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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Just a refreshing look at WHY we need to avoid "threats" and meaningless insults as we PUSH AS HARD AS POSSIBLE to stop and reverse the Socialist damage! ..."Klavan on the Culture".

For those who need a more detailed reason WHY we need to fight the takeover, try "Trifecta".

SYLLABUS: Restoring the Republic, 101

Almost everyone, left and right, will agree that our Republic needs some repair, restoration or improvement. The difference is in the method and its details, and who will honorably represent (as in Congressional "Representative" or "Representative Democracy" [i.e. Republic]) the will of the People within the constraints of the Constitution.

There will be many candidates coming and going in many races between now and November and then on to 2012, 2014, and our future. Many will be "Republican", "conservative", "Tea Party", "Independent" or "Democrat". A few claiming these labels will actually be Progressive, which means, "pushing the Republic toward Marxism by small, sneaky steps" whenever they cannot get big, far-reaching take-overs.

Think of legitimate representation as a river: it all goes from, say the northern Mid-west to the Gulf of Mexico. However, there are eddies, cross-currents, different flow rates at the top center and the sides and bottom, tributaries joining in, etc. Any "drop of water" (potential representative) that can prove that it goes from Minnesota, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Chicago (and all the rest) to the Gulf, should be considered "acceptable" in the cause.

What we cannot allow are those who would pollute the river with Progressive sewage that kills our schools of fish; who would block the flow and knock down the levies to flood our homes and businesses to make them useless; or to dynamite the hillsides and dam the river completely, denying the water to the People altogether.

Since from a historic, economic perspective the Socialist thing is unsustainable as well as dishonest and un-American, the "cause" is to slow, stop and eventually reverse the anti-Constitutional slide. How far we go and the details for getting there are arguable. Go all the way back to the 10th Amendment? The 17th? Keep Social Security (etc) or find a way to fairly replace such entitlements?

Here's the point of all this. There will be candidates that will claim the power of the conservative resurgence, that are literally all over the map as far as the above details are concerned. There will also be a few frauds among them: unknowns that claim to be conservative, but are just waiting for their chance to take a constitutionalist's seat and use it to damage free enterprise or the limits on the federal government.

So, we must do whatever vetting we can (old videos of speeches to Marxist buddies, conservative questionnaires, etc) to validate someone as genuine and then do everything in our power to avoid trashing any candidate that will advance the cause, even when we think our guy is better. Then, after primary elections, we must ALL back the most acceptable and most electable candidate, because the alternative is to split the vote or discourage conservative voters and hand the election to a leftist.

My guy is "Steve" and I disagree with conservative candidate "Bob". But, if it is a choice between Steve who is only pulling 7%, and Bob who is pulling 39%, against "Jerry the Progressive" who is pulling 35-45% I will vote for Bob and give other "Bobists" a ride to the polls to boot. Jerry would sell my mom to the Soylent Green factory for cash on the side, but Bob just disagrees about the language in tightening immigration control.

CERTAINLY disagree and push for the best man or woman you can find. But when it gets close to November 7th, urge everyone you see to be realistic and do the most effective thing possible, not some ego trip "message" that will be ignored, or stay home and sulk over details that can be argued about later. Don't give the United States an "F" answer in Restoring the Republic.

Keep the fires bright! REMEMBER IN NOVEMBER!

- - - -
...and for the goodness sake, minimize unproductive insults and keep violence or talk of violence out of the issue.

Friday, March 26, 2010

No real concern "For our welfare".

In his 3-26 letter, a reader sarcastically states that "a new day dawned and our Republic stands" after "health care" (and the entire student loan industry) were nationalized. Over 30 states are filing lawsuits and/or enacting States' Sovereignty legislation to protect themselves and their Citizens from the massive burden of feds growing Medicaid. The congress has yet to pass the "Doctor Fix" bill, which provides $250 billion of the hidden $750 billion+ in direct costs, which the C.B.O. did NOT score. Seven major corporations (Caterpillar, John Deere, etc) already announced major cuts in benefits and hiring projections. Bribes and arm-twisting flourish and are cheered. At least four provisions of the Constitution and two major Congressional voting rules have been violated or abused. If not repealed before full enactment, U.S. debt will flare from the new $12 trillion ($40,000 per man woman and child) to over $30 trillion in one generation, plus interest. But, Sol still burns.

