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Thursday, April 1, 2010


The reader thanking Joe Baca for his 'yes' votes on the "health care" (and student loan industry) takeover probably didn't know that her letter would appear on April 1st.

Because of the aggressive string of misrepresentations told by most (not all) Democrats, She also didn't know:

that her 3 kids and 7 grand-kids will never be free of the debt, largely because of the hidden $250 billion "Doctor fix" bill and $500 billion gutting of Medicare, which was "used" for both hidden financing of Obamacare and propping up the old, failing federal health system, as well as states carrying most of the burden after a few years;

that medical insurance rates will be - and already are - rising and jobs being cut due to new burdens on companies (check "Caterpillar" on-line), and that millions of new patients with the same number (or fewer, as many retire to avoid the mess) of doctors means slower and poorer care for those offspring;

that as the new system bankrupts itself and the country (debt jumping from the new $12 trillion to $30+ trillion), rationing will be across the board, with "less viable" (older, sicker) people getting cut off because 'it would not be efficient' (check every other socialized system, which we copied);

that there are almost no new services for 4 to 5 years, though taxes and costs of every kind start immediately and balloon after election years (gee);

that as they change jobs or their old insurance companies are crushed, they will be REQUIRED to take "government approved" policies in a shrinking market, eventually only Medicare and Medicaid;

or that "Working Joe" the "fiscally conservative, Blue Dog Democrat" is just another Progressive Socialist who knew about all of this (as well as the deals, bribes and corruption) while he promised her the opposite.

Thank God that her blood pressure is down, she sounds nice. I pray that the facts being confirmed daily do not cause her new problems...
This government isn't worried about the health of her family either, and printing her letter today is just a cruel irony.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Oil just a Smokescreen

On 3- 31-10, Obama made a splashy statement, declaring that he will allow "study" for limited, additional domestic drilling for oil. Not nearly all of the potential American production, or what Bush asked his Democratic congress for, but maybe some additional drilling. In 2012. Like his decision to reinforce outgunned U.S. troops, this is good, but long overdue. His "oil and clean-coal while seeking green" idea is already 2 years behind Republicans' "do it all" plan. Drilling was cut off by Democrats in the first place, back when oil was cheap, and clean/safe oil production matured in Alaska years ago.

Expect the follow-up E.P.A. (Obama's executive branch) order severely restricting CO2 emissions, with no legislative action (sneaky or otherwise), to go unannounced in the "mainstream media". This is Obama's idea of a fair exchange for finally allowing us to save billions of dollars wasted on importation of 13 million barrels of oil PER DAY (less than U.S. potential, despite Obama's skewed statistics). So, businesses will have to spend hundreds of billions on CO2 compliance equipment, instead of hiring workers.

CO2 (carbon dioxide) is what animals exhale and plants inhale, about .04% of the atmosphere. Those ever-so-reliable "climate crisis scientists" say they detected a few 1/1000's percent increase in CO2, just as the current climate cooling cycle started. If multiplied many times, it MIGHT cause some climactic change (warmer or cooler) but mankind has never approached that level; even in the old days of whale-oil, wood and dirty-coal burning. Terrible smog, but the same warm/cool cycles, and even the smog declined over recent decades. The pollution released from fuel burned by all the supertankers, needlessly pushing all that oil across the ocean from greedy, anti-American exporters, is measured in thousands of tons PER DAY.

Of course, since Obama still pushes "global warming" and says his Cap and Trade plan would tax oil, "bankrupt" coal companies (and "clean coal doesn't exist"), his E.P.A. is expected to OPPOSE the domestic drilling; delaying it for years in the courts ("defended" by Holder of Obama's Justice Dept) or blocking it altogether. Yet, like his transparent "health care" debate, he will be "open to suggestions".

It's so nice that one man can make all the decisions these days. No need for all that "representation" or "rule of law" stuff. Just vast government and lawyers.