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Friday, May 21, 2010

An excellent explanation of Arizona's new laws...

...chiefly the new "lawful ethnic studies" prohibitions.
[note: HB 2281 (full text HERE) does not eliminate ethnic or cultural studies, but rather puts safety limits on it's content. Also, my reading of it indicates that, as opposed to the way Mr. Hicks puts it, it does not prohibit teaching about single cultures or races, but rather prohibits targeting a single group of students as its audience (i.e., "blacks only in Afro Studies").]

Joe Hicks' informative video is at PJTV, HERE.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Read before you mis-lead

It is stunning. The glaring and constant attacks on fact, common sense and truth, as well as the Constitution of the United States, without even a nod to reality, defy belief. Over and over, the President of the United States and his Attorney General, Eric Holder, inaccurately and unfairly attack the people of Arizona and the Constitutional, equitable law to protect them from foreign criminals, drugs, kidnappings and murders.

Weeks ago, Obama directed Holder to investigate what he had already announced was a “misguided” and “unfortunate” law. On 5-17, one of his leftist State Department appointees, Michael Posner, gleefully announced that he “apologized early and often” to Communist China (whose own policy was to murder 70 million civilians) for the “human rights violations” of Arizona’s mild law. Today, the Socialist President of the United States held a grand, ceremonial fĂȘte of Socialist President Calderon of Mexico (whose own immigration laws and corruption make Arizona look generous and inspired). They both lied in response to only two, pre-approved, pro-illegal questions. Yet, as I write this on 5-19, they all claim not to have read the law. This is because reading the law would pin them down with the fact that it is Constitutional and fair. Meanwhile, too many believe their deception.

Just as uninformed is the writer of “Ills of Drilling” on behalf of the League of Women Voters. She calls for a halt to all drilling because of the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. She says that “we are not capable of responding to oil spills”. This really is a disaster, but the last American event of this magnitude was the Exxon Valdez; a tanker leak over 21 years ago. The current spill was caused by a very suspicious chain of failures and explosions on a deep-water rig many miles offshore. Being out to sea and a mile deep, it is difficult to plug or investigate. But federal regulations have kept dry-land and shallow, in-shore production limited for years. So, we drill off the Continental shelf and pay for foreign oil from countries with no environmental laws and no love for America; imported in tankers.

In fact, despite the thousands of producing American rigs, every significant spill in over 29 years has been from tanker accidents. In most years, the natural seepage of oil from the ocean floor exceeds all American oil rig leaks. Most large tanker spills go unreported here, because they do not blacken American beaches or wildlife. Tankers burn millions of tons of fuel each year, just plowing through thousands of miles of ocean before they arrive at terminals in our ports. Tankers are also easy targets for terrorists, at a time when federal weakness is inviting attack.

We are years away from oil independence, though gas, coal, solar and wind technologies are advancing. While foreign enemies and ambitious Socialists would profit from the collapse of American industry and economy, Americans will not tolerate it once they know the facts.

Meanwhile, the techno-geek clichĂ©, “Read The Flipping Manual” (or law, industry statistic, history, etc), is not just good advice, it is necessary for survival. If your leaders won’t do it, then read for yourself.

Monday, May 17, 2010

The Grecian Mirror

There are myths, from Homer’s epics and Beowulf to Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter, about mirrors, reflecting pools and other artifacts that show images of the past or future. We are fortunate to have actual reflections of the past and our potential future, know that they show facts, and still have time to avoid some disasters.

Our vision of the past lets us see that Socialism has failed in every country that has tried it. This is plain fact. There are several kinds, from “soft” European style to “hard”, Communism. But these are varietal, like the difference between Pippins and Granny Smiths - - we are talking about apples-to-apples. The differences are more in style and magnitude, than in philosophy. All varieties of this fruit, however, are poisonous and they all seek vast government control at the expense of personal freedom. In our case, the American Communist Party became unpopular with strong, free Americans, so they called themselves Progressives, then Liberals, and now Progressives again. They have taken over the Democratic Party and infected the Republicans.

