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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

No cause for celebration.

The Democrats once again managed a late-night, weekend buy-off of votes, to pass a so-called “health care” bill, which still leaves out 24 million Americans. They beat their deadline to give a cynical “Christmas present” to the People, who do NOT want it. To buy off Senator Nelson (who somehow forgot about his abortion funding concerns in the face of money), Nebraska was given a free pass on the state costs of this monstrous bill, meaning that the rest of the country has to make up their share. Except Louisiana, since Sen Mary Landrieu (who somehow forgot about her debt and deficit concerns in the face of money) was bought off with a specific 300 million dollars. So the other 48 have to cover their part. Except Nevada, since Majority Leader Reid built his gimmee’s right into the bill he crafted in secret. So it’s just 47 and counting.

Never fear, though, because Obama promises that (if you ignore the huge side-bills that hide much of the costs) the bill will actually make far more health care on far less money. This, he says, will be obvious… right AFTER the next election cycle.
Republicans, in a rare show of integrity, unanimously avoided caving in to pressure, but the Dems didn’t need them with their super-majority. But Reid gleefully announced that almost “everyone in the Senate got something out of this bill”, and if they didn’t, then “their states were not well served”. In other words, graft and corruption are now the proud tradition of the Senate of the United States. This multi-trillion dollar bill was about power and money, and the Senators that refuse to give up the exclusive health care system that goes with their jobs-for-life are not really concerned with what they passed, as long as it gave the government more power over We, the People.

A shiny, new Oligarchy to replace that frayed, worn-out Republic. Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Bottom line

The Democrats say they have given up on government-run health care. That is, Obama directed Reid and others to stop arguing about the “public option” (AKA , “affordable option”, “fair option”, “co-op”, “triggered option”, “ Medicare buy-in”, “single payer”, etc) and placate Sen Lieberman to secure his vote. Some on the left fringe still feel everyone should get “free”, government-run medicine, and moderates worry about costs. To paraphrase radio expert Monica Crowley, it looks like their leadership is playing “Whack-a-Dem” to put down one argument at a time.

What’s left after the major socializing aspect is removed from the bill? There are still about 1,900 pages of hyper-legalese gibberish. It would still gut Medicare for $500,000,000.00, still pay for any and all abortions, still include free coverage for illegal aliens, still cram a few million people into bankrupt Medicaid, still micro-manage private insurance companies (without actually lowering costs or improving care), and still leave 24,000,000 (of the 30,000,000 legal) uninsured without any help. All of us would still pay higher taxes AND higher insurance premiums for four years before even the few would get any benefits. If you are counting on this because you are hurting, you will be betrayed. So why all the rush to “get it done, NOW”, if not to limit the growing exposure of the scam?
In short, this bill is not only double-talk that makes things worse; it doesn’t even effectively help the few that it is supposedly all about. It would give the government vast, unconstitutional control of 1/6 of private industry, so that they can put us through all this again in a few years and reach the progressives’ goal of 70 years: socialized (not “universal”) medicine. The lesson learned is that those that wrote and promoted this gobbler are not to be trusted.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Socialist vs Constitutional Capitalist

A reader on Tuesday claims to be a capitalist, yet wants to fully throw in with socialist, government health care. He had a lot of trouble with his insurance company, and assumes that a single system for all 330 million of us would be more responsive. He claims “outright lies” about the progressing bills, yet does not reveal them or the “truth”.

The facts (as read directly from the 2,000 page house bill just passed) reveal that, as they have done for years now, the Democrats have killed every attempt to reform the insurance that most of us want to keep, but overhaul. We get advanced, self-supported care from in the undisputed best system in the world - - the one that the rich of other countries come here for. But once again, no open interstate markets so you can dump a lousy company for a more competitive one: cheaper or more responsive. No tort reform to keep our medical money from becoming trial lawyers’ money. No “portability” to take your good coverage with you when you move. No risk pools to cover pre-existing conditions. But they did pass taxes, fines, fees, and the progressives’ timetable to eat every other “competitor” in the market.

The reader touts Medicare, which most recipients actually do well on. Too bad that Pelosi’s bill is scheduled to gut Medicare to pay for illegal aliens and those who can’t afford our high insurance rates. Too bad that Medicare has been bankrupt for most of its history, requiring almost annual infusions of billions of dollars to prop it up. Shall we crowd everyone else in and make it trillions?

Some others also have no problem with going socialist. Both Obama and Clinton attended Monday’s anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, each with glowing descriptions of the triumph of “the People” over “tyranny”. Shockingly, each forgets to add the fact that the People they refer to, hundreds of whom were machine-gunned at that border, were escaping to free, capitalist West Germany. The tyranny they refer to was East German Socialism, which has failed in every country that tried it. That wall was built to keep people in.

Teach your grandkids to zig-zag when they run.