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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Recent events and the near future

With the “summer of recovery” just about over and November elections approaching, let’s review and preview.

Unemployment never dropped below 9.5%, despite promises that it would not rise above 8% if Obama's and Democrats' agenda was followed. The White House proclaimed “millions of jobs created or saved” in the trillion dollar stimulus. Teachers’ jobs (and cops’ and firefighters’) were never really in jeopardy, but crying about jobs for lawyers, union bosses or social distributors wouldn’t have created the “crisis” Obama and his Progressive colleagues needed, requiring $55 billion to save them. Well, congress just allocated another $26 billion to save teachers, or rather, their union bosses, though no district reported any layoffs pending. Even mainstream media are reporting the funds sitting in slush funds. Billions were spent on all those “economic recovery act at work” signs alone, at $10,000 a pop. And most of these jobs were cosmetic, rather than actual transportation improvements. Unemployment is above 10% and climbing, and most new-hires are for unproductive, government jobs. Want to guess how many billions were sent to companies in foreign countries?

Businesses are not hiring, despite a stock market working hard to rise and produce capital for growth and jobs (“free market Capitalism” when left alone). Normally, this would allow business owners to do what they want to do: hire more workers, grow their businesses and make more money. Tons of new taxes, energy restrictions and regulations, enacted or threatened, has them too nervous about the future cost of new employees and improvements to hire or upgrade. And now the markets are stalling again.

[Interestingly, the same thing happened in 1929, when big government crushed the prosperous “roaring 20’s” and then drove the recession into the Great Depression. Progressive Presidents Hoover and Roosevelt did this by trying to grow government, over-regulate, over-tax and then over-spend their way out of it; only the start of WWII drove the production needed to end it. In contrast, the sharper and deeper recession of 1920 (caused by Progressive Wilson and solved by conservative Republican Calvin Coolidge) was left alone, except for a few tax cuts and recovered without falling into depression. In fact, it resulted in... gosh, the “roaring 20’s”!]

Now, most small “d” democrats and small “l” liberals (not the politicians or party leaders but the voters) just want to help folks. But they and Independents are learning that big “D” democrats (and some Republicans) in power are Progressives, who want to overturn the Constitution under pretense of helping those they subjugate.

GOP Congressional approval ratings are almost as low as Democrats. However, the same polls among likely voters show that almost any (R) will beat almost any (D) in November. How can this be? Well, Republicans are supposed to be the responsible, conservative group. They have been almost as progressive as the Progressives for several years, so their base disapproves. But a growing majority of Americans have caught on to the Progressive ideology and will vote as far from the left as they can. The distractions, infiltrations, insults and lies of the Leftists show their fear of an informed People.

[By the way, far left is full government control or Socialists (including Marxists and National Socialists (NAZIs), center is Republican, the Constitution is just right of center and far right is Anarchist. Anarchists undermine republics and leave them open to Leftist takeover. Interestingly, most big killers have been on the left: Hitler, 15 million; Stalin, 50 million; Mao, 70 million. Sadam Hussein was a Hitler fan. All of the recent attackers (Ft. Hood shooter, finger biter, plane crasher, teacher shooter, beltway sniper, etc) were also leftists, and Tim McVay was an anarchist. The 300 Spartans would be heavy-structure republicans.]

The troubles for Leftists started when they rammed a health care takeover down people’s throats. They lied about what was and wasn’t in it and ignored Congressional rules. It was a “crisis” and opponents were called names. Bribes and threats changed “representatives” votes. Conservatives’ warnings about costs, coverage and choices are now confirmed several times a week. Other spending and big-government programs were also passed with lies and cheats, and the people got tired of it. It turns out; the correct policy all these actually was “no”, which is why the Republicans were joined by several conservative Democrats (“bipartisanship”) while lock-step Progressives pushed through bills against the will of the people.

So now that Obama has jumped to declare that terrorists weren’t terrorists, delayed reinforcements to U.S. forces (under his hand-picked general) while Americans died, leaped to insult Cambridge police that correctly protected his crony’s community, ignored the Gulf oil leak for weeks and delayed urgent disbursing and burning requests and snubbed international offers of advanced skimmer ships (then declared swim-time as bayous and wetlands continued to die), and rushed to shut down all offshore rigs despite the lack of any risk or threat and in the face of a staggering economy. Interesting timing.

People are now arguing about Obama's religion. It is really irrelevant, for two reasons. First, he shows no signs of adhering to any religion, though he claims many "spiritual leaders" from a "Social Justice" cult. Second, his ideology labels all religion as a competitor and enemy of the state, and "the impotence of the human mind to deal with occurrences it cannot understand".

[thanks to AddAid.org]
Now Obama declares on the side of the Ground Zero Mosque. 70% of Americans know that freedom of religion allows churches to build where they want. They also know that it is wrong to build a victory monument to Islam in sight of the still unfinished 9-11 memorial (and a destroyed Christian church, still awaiting approval for rebuilding); even if the single-religion Mosque, conference complex and communication center is called “multicultural”. Groundbreaking is set for 9-11-2010. Its Imam, Feisal Abdul Rauf, refuses to reveal the source of its funding, blames the U.S. for its own attack, refuses to disavow terrorism, and wants Sharia (extremist Islamic: beheadings, powerless women in burkas, stonings, etc) law enforced here. I’m sorry, but this is the United States. The only Law of the Land here is the Constitution; not Sharia, the Magna Carta, the Torah, the French Constitution or the code of Hammurabi. But neither the outrage of 9-11 survivors, nor Americans in general, kept Obama from appointing Rauf as an envoy of the United States. He will (as he rounds up support from radicals) represent the American perspective on U.S./Muslim relations, as shown in his sensitivity in the placement of his Mosque. Oh, he will also be traipsing around on taxpayer money, and handing out more stacks of our money to build more Mosques, in Muslim countries. But memorials to WWI heroes or murdered State Troopers, raised at no cost to the government, are routinely ordered removed under a "separation of church and state" that was invented by Progressives only 100 years ago; those words do not appear anywhere in the Constitution or Declaration of Independence.

So… here to November? Expect more from the Progressives. They will do favors, make promises, give away our money, smear and intimidate opponents, ignore or deny facts and conjure up more crises. Some have already promised a “lame duck” session where departing “representatives” with nothing to lose will push in every Socialist program they can, before inaugurations.

Check facts for yourself and Remember in November.