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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Ideas. Dreams. IDEALS...

...I couldn't write it any better than Andrew said it on 9-11-2009:

[Courtesy, PJTV]

God's grace guarantees those who believe a place in the presence of the Almighty, but not an Earth free of weeds, stones, tragedy or misguided humans.  Our Constitutional Republic guarantees the ideal (administered by imperfect people) of freedom to do your best, but not certain success.

NOVEMBER is coming!

...the People are coming back to their rightful place as the source of authority in the United States; one nation, under God.

[thanks to the BluesFuzion Band]

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Oh, so simple…

How easy it would have been.  Assuming the builders of the “Cordoba House” Mosque and training center overshadowing Ground Zero really are sincere peace-seekers, they could easily have avoided all the angst and enmity that the project has spawned.

Imagine a truly “multicultural” facility, instead of a totally Islamic Mosque, cultural center, training facility and communications hub; with "multicultural" and a promise of  “space for Christian and Jewish prayer” tossed in late in the game (note that the Quran does not permit “infidels to approach the Mosque”).

A site other than the closest available real estate could have been selected.  There could have been a clear statement of support for America and condemnation of all terrorists.  Why not openly offer the sources of funding to allay fears of extremist infiltration?  Or perhaps show the blueprints, with the equal spaces for non-Muslim use clearly delineated.  What if there was a plaque outside, dedicating the facility to the “2,416 innocent victims and their 403 heroic rescuers murdered by cowardly perverters of Islam”?  Imagine a bronze sculpture in the lobby, depicting a man, woman and child being pulled from wreckage by a FDNY firefighter and a P.A. or NYPD officer.  If this were the case, there would have been no outcry.  People would have lined up to donate and NY construction workers would have fought for space on the building crew.

Instead, the financing is hidden and has still-unclear links to Iran, Hamas and other terrorists.  The Imam says that the U.S. is to blame for its own attack and should adopt Sharia law.  He threatens the U.S. with violence from the anger of “exploding Islam” if the site were changed.  The facility is named “Cordoba House” after an 8th century, triumph-celebrating Mosque in Spain (Islam has dozens of towers at victory sites).

As a result, Americans, tired of being targets, are enraged at the insults and perceived threat.  American Muslims have fueled violence before.  They groan as their own President endorses the Mosque and hires its Imam to represent their views in other countries and pedal his book*, while spending taxpayer money to build more mosques across the Middle East.   They know about Constitutional Rights of property owners, but exercise their own right to express their opinions, only to be set upon by Leftist politicians and moronic columnists.  Their story is that America is populated by bigots and religious intolerants - - though we welcome legal immigrants, elected a Black President and invented freedom of religion and speech.

One spun-out “pastor” (only 50 followers) intends to throw fuel and Qurans on the fire in protest and will probably cost more Americans their lives.  Every conservative leader and commentator decries this decision.  But there is no comment from the Socialists press and “representatives” or “moderate Muslims” about Christians kidnapped and beheaded for years, or their churches banned from entire countries.  A small arson at a Sufi Mosque in Tennessee, likely set by Shias, is instantly blamed without evidence on Christians.  Mere possession of a Bible is a serious crime in Middle Eastern countries, while there are thousands of unmolested Mosques across the U.S.  American flags are burned and threats are shouted; no change from previous decades.  Evidently, American “property rights” in their minds means only “possession of land for a Mosque” and not “possession of a book for whatever I want” and, right or wrong, transfers to everyone in America.

I pray that sensible and peaceful Muslims will yet prevail and we can welcome a legitimate house of God to some other neighborhood.

*[ED NOTE: Since the publication of this blog, SophosArchaeus has learned that the book written by Imam Rauf in 2004, now titled "What's right with Islam is what's right with America", was originally published in Arabic (in Indonesia) under a slightly different name.  It was originally titled (English translation), "A Call to Prayer from the World Trade Center Rubble: Islamic Dawa in the Heart of America Post-9/11".  "Dawa" is a complex Islamic term amounting to the tenet that Islam "shall" cover all the Earth, by whatever means.  Proselytism that is green-lighted for lying, threatening and murder, as well as patience and masked stealth, as Progressive Socialists advance.  Here is a little gem that demonstrates DAWA in it's "friendly face": http://www.dawanet.com/methods/publicschool.dawapublic.asp]

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Gosh, it's tough to lead when you're not worshipped enough.

