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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Teacher gets an A.

Well, an A-. In her March 2nd letter in Inland papers, "Don't blame teachers", Theresa A. correctly stated several important facts. I am assuming she is a teacher, which makes her forthright statements very refreshing. Over the last 30 years, governments (state and federal) did "give more and more of the state budget pie to other programs, especially social programs." Teachers are not solely to blame for the budget crisis.

However, I would like to offer some margin notes. First, these social entitlement increases were not simply 'possible because of prosperity' as she seems to imply. Rather, they were increasingly hidden in bills or openly forced through, despite the Constitution and will of the people. L.A. spends $1.6 billion annually (their numbers) just on feeding and educating illegal alien children. Just imagine all the other programs and other jurisdictions. The prosperity occurred despite the unlawful misappropriations, and only became painfully obvious when all that dead weight finally sank the boat in 2008.

Second, while most teachers (and firefighters and cops) are honorable public servants and not 'milking' the system, they now work for unions, not local taxpayers and the unions are largely to blame. It is worse(especially in public safety*) in the East than in California. These unions spend hundreds of millions on advertising, lobbying, etc and still enrich their non-productive union bosses. They also organize Wisconsin-style protests, paying protesters and arranging for bogus doctors' notes to further defraud their districts out of sick pay. Also, Theresa's assumed "$100,000" salary sounds fair, until you remember that teaching has a 9-month year, making it a $133,333 annual pay scale. Pretty opulent.

Unions themselves do have a purpose and had more decades ago, but over the years regulations have been enacted making most safety and condition issues a matter of law, not collective bargaining. The rest can now be set by employers, with workers selecting where they want to work. It is important to remember that Progressive Socialist President F.D.R. and union pioneer George Meany (and his colleagues) agreed that unions and collective bargaining were unworkable and dangerous in public service. Unions should be able to donate, endorse and lobby, but giving money to their elected official 'employers' (overwhelmingly [D]) creates a major conflict of interest.

President Obama agrees, despite his anti-state rhetoric. Wisconsin's proposed legislation (tied up by A.W.O.L., pro-union, Democratic legislators) doesn't address private industry unions at all, and only seeks to limit public employee's collective bargaining of health care and retirement issues that have bankrupted the state (they have not been paying anything toward their benefits; do you?). Obama knows that they would then be closer to federal employees, who do not have collective bargaining. No one has proposed "busting" or banning public unions.

Meanwhile, union protests get more and more like those of Greece, Spain, Portugal, England and other European Socialist states: disruptive, trashy, destructive, threatening (if not violent), fraudulent, ignoring the law and will of the people, and oblivious to fiscal reality.  They've been at it a while.

Teachers (and other public servants) deserve to be free from the union gorilla living off their efforts and corrupting their profession. Americans deserve to have their school taxes, as Theresa tells us, spent on teaching.

[*In fairness, I have to point out that most western (especially California) cops never walk out or campaign on duty or in uniform, and commonly only seek "median" pay as compared to other departments. While a few "milk" the system to pile up benefits, many voluntarily deferred on pay raises or benefits as soon as the economy collapsed, in order to take pressure off their Cities and all of them have always contributed far more toward their health care and retirement benefits than the Wisconsin unions are being asked to do. They have bargaining Associations rather than unions. This is also generally true of the western firefighters I am aware of]

Monday, February 28, 2011

Badly informed (or "self-medicated") child?

In his letter, "Hooray for Egypt" (Feb 28, Inland Newspapers), the "child of the '60s" writer claims to know on-the-ground realities of the recent revolt in Egypt and its future outcome.  He shows that he was either badly informed by his parents, or enjoyed other... um, '60s  fads' too much to retain what happened in the 1965 riots.  He feels that Egypt under dictator-for-life like Mubarak (cut short at 30 years and his heir-apparent son ejected) is comparable to America of the 60's.  He overlooks Americans, including news crews, attacked on the streets of Cairo.

It is true that Democrats resisted the Republican-authored Civil Rights Act until Johnson was forced to sign it. Also, Southern Democrats like George Wallace and James Earl Ray tried to deny freedom and education to blacks, or shot Dr. King. This follows the examples set by the Democratic Plantation/slave owners that brought on the Civil War, resisted desegregation afterward by creating the KKK, and whose Progressive Socialist offspring created the "Negro [genocide] Project" of the 1920's, now called Planned Parenthood.  The Kennedy brothers were assassinated by Communist and Islamist linked murderers.  Look all this up.

To reach the "hundreds... gunned down" that the writer claims, you would have to include the entire decade of two-way violence, including the S.L.A., KKK, Black Panthers, Manson, Kent State and others.  There was no "peaceful transition?  Americans have had 240 years of peaceful transitions; more than any other nation in the history of the Earth.

Northern colonies/states had black and female voters and judges until Southern (Democrat) delegates to the Constitutional Convention threatened to boycott and sabotage the entire Independence movement if they could not keep their system.  It took a million brave sacrifices in the Civil War to undo their damage.

Finally, while we all pray that we have just witnessed Egypt freeing itself, it is still a coin toss.  The Muslim Brotherhood (creators of Black September, Iran's militant clerics, civilian-targeting Hamas and Hesbollah, the Taliban, Al Qaida, the Ground Zero Mosque project and others) may still co-opt the government in the chaos.  That is how Iran got where it is, remember?  Check for yourself: it also occurred in Libya, Cuba, China, Germany ("NAZI" means National Socialist), Russia and many others.  Get rid of a despot, get a nightmare.

Totalitarian groups (Socialists, Jihadists, etc) are willing to throw around "democracy" as a buzz word and then seize power in the confusion of a revolt.  Muslim Brotherhood spokesman Imam Choudary recently admitted that their goal (since 1928) is to "remove the corruption of democracy and freedom and all of your exploitation. You are worried because you know Islam is coming to your backyard."  Their motto ends with, "Jihad is our way; death for Allah is our desire".  Not friendly.

The writer tells us that "Egypt (with its thousands of years of dictatorship) taught us the way it should have been done."  It doesn't look like it to me; not yet.  Hopefully, Egyptians can still avoid the trap and be free.