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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Enough lies!

The Republicans must be watched. Too many of them spent too much or strayed from the Constitution too often. Remember the bumper stickers? “Bush Lied.” I asked lots of sticker-owners what the truth was, but none of them knew. A few hesitatingly said “WMDs?” (which were sworn to by Iraqi insiders and evinced by many tons of weapons-specific material). Some muttered “war?” (which nearly all of both parties voted for). A couple tried “2000 election?” (in which every single ballot was eventually counted [Bush by 537 votes in Florida] after all the Democratic lawsuits). One or two said he personally faked the witnessed Al Qaida attacks on NY, Virginia and D.C. (enough said).

Now, Sen Dodd (D) eventually admitted altering the “stimulus” bill to favor cronies, after repeatedly denying it. Billions were spent in zip codes and Congressional districts that don’t exist and billions more were paid to foreign companies, though Americans could have used the business. Obama, Reid and Pelosi repeatedly denied the “health care” takeover details (Constitutionality, bribes and favors, increasing costs and taxes, damaging current and future care, covering improper items, etc) that are being proved true every day. But let’s not mention lying; that would be “looking backward” or “racist”.

The Democratic congress (lead by Dodd and Frank) under Clinton ordered the reckless mortgage schemes (“redistribution”) that caused this recession. Bush (same Congress) failed to head it off. Now, after Obama has nearly quadrupled his predecessor’s 8 years of waste, they want to take more government control of Wall St. They want to prohibit “too big to fail” bailouts - - but the bill includes a $150 billion slush fund for bailouts. They also want to prohibit ALL derivative trading (part of most big deals) - - except in Obama’s Chicago.

Arizona has now been forced, under crushing costs of illegal immigration plus drug traffic and murders, to empower their officers to arrest obvious illegal immigrants. Though the Fourth Amendment still requires a warrant, a separate violation, or significant probable cause to detain and investigate, we are told that it is all “racism”. “Cops will just arrest everyone that looks Mexican”. Right. This is most of the population, including cops, mayors, senators, etc. Last I heard, not all illegals are Mexican, or even Latin American; many are Chinese, Russian, Canadian, etc. Six billion people want to live here. We simply can’t accept them all, or unfairly give the ones nearby a free pass.

But Progressives need to register more welfare-dependent voters, because too many Americans have caught on, and their lies just aren’t selling anymore.

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