Obama feels he has been badly treated, what with people questioning his reckless spending, lying to the people, calling the majority of Americans "astroturf" and "teabaggers" and endangering the country....  he should be getting unquestioned support by this time!

That's obviously the wrong way to talk about the Dear Leader.  After all, we want to treat all in the way they deserve.  Now, dogs have a strong loyalty trait and should not be unfairly compared in this way.   I happen to love my dogs and treat them really well.

               ...perhaps he should blame it all on his "predecessor", George Bush, since it's all his fault anyway.  So, let's take a lesson in civility from our friends across the aisle:

[thanks to "Washingtonisbroke.com"]
Well.  I guess somebody needs to tell the Lefties that NAZIs (Nationalsozialisten) are Socialists, and therefor far left, not center-right.  Even the far right Anarchists are just tools of the Lefties, undermining Republics and Democracies, but I guess they didn't get the memo.

Dems running FROM their record

By now, almost everyone has heard about the polls. The largest predicted shift in power in the history of the Gallup organization is set for November; about 7 weeks. Other polls agree that Democrats will lose the House and probably the Senate. As a result, Progressives are working hard to distance themselves from both their “health care” bill and Democratic leadership.

Senate and gubernatorial candidates are taking DNC money, but deflecting photo ops with Obama, Reid and Pelosi. Some are appearing with the slightly more popular Clinton and promising to “fix” the industry takeover bill, which was passed despite large and growing disapproval of constituents. Since then, many announcements by the CBO, GAO and independent researchers have confirmed the warnings of conservatives about increasing costs, lower levels of service, availability to illegal aliens and for abortion, etc. The DNC even issued a memo warning Progressive candidates not to make their earlier claims of lower costs, reduced U.S. deficits, keeping doctors or policies, etc, because voters are onto them, but promise to amend it. Other candidates are naming names, as in, “I’m not Harry Reid/Nancy Pelosi”. The ridiculous White House claims of the economy and employment “going the right way” during a “summer of recovery” did not help, because everyone could see the opposite for themselves.
The more the Socialists ridiculed protesters and insulted the children of Republican candidates, the less Americans believed them. They know that the U.S. should not be suing a sovereign State when they are refusing to secure our borders. The repeated, baseless remarks from Washington are divisive, and people don’t like it. They see the growing list of tax ethics investigations on the left, and can’t understand why more well-known tax cheats are not also being prosecuted. The people still have to pay their taxes.

People know that they are still in a recession, which appears to be heading into t he predicted “double dip”, but they see endless fund-raising junkets and vacations by the President and rich “representatives”. While we count pennies, the value of the richest Senators and Congress Members (27 Democrats and 23 Republicans) rose from $850 million to $1.4 billion. John Kerry (who evaded taxes on his massive yacht home) alone is worth $188 million. Oh, and they, the President, and their families, and their staffers, are all permanently exempt from the “health care” bill. Another reason why voters (58% to 36%) favor repeal of the industry takeover that was forced through with threats, bribes and procedural cheats.

Obama has given more speeches than any President in history, often 3 or more in one day. Yet, despite promises of openness and availability, he stopped giving open-question conferences, and Congressional Dems quit having town-hall meetings, a year ago. They spread too much truth and cost them votes. Now arranged photo-ops with selected Obama-voter troops and issued camera props are more reliable.

Meanwhile, back at the Congressional and gubernatorial races, many candidates have given up talking about themselves and their records altogether.  Joined by Leftist columnists, they now actually try to give advice to Republicans and other conservatives on how to be conservative. “If only they would be bipartisan [join the Progressives and make up for the Democrats that voted against them, spoiling their majority] and stop saying “no” [to the reckless, unconstitutional ideology] all the time, we could make Progress[ive Socialism].” Then another wasteful “Stimulus” or “Energy/Climate” fraud is proposed and they all cringe.

It’s okay, though. More and more people know that they have to look beyond the claims of a President, "representatives", government and "mainstream media" that they no longer believe without verification.