There have been repeated attempts by Republicans, Independents and sincere Democrats to pass actual insurance improvements. But the reader says that conservatives use the general welfare, as a tool of fear. The "general welfare" (like "interstate commerce") means ONLY those things that the federal government (within the Constitution) can deal with, for public use: defense, federal roads, post office, etc, NOT seizing huge tracts of the economy for inefficient redistribution and opportunities for more graft. The Tenth Amendment reserves all other rights to the States and the People. His "welfare" means handouts of someone else's money, and the well is dry. There is a reason why, though the free market is straining to recover from a crash caused by decades of increasing Progressive interference, unemployment is still crushing us. Only the government is hiring now, and it produces: nothing.
Lastly, we have not "joined the world in recognizing that we have a right to health". No politician can "create" a right. Why? Our rights are unalienable and come from our creator (by any faith's definition). If today's politician can grant rights, tomorrow's politician can take them away. By the way, sir, that same founding document already guarantees "Life, Liberty and the pursuit (but not free, home delivery) of Happiness". That means we have to work hard, but get to keep and share our own earnings (not have them "redistributed"), and buy insurance if we want to. Everyone who gets rich on his own account automatically drags many around him upward a little.

The historic ability of American families, friends, churches and charities to help those sick or in need has been worn down for decades, and is now being finished off by the Progressives. At least 78% of us want to be, but are we "still America"?

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Amazing happiness of vandals...

Progressives gleefully passed their takeover of "health care" and student loans (you knew that they snuck that one in while hiding $750 billion in taxes and double-counted "medicare cuts", right?). Against the clear and repeated will of the People. In violation of several provisions of the Constitution (regarding states' and Peoples' rights, individual mandates, guaranteeing a Republican government, voting rules and recordation, et al) and in violation of House and Senate voting rules, all the while ignoring, tabling or voting down hundreds of conservative motions, amendments and points of order - - and calling the People "teabaggers" and Republicans "the Party of "no".

Clearly, Obama, Reid, Pelosi and others have some grand idea; whether that is to help the People against their will (and beyond their understanding) or simply to finally kill the "arrogant American giant". They have shoved the Republic down a slope away from the free, energetic, open, powerhouse and beacon of the world, and toward third rate, common, European socialism.

Whatever the case, these and the other willing participants have indelibly linked their names - - and their families' - - with Mudd, Arnold, Quisling, Iscariot and Ephialtes. Not quite fair, since - - despite the probability that the morass will eventually be struck down or repealed - - it is possible that few will have the education to make the connection while our grandchildren and beyond still struggle to rebuild America.

Meanwhile, we have a Constitution to defend...
REMEMBER IN NOVEMBER (2010, 2012, 2014...)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Here's a radical, new idea:

Thou shalt be faithful to thy church and follow its teachings.
Thou shalt defend thy church.
Thou shalt respect women and the weak and shalt constitute thyself their defender.
Thou shalt love thy country.
Thou shalt never recoil before thine enemy.
Thou shalt make unceasing war against cruelty and the unjust.
Thou shalt perform scrupulously thy country’s duties, if they be not contrary to the laws of God.
Thou shalt reject untruth and remain faithful to thy pledged word.
Thou shalt be generous and give largesse to those in need.
Thou shalt be, everywhere and at all times, the champion of right and good and the foe of injustice and evil.

Problems with numbers

Richard Cohen writes ("Self-interest", 3-24) that the "health care" fight is over. It might be, if Americans roll over and abandon both the Constitution and their historic willingness to face down tyrants and keep getting back up. He says that it took so long (though it is not yet settled) because "the culture is about evenly divided". This is patently untrue, like most statistics from the left these days. Even before 2009's massive shift away from Obama and his Progressives, Americans described themselves as "conservative" 2 to 1 over "liberal". They and independents bought the reasonable-sounding half of Obama's speeches, because the liberal media never showed the Socialist ones (search on-line).

Cohen says that Republicans' vision is to "deny others", since they have been defending our Constitutional right (from our Creator, not any politician who can take it back) of every American to keep what they work for, against massive, unequal redistribution of OUR money to those who do not. When faced with a string of unconstitutional, corrupt and ruinous bills, the correct action for a sincere minority in Congress IS a "culture of no". Our most-generous-in-the-world system is for government to be at a bare minimum, and family, friends, churches and charities VOLUNTARILY helping the needy. Those groups are now starving for funds because of the TRILLIONS extracted and wasted (billions in "jobs" funds to foreign countries and cronies, etc) by the Progressives in power. Even Robin Hood only "stole" from oppressive Prince John the Usurper.

