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Friday, April 30, 2010

Happy Birthday, Daily Bull!

Maybe someday you will grow up. You’ll never print this letter, but I will address three, 4-30-10 articles in three paragraphs. First, Joe Blackstock (JOE is a good guy) celebrates 20 years of this paper “SERVING” 12 cities in 2 counties and asks what to call such a paper. This should read, “MISLEADING” and I provided the name in my title. Here’s why:

It has been a week since Arizona passed its Illegal Alien bill, and the Bulletin has yet to accurately report it’s rights-protecting language. The closest I have seen is, ‘requires cops to check/arrest people they THINK are illegal aliens.’ Hardly a word about prohibiting cops’ use of “appearance” for a stop and nothing about prohibiting D.A.’s from filing the case if they do. Nothing about checking only those stopped for a separate offense. Nothing about requiring federal I.C.E. determination of status. Nothing about your valid license or “green” card being all the “proof” you need. It’s a short law, can “journalists” read?

In “State Senator…” Neil Nisperos gets close, with part of the probable-cause limits. But he quotes Sen Steinberg’s inflammatory lies freely, before and after. There is no mention of Steinberg’s boycott violating the “full faith” provision of the Constitution or hurting only working Arizonans. He wraps up with Schwarzzenegger’s usual, self-serving mewing. In “Assembly wants…” Cathy Bussewitz completely fictionalizes the law and goes on to call rioting, threats and vandalism, “intensifying criticism”, though national polls show up to 73% support such laws. The article focuses on Democrats’ efforts to give a “path to citizenship” (amnesty) to those breaking federal laws and raking in benefits here for years. Break into a neighbor’s garage, then “seek a path to residency”. No mention of the crushing financial or criminal burdens Arizona has carried without federal protection, but she gets in, “the Arizona’s of this country are going to happen all over the place.”

…perhaps “Yellow Journal” would be better.

Curtis Allen
Ontario, Ca

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