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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The President of the United States speaks

Obama's better-late-than-never (or maybe not) speech on "why we need to intervene in Libya (a few days ago)"

...and echos from the past:

And finally, Obama's earlier speech saying that toppling a brutal, murderous dictator was not good enough.  In fact, he said it was "a dumb war" and should be opposed, and that he would have voted against the mandatory War Powers Act resolution.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Not "from" and "to", but "AND".

Thanks to the Washington Post's Dana Milbank.  In his 3-25 article, "Obama's quick trip from tyrant to Weakling", Dana  cites a lot of factual tidbits.  Unfortunately, he also carefully sidesteps big-picture reality.

Milbank leads with Obama being "called" a tyrant, followed by “charges" by would-be opponents of being a weak leader.  The simple fact is, both assertions are demonstrably true.  It was not a journey from one thing to another, but an interleaved, simultaneous set of traits.  Kind of like a shuffled deck of jokers and knaves.

Milbanks’ other notes about Obama (e.i. being in constant campaign mode rather than presiding Constitutionally over the entire United States; incomprehensibly playing footie or hoops with foreign kids while discussing the deaths of many thousands of Japanese, Libyan and other human beings; and how we should give him slack because he is "not on a 24 hour news cycle [big grin]") are true, so we will set these aside.

Obama's entire time in office has been marked with everything except presidential behavior.  He ordered Gitmo closed within minutes of being sworn in, only to learn that it is perfectly legal and cannot realistically be closed, yet he has blocked defense spending necessary to hold (efficient, economical military) tribunals for the detainees.  He declared Afghanistan "the good war" and appointed his own general, yet dithered and debated for four months on the urgent request for reinforcements, and still only sent 3/4 of the troops needed.  He ran withering campaigns via stooges Pelosi and Reid to pass bloated, dishonest bills (by deception, bribery, closed-door dealing and locked out minorities) that piled up trillions of dollars of unconstitutional and clearly wasteful spending and now has military personnel worrying about the cost of each missile they fire in the "no fly" mini war.  All of this is beyond his Constitutional authority and against the will of the majority of the American People, from whom all legitimate authority comes in the United States.  Add on all his insults and derision and the damage done to our economy, and you get tyranny.  He's just still trying to keep what's left of the lid on, to play the few unconvinced Independents and democrats.

Let's focus on that Libyan campaign; the kind Obama has no clue how to run. The Libyan no-fly zone [by the way, it's not a "war" or a "police action" or "humanitarian air cover"; it has officially been deemed a "kinetic military action" by the White House Office of Revisionist Double Talk].  Obama is the Commander in Chief of the armed forces, but he only wields authority granted by the People via the Constitution.  Unless there is a "clear and present danger to the United States” as required by the War Powers act, he is required to get Congressional approval in advance for foreign attacks (as Bush 43 did before Afghanistan and Iraq).  His actual time-line of actions ran something like this.

A year ago, Obama talked (and did nothing) while thousands of actual freedom fighters under Iran's dangerous theocracy were gunned down by Ahmedinijad’s murderers. A naval blockade of their gasoline supplies and oil exports (they had no refining capacity) could have applied more pressure than his speeches or the endless U.N.  resolutions.  Obama has just allowed the same thing to repeat in the streets of Tehran.

Since then, he has apologized to the world (especially the Middle East) for our existence and bad-mouthed our history of leadership, generosity, sacrifices and freedoms.  Though American troops have always handed back power to those we liberated and come home, he promoted the idea that we are ‘colonizing imperialists’.  Terrorist attacks on Americans have increased; along with killings of police officers, violence along and infiltration of our borders, denigration of law-abiding citizens and instability in the Middle East.  Its as if open season on society has been declared.

