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Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Outside the Lake County Democratic Party headquarters was an American flag. Immediately below it was another red, white and blue banner, disfigured with a personality cult image in the blue field. That's right, where our Founders' "new constellation" representing each of the American States is to be emblazoned, the Progressive Socialist dominated Democratic Party had superimposed a picture of their arrogant, incompetent, race-baiting, reckless spending, anti-jobs, anti-prosperity, anti-Constitution Marxist.

The offense against every American was only removed after a handful of Veterans (a representation of the millions who have risked their lives to defend the ideals that the American flag stands for, for over 240 years) demanded that it be taken down. Democratic/Progressive employees at the cult headquarters pretended not to understand what the problem was. They seemed to be confused with the concept of a country governed by rule of Law instead of demigogues (or demigods) and respect for the American way of life.

Here is the revolting display, thanks to NewsBusters.org:

Here is an opinion somewhat different from that of the Socialists:

Red Skelton was a gentle and honorable man, who was also very funny when it was appropriate to be so.