Progressives will deny it, but It is fairly well known that the most murderous and destructive regimes in modern history were Socialist: Communist China (70 million murdered under Mao Zedong alone, plus the Tiananmen massacre just a few years ago) and Communist USSR (35 million under Stalin alone). But, say the leftists, what about the far-right NAZIs? Well, the NationalSozialisten (National Socialists) under Hitler murdered 11 million Jews, gypsies, homosexuals and other “undesireables”. None of these figures, by the way, include wars fought or insurrections they instigated in foreign countries.

The NAZIs and Germany’s own Kommunistische Partei shared rosters and resources until they got close to seizing power. Then it became a question of which group’s bosses would be the big bosses (kind of like mafia or union wars), and the Brown Shirts outlawed the Communists. You see, the NAZI plan was to leave most industry in “private” cronies’ hands under absolute government control, rather than pretend that “the people” owned everything, but that is just style. “Far right” would actually be anarchy - - a complete free-for-all, which Socialists find convenient for sneaking into power.

There are or were dozens of small-time copies of these hard cases of Socialism, each of which has collapsed or is stagnant and decaying. Putting a massive government (which produces nothing) between every service or product and the consumer is just too much inefficiency to support for long. The mighty USSR was only 70 years old, and Chinese Communism, squeezing the last strength from her starving peasants, is 65.
There is also the “soft” Euro-style Socialism, which gained power after WWII. It’s chief claim is to have slowly dragged European economies to a near-standstill. They generally appear friendly, but have no guaranteed rights bestowed by their creator, just whatever “rights” the political leaders choose to allow. Their capitalism has been thrust down, their creativity is diminished and their entitlements (promised government benefits) have mushroomed. So, with less production and costs out of control, we now see the European Union in trouble. It has not been widely reported, but while our recession has been rough (and will likely get worse before ending, due to big-government intervention), it has been worse over there.

Greece was once a cradle of freedom, with a history of beauty and fighting oppression. Now, faced with bankruptcy, soft-Socialist Greece must cut union pay and benefits. Their wall-to-wall leftist unions, used to getting their way, are rioting. People have died, including several intentionally trapped in a bank torched by rioters. But they don’t care, as long as they keep their 3 day work week, bad-but-free health care, and pay without productivity. This is the Socialist vision of America’s future.

Every act of Obama and the Progressive Democrats - - seizing industries, controlling pay, interfering in banking, lying to the people, pandering to unions, weakening the economy and quadrupling debt - - fit the model. They threaten to make a second-rate, Euro-Socialist state out of history’s greatest and freest super-power, built by capitalism. Under that kind of government, a million loyal troops would have never been sacrificed in civil war just to emancipate valuable slaves.

Better check the mirror; you never know what’s sneaking up behind you.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Abhorring Baca

The letter “Applauding Baca” (May 16) mis-represents Arizona’s new law and at least 73% of citizens already know it (Pew Research). More people learn the facts every day. The rest are not interested in facts or truth, but self-serving ideology.

The letter writer parrots the “for immigration reform” line that we are tired of, and ignores the fact of illegal immigration. Everyone is in favor of legal immigration and most know that America must know who is coming in. If you accept his all-or-nothing position, you must lump all “immigration” advocates with that self-avowed Socialist L.A. teacher who calls openly for violent “Communist…overthrow of the American government…and frail white people…for the Race (la Raza)”. Fortunately, everyone knows that the stance of his infamous on-line video is opposed by most detractors of Arizona’s law.

The writer also ignores the half-million illegals already in Arizona and clogging their schools, prisons (40.1%), hospitals and job market, to approve of “Working Joe’s” boycott, which will only hurt the working citizens of that state. I’m sorry, but what he calls “some of the basics in this ridiculous law” cannot be called anything but a lie. Read it’s protections and safeguards for yourself at: http://www.azleg.gov/legtext/49leg/2r/bills/sb1070s.pdf ! If anything, it would help weed out any racist officers, who could have mis-used any other law without the sanctions.

Baca’s dishonest and anti-American position is not “a stand for all of the constituents he represents”. The writer gets only one thing right: many in both parties have failed in their Constitutional duties, but Baca “should be judged” for his active support of illegal immigration over American safety and sovereignty and for his unjust attack on the people of a sister State.

Curtis Allen
Ontario, Ca