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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Overwhelmed yet?

Some people are trying to keep up, but life must go on. Many are confused and lots are, well, overwhelmed by all the political turmoil going on.
Obama promised over and over to have the most open, honest, bipartisan administration ever. What we got was self-proclaimed Marxist revolutionaries advising a duplicitous President. Also a congress that holds a few do-nothing hearings, then closed-door meetings with Reid (or Pelosi) deciding, with just a couple Democrats, on what would go forward despite the clear and stated will of the People. Then a “confidential” bill was introduced, some senators were bribed, and a vote was taken at midnight.

We had beaten back and beaten down Al Qaida and the rest, but now face multiple attacks within our own borders. Leaving aside the intelligence gathered about the underwear bomber, the guy appeared at the airport with insufficient I.D. and no luggage at all, paid cash, and was permitted to board without any searches. The only thing that kept burning airliner and human parts from raining down on Detroit was a bad fusing job and a single, heroic passenger that jumped tough. Where was the security? The White House had issued orders to stop calling it “terrorism” or “war”. CIA officers are being prosecuted for using safe-but-tough methods, after 9-11, to interrogate 6 Al Qaida leaders who all gave up active plot information that saved lives. Navy Seals are being prosecuted for punching a mass murderer in the stomach during his successful arrest. Enemy combatants are being brought into our cities (Google “Beslan” and watch your kids) for civilian trial, instead of the traditional, U.N. standard, military trial. The Al Qaida-instructed Ft Hood murderer was classified as a lone criminal instead of a terrorist. And now, valuable FBI assets are being reassigned from counter-terrorism to (wait for it…) GLOBAL WARMING.

That’s correct, federal cops will now investigate global warming, despite all the proof of fraud by the leftist climate “scientists”, in the face of the coldest winter in decades (people are dying), instead of going after criminals or enemy combatants. Think these guys have any time – or will – left to stick their necks out for our safety?

This leaves aside the suicidal spending spree, taxing everything in sight (“tax” is listed 187 times in just the “health care” bill and the I.R.S. is becoming an enforcement agency), ACORN/S.E.I.U., tax-cheats, unconstitutional takeover of private businesses and personal property, bowing and apologizing for D-Day, your cel-phone and your car, etc, etc, etc. Too much stuff.

You see, “using the enemy’s own laws against him” and “overwhelming the system” are both parts of the playbook of Marx. And Cloward & Piven. And Alinsky. And their friends. What’s irrelevant to them are the truth, and the welfare of the American People.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


In the Wednesday Point of View, Jose Zapata Calderon (professor of Chicano Studies at Pitzer College and president of the Latino and Latina Roundtable) pointed out that President Obama's policies are eroding his support. However, Calderon believes this is due to insufficient class warfare and lack of redistribution on Obama's part.

Calderon seems to think that "black and brown" are systemically excluded from full participation in the U.S., and by conservatives. Despite residue from generations of subjugation (welfare) and limitation ('victim' mentality) by Democrats (which actually supported southern slavery and resisted equal rights in their history) the 2008 elections alone are proof that this is not true. He notes the plans of organizers of marches in 2006 (the ones where school kids were encouraged to skip classes) included plans to use them for voter organization.

Calderon claims that Obama and the super-majority Democrats have been "blocked" in the promised social justice by the banking industry (which they have taken over), Financial Services Roundtable (which has no legal authority) and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce (also powerless other than representing nearly all small businesses, which create 75% of new jobs). And though Obama has met with immigration rights leaders and promises amnesty, Calderon is upset that enforcement of the sovereign laws of the U.S. have have inexplicably continued.

Calderon warns of a "movement that promotes racism and scapegoats immigrants and working people for the economic problems". He mentions "thousands of conservatives that took to the streets ... questioning Obama's citizenship", probably referring to the millions of working people nationwide that mostly protested obscene spending and socialist programs, in addition to Obama's qualifications and other viewpoints. The same conservative protests that had zero arrests and less litter than global-warming and anti-capitalist protests that were 1% of their size. Calderon somehow divines that, when Obama repeatedly and demonstrably lied during the State of the Union address and a senator yelled "you lie", it must be based in animosity toward blacks.

Lastly, despite the Democratic super-majority, Republicans (who cannot even get the President's campaign promises or insurance regulations passed) are somehow blocking progress and Democrats cannot seem to get universal, government health care enacted.

None of these issues, of course, have anything to do with the fact that the ovewhelming majority of voting, tax-paying citizens oppose mindless spending, unsustainable debt, increasing taxation of every class, killing the job market, loss of the world's best health care system, unconstitutional government control of the People and states, or throwing open the borders while we are under continued terrorist attack.