Cohen likes Germany's system better. Or France's. Mostly, he likes Japan's. Mr. Cohen, go THERE. Leave our system alone. The CONSTITUTIONAL United States has twice saved, or defeated and rebuilt, each of those older countries, and out-produced all of them together (throw in Switzerland, too). Foreigners come HERE (if they can afford the trip) for treatment, and NO ONE in the U.S. is ever denied free treatment in a clinic or E.R., including those in Obama's distorted sob-stories. Massachusetts' socialized experiment drove costs up and service down. Every Socialist country is a mess; look at "peaceful" Greece this week.

The anger and determination seen this last year will only multiply. The People will REMEMBER IN NOVEMBER. And in 2012. And 2014. This disaster WILL be repealed.

Gee, people are upset at betrayal and corruption?!?

Democratic leadership (I know: oxymoron) is reporting that some serious-sounding death threats have been reported by legislators. Now, I don't put it past Progressives to invent another "crisis", but...

If any reader has made, or wants to make threats - get the hell off my page. Violence is the very last resort, and only in defense. In all the events and groups I have observed, there was NO violence, especially by the conservatives. One (1) idiot allowed himself to get suckered into using a racial epithet, and WE shouted the fool down. All of the violence (plane crasher, Ft. Hood shooter, teacher shooter, finger biter, S.E.I.U. protester-beaters, etc) has come from the LEFT so far.

An assassination emboldens hostile countries, and would just bring up the next Progressive in line, with a righteous mob to back them. Even empty words give the other side an excuse to blame everything since Pandora on We the People - - who have every right to take back our Republic - - and will get your butt thrown in the can.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Back to school, professor.

In "Health care and democracy" (Daily Bulletin March 23),
Renford Reese, PhD (director of"Colorful Flags" [trans-
nationalism] at Cal Poly) takes a wonderful flight of
fancy. Unfortunately, he tries to impose it as fact upon

Reese refers several times to his teachings about the
American Democracy and the stubbornness of conservatives.
Um, professor? The Republicans - - and dozens of Democrats
- - are trying to follow our Constitution; and the United
States is a free country, but NOT a Democracy. It never
has been.

Though most readers have been taught otherwise by Progressive
teachers since 1913, we have a Republic. That is, a
government whose authority comes SOLELY from the People, but
whose daily business is done by elected representatives.
They are SWORN to uphold the will of their constituents, but
within the limits of the Constitution. The Constitution
must be amended, not ignored, when things change.

A "Democracy" is where everyone votes on everything.
Obviously, on a scale as large as a state or the United
States, this is impractical in the extreme. It has always
fallen quickly into anarchy (chaos), which is why it has so
often been pushed by the international Socialist/Communist
agenda. It makes countries vulnerable to any group ready to
step in and seize power: 1917 Russia, 1933 Germany (National
Socialist, not "far right"), 1937 China, today's Greece;
dozens of them.

When they were revealed after 1913, the "American
Communists" changed to "Progressives" in the United States,
because our system was strong and we always had smart,
independent citizens that would defend their Constitution.
'Progressive' means 'little steps toward Socialism' and then
on to Communism. They slowly took over the schools and
"community organizing", instead of a palace.

But now the People have caught on again. More than 75% want
improvements, but oppose the illegal health care takeover and
the dirty, corrupt politics to get it. They know that despite
the lies, it does not add up. 'Free medical care' with it's
hidden side-bills will bankrupt the nation and damage the best
health care in the world. Reese calls this knowledge "hubris",
"ideology" and "mean-spiritedness". When their clear and
repeated will was ignored and even ridiculed (Reese's "vibrant
debates"), Americans got angry. Their families' well-being
is threatened.

Pelosi's "in your face" parade last Sunday was recorded from
many angles. None of them shows anyone spitting, nor anyone
wiping their coat or face. None of them have "the N word" on
tape (let alone "15 times"). There is only one (not 2) anti-
Constitutional Congressman pointing and shouting
unprofessionally at a protester. In past cases, leftist plants
have been proved to stage such things, but no one has shown
that in this case.

Despite Reese's claims - - and liberal media assertions - -
there have been no (zero) acts of violence by conservatives.
FOX news and others constantly warn against it. The teacher
shooter, the plane crasher, the Ft. Hood shooter and the rest
all left behind leftist or trans-nationalist writings or were
members of anti-Constitution groups. That famous "racist with
an assault rifle" was an altered picture of a nice,
conservative, black man. Heck, the 1.8 million conservative
marchers in Washington D.C. (and millions of others across the
country) on 9-12-09 didn't even leave any trash.

Sorry, professor: you get an 'F'.