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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Wrong and wronger

Two items from Tuesday’s Bulletin need attention. Terry Masl of the Inland Valley Democratic Club claims (“Point of View”) that Republicans “own” the local governments west of the 215 Freeway and caused all of the recent corruption. She had to narrow the area (a.k.a. “gerrymander”) to only 2% of San Bernardino County and “guesstimate” (make up) her own statistics. Local elections are non-partisan, so voters elect their conservative representatives on values, not party. True conservatives are not the ones going to jail.

Masl claims that the “trickle down” Reagan boom years (and all other expansions, which happened under conservative administrations) never occurred, implying that Socialism has been a raging success over history (see USSR, N. Korea, E. Germany, Poland, etc). She claims Democrats are “the party of family values”, which we must assume means indoctrination of schoolchildren, attacks on marriage, climate fraud, forced “health care” and industrial takeovers, debt for great- grandchildren, etc. The rest of her piece is the Progressive candidate slate for 2010.

Also misleading is "fiscally conservative" Democrat Joe Baca’s call (chiming in with the government of Mexico) to protest Arizona’s new protection law with a boycott. He claims the law “creates anger, hate and racial profiling”. In fact, the law (read it yourself: http://www.azleg.gov/legtext/49leg/2r/bills/sb1070h.pdf ) actually restates 4th and 14th amendment protections (probable cause) and prohibits use of “appearance” to contact, let alone arrest anyone. It just gives cops tools to protect citizens from rising murders, drugs and crushing benefit costs.

Baca’s call violates the “full faith and credit” provision of the Constitution (sec. 1, meddling in their business) and would only punish working folks, hurting their business. The Mexican government is upset because “go north and send money south” is their official anti-poverty policy. They also claim that the U.S. did not legally acquire the S/W states by treaty and purchase. Today, though northern Mexico is overrun with narco-armies, Mexico actually issued a traveler-warning against Arizona!

The Progressive-run U.S. government’s neglect of the issue (in the first place) also violates the Constitution (sec 4), “The United States shall guarantee to every State… a republican form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion and … domestic Violence.” Domestic violence is what we saw from pro-illegal alien rioters in Phoenix, not the far larger yet always-peaceful Tea Parties.

Lies like Baca’s (and other good Democrat/Progressive Socialists) actually do cause anger, hate and racial tensions.

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