. Unemployment zoomed past 15%, and most of those working are getting less. Inflation is crushing the middle class. Obama said if he didn’t turn things around by last fall, he’d be “a one term president. But “it’s Bush’s fault” and Obama wants four more years to “finish the job”?!? But he called Bush incompetent and "unpatriotic" for raising the Debt limit 1/4 as often as he has. Oops.

Fact is, Clinton(D) set up the mortgage bubble with his forced “fair housing [whether you can afford it or not]” act. When Dodd(D)-Frank(D) forced banks into the risky loans, Obama(D-Ill) voted with the 2006 Dem/Prog majority, under Bush. This triggered the collapse, despite assurances that ‘all is fine, get loans, spend money’. Oops.

Fuel is needed to produce and transport everything you buy. We produce enough Obama algae to power 1 truck (at $35 per gallon) and only enough wind and solar for 4% of our economy, but Obama has already choked American oil and coal, forcing us to pay more for foreign fuel. We have enough outlawed fuels to make Middle East conflicts and world markets irrelevant for generations. Oops.

So how can Dems keep on saying that jobs are up and inflation is down? Partly because Socialists are artists at lying. But also because Obama ordered his Labor Czar to report only those on active compensation claims as "unemployed" (not the 5 million more out of work since his policies took effect) and his Commerce Czar to remove food and fuels from inflation indexes. Oops.

What about Bush, then? His responsibility ended in the little recovery of Spring, 2009. After that, Obama’s policies (Obamacare, Stimulus, etc) were forced through by the Progressive Socialist ‘supermajority’. Employers could no longer risk employing and investors couldn’t risk lending. The economy dumped a second, deeper time and all on Obama and the Progressives' watch. Oops.

Marx and Keynes were idiots. Their theories were just cynical schemes for self-empowerment, that never worked outside of their Manifestos or blackboards; and despite what Socialist activists will tell you, the 'harder' the Socialism, the less sustainable it is.  They all collapse in less than 75 years, and average just 65.  Socialist Europe is in riotous flames and trying to get away from it.  Our Constitutional Capitalism, which Obama calls "the failed theories of the past", has grown over 240 years to the most powerful, successful, generous system in the history of mankind, despite increasing sabotage and obstruction by would-be Socialists here for 100 years. Oops.

Obama and “Transparency”

Obama, Commander-in-Chief

Obama and International relations

Obama and Freedom of Religion

Obama and Health Care

Obama and Civil Discourse