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Saturday, July 3, 2010

With Independence Day at hand, let’s review:

There’s much more, almost none of it reported by mainstream media, but here are some highlights of the last two years.

In 2008, Obama campaigned as a centrist “you can believe in” who would make corruption, lobbyists, pork and closed-door deal-making a thing of the past. In other speeches, he promised special benefits and White House access to ACORN, S.E.I.U., N.E.A. and other leftist groups.
The Democratic-controlled House and Senate (Reid, Pelosi, Obama, Dodd, Frank, etc) joined with over-spender George Bush to pass trillion dollar TARP. It was to be only for stabilizing lending, strictly accounted for and mostly paid back. Billions disappeared into thin air, much has been held unspent (i.e. “slush-fund”) and returning money has been appropriated for unapproved, unadvertised projects. No one even claims to know where it all went.

Obama was elected and started paying off on those ‘other’ speeches. He appointed a pedophilia advocate as “safe schools” czar for your kids, a tax-cheat to guard your U.S. Treasury, an anti-free speech Marxist to safeguard the FCC, and two dozen other self-proclaimed “revolutionaries”, “Socialists”, “Communists”, and anti-Constitutionalists (“it’s just out-of-date guidelines”) to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Unions and special interests got many special privileges.

A “job stimulus” bill was passed by the Progressive controlled Congress and President. It spent another trillion on advertizing, foreign companies, crony-owned companies, projects ten years away, non-existent ZIP codes, non-existent Congressional Districts and the inevitable hundreds of billions to be named later (slush fund). It produced a handful of jobs, some temporary gigs and millions of theoretical “jobs saved”. Unemployment (promised to remain below 8%) soared well over 10%, plus another 7% that gave up on the system.
Two-thirds of Auto Manufacturing was nationalized, seizing private assets from stockholders and handing them to unions. Many, many banks followed. The best health care in the world is being strangled. All energy production and use (every volt, gallon or B.T.U. of energy and every device in the country) are now on the block to be taxed and rationed. Stimulus II is being threatened.

It took 10 seconds for Obama to decree that “I don’t know the facts, but Cambridge Police acted Stupidly” and “I haven’t read it, but Arizona’s law causes racial profiling” against all actual facts. It took weeks to acknowledge the single worst oil spill in U.S. history “on day one” (skimming, dispersing, burning and berm-building were delayed for more weeks by Obama’s OSHA, EPA and union rules, while F.E.M.A. is M.I.A.) and accepting offers of expert oil skimming by 20 countries took 70 days. On day 71, ships that were finally accepted were delayed until union crews can be trained to take the experts’ jobs. Obama’s fastest act was to shut down the remaining oil rigs (operating safely for 29 years) “just in case”. But he never ordered any inspections, which could be complete by now. When overturned in court, he announced he would find a way to get around the ruling to punish oil-producers (and consumers) anyway. Once shut down, these rigs are very complex and time consuming to re-start. Owners will simply tow them to less restricted waters off Brazil or Venezuela.

It took four months to approve 75% of desperately needed reinforcements in Afghanistan (only half delivered), but firing a decorated general and turning Democrats’ “General Betray-us” back into Petraeus only took one day. The pitiful 1,200 National Guardsmen promised to Arizona to reinforce I.C.E. turns out to be only 536 desk jobs, and have yet to be funded; lies about both SB1070 and federal law continue, joined by frivolous lawsuits. Billions around the world can’t just stroll across our border, but we are told to “offer a path” to those that did. Meanwhile, many non-Hispanic terrorists gladly join the coyotes’ caravans of drugs, weapons and millions of unskilled job-seekers.

Unemployment is 10% and rising again, while 90% of reported “new jobs” last month turn out to be government rather than productive private-sector jobs. Most of those were Census gigs: one employee doing 4 assignments over 4 weeks is counted as 4 “jobs created”. The Stock market, which tried to grow despite all the interference, is retreating again. They recognize that the 2009-2010 trend (including failing Socialism across Europe) mirrors that of 1928-1929. That’s when government spending (“stimulus”) and interference in the free market pushed a bad recession into the Great Depression by increasing taxes and co-opting credit needed by employers. Now Pelosi tells us that extension of unemployment to almost 2 years will save the economy, because bare subsistence money somehow spurs discretionary spending and will “create jobs”.

To date, Obama has yet to visit Arizona to see conditions for himself, though he has hosted foreigners to insult our sister American state. But as I write, he and other Democrats mourn the loss of Senator Byrd, who opposed desegregation and filibustered against the Republicans’ 1964 Civil Rights Act. He was an actual, card-carrying, hood-wearing leader in the KKK before Progressives taught the Democrats to play patron-provider to minorities, in order to keep them limited and dependent.

That’s why new polls show that 70% of Americans believe that the country is being misled and misinformed. We must change course away from whims and reckless spending of politicians, and back toward Constitutional rule of law.