This year, Obama denounced Khadaffi and said he must go.  He said that Khadaffi, always a murderous, usurper and tyrant, had "lost legitimacy" as if he ever had any [Khadaffi, not Obama; but now that I think about it...].  A mixed bag of Libyans rebelled and Khadaffi opened fire with heavy weapons and air strikes.  Obama then did nothing (again) for several weeks.  As Libyans (that we all hope and pray are fair-minded freedom fighters) died and Khadaffi regained control over most of Libya, Obama went on a nice business tour of Latin America.  You see, American taxpayers are now providing aid to Brazilian oil companies along with what had been U.S.-run oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico until his embargo, and Obama promised “America will be a major customer” for their American gulf-coast oil.  This, as the widening chaos in the Middle East threatens our imported supplies.  Obama played with the local kids and picked up souvenirs.

Back to Libya, a major oil exporter like Brazil.  Obama had 3 weeks to get Congressional approval for a well-defined no-fly zone mission to protect the hoped-for freedom fighters.  But Libyans died as the Arab League screamed for help.  Eventually, French Premier (and apparently, leader of the Free World) Sarkozy declared international support for the concept.  Obama signed up American pilots and troops without question (or an exit strategy, command structure, mission limits, etc).  Or an explanation to us* of why spending the billions involved and endangering our sons and daughters was the right thing to do.  Or getting Congressional approval.

A few days ago, at least part of the “plan” was decided (by France) and announced:  Command would go from Americans at the beginning to “a political commission”.  Some undefined committee of civilians from Socialist Europe would assume command of Americans and  the others in the attack our forces led.  And there is still no defining limit on the mission; some say “no fly” while others make it “regime change” and still others make it “assisting in the civil war”.  Slightly more than half of Americans approve of the idea to help freedom fighters, but it is not a clear thing. 

Many Leftists have denounced the entire mission.  Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D), a self-proclaimed Socialist, gave one of the toughest denunciations of the Constitutional violation (unlike his support for the many bills he voted for in the last 2 years).  Anti-Americans like George Soros and others now feel that Obama has not “done enough” toward placing the U.S. under global authority, and they favor HillaryI’m a ProgressiveClinton to carry on after 2012.

So, though Obama is both tyrannical and weak, he is only a product of his ideology.  These “global justice” issues are complex; so hard to keep the stories straight.

 - - - - 
*and speaking of  "transparency" and respect for the citizens, how about the renewed war on FOX and the reporter in the closet?  Months ago, the Left (DNC, Leftist and Socialist outlets, and major Progressive Socialist elected officials including the former Speaker of the House Pelosi, Senate Majority Leader Reid, White House operatives and Obama himself) launched a smear and exclude campaign against a single, legitimate and strenuously balanced News network.  The result was that more and more centrist and liberal Americans sought out FOX for the first time to see what "lies" they were telling; and stayed with them for their superior presentation of all sides of the arguments.  Over the 27th, the "selective" release of information by the Left was re-instituted, with the Secretaries of State and Defense releasing statements ONLY to the weekend news shows of the other, more Liberal and less balanced networks (including NBC, which trails all in ratings).

And a pool reporter (representing a 'pool' of many news agencies) was locked in a closet by Vice President Biden's staff to prevent his gathering and reporting news to the people.  The reporter (Orlando Sentinel's Scott Powers) was "shoved" into a storage room as rich and powerful Leftists gathered and mingled at the home of rich and powerful Alan Ginsberg.  While he was not actually "locked" in, he was ordered in and told to get back in when he peeked outside.  He was permitted out only for Biden's speech and then ordered back inside until the event broke up.  Property owner Ginsberg (the only one with standing to order people around on his private property) claimed no knowledge of the event. 
An "inexperienced" Biden Aide was said (by Biden's press secretary) to have "apologized for the mistake".  Let's be clear: this is NOT a "mistake".  What it is includes: major governmental violations of the First Amendment (both speech and press) and unlawful detention (false arrest) under color of authority.  What it shows, once again, is the arrogant disregard for our Creator-endowed (not politician issued and revoked) rights.  A reporter or other person may be asked to wait in a reasonable place, ordered out by the property owner, or arrested with cause by police.  A cop or other public official that did this would properly be suspended or fired and their agency would be a lot poorer.
Finally, Obama has now announced that he will address the People on Monday evening (3-28). As noted, many American already support the basic need to protect other humans against tyrants, but the United States operates by the rule of law and has other pressing needs.  Let's see if he decides to be Presidential for the first time in over 2 years.