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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Time for a new attack lie.

The old one is worn out. The people, including growing numbers of Hispanics (check Don't Speak for Me), see right through it. In “Punting Again”, May2, Ruben Navarette Jr pretends that “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” has remained the same, but politicians have reversed themselves. The truth is, “Immigration Reform”, like discredited “health care” and “change we can believe in”, is NO LONGER what it says and has become toxic.

When Nydia Velazquez (D) says congress wants a bill that secures the borders and other sensible items, Navarette says she is avoiding what is important: amnesty. He calls it “earned legal status” and others say “path to citizenship”, but it means wholesale legalization of sneaking across the border, taking $35,000 per year in taxpayer money and taking jobs while unemployment is over 12% in California. Break into a neighbor’s garage and then seek “earned legal status” or a “path to residency”.

Navarette then quotes the new Socialist mantra: Arizona’s “unconstitutional” law “requires racial profiling”. In fact, the law (try READING it: Arizona SB1070 ; only 24 pages) actually restates 4th and 14th amendment protections. It then excludes using “appearance” as probable cause and prohibits D.A.’s from filing cases if cops use it. As a practical matter, only those detained for a separate crime may be asked their status. The sinister “papers” to prove legality are a valid driver’s license (residents) or a “green” card or visa (aliens). Progressives want far more intrusive “National I.D.” laws for Citizens! Finally, federal I.C.E. must confirm status before any legal action. The only real change is that liberal mayors or police chiefs can no longer ignore the law.

Mr. Navarette, when Progressives lie like you do, the voters remember in November. In this context, it also causes riots - - not tea partiers waving flags, but aliens told they are in danger that doesn’t exist.

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