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Friday, April 30, 2010

Lying and politicizing need to STOP

Two things I came across this evening:

One is a group that - in the face of the mindless hatred and violence of the Illegal Alien supporters - represents many if not most honest,law-abiding and intelligent Hispanics: Dontspeakforme.org

Second, while the Progressives and "anti-racist" La Raza rioters continue to spin lies when they know better, an Arizona Deputy was shot by several illegal alien drug smugglers. The bogus dissent against this fully Constitutional and necessary law needs to STOP.
...the legislature even took the word "sole" out of the description of the prohibition of using appearance for probable cause, to make it even more airtight. Now, not only can it not be a 'deciding factor', IT CANNOT EVEN BE CONSIDERED, though it is one common thread in most Arizona illegals.

Obama follows up on "Spread the wealth, Joe!"

[Video Commentary courtesy of Mark Levin]

"Liberals, it has been said, are generous with other peoples' money, except when it comes to questions of national survival when they prefer to be generous with other peoples' freedom and security."
~ William F. Buckley Jr.

I don't think I can improve on that, especially given the last 15 months, so I'll just go update my FaceBook. My work is done, here.
Happy Birthday, Daily Bull!

Maybe someday you will grow up. You’ll never print this letter, but I will address three, 4-30-10 articles in three paragraphs. First, Joe Blackstock (JOE is a good guy) celebrates 20 years of this paper “SERVING” 12 cities in 2 counties and asks what to call such a paper. This should read, “MISLEADING” and I provided the name in my title. Here’s why:

It has been a week since Arizona passed its Illegal Alien bill, and the Bulletin has yet to accurately report it’s rights-protecting language. The closest I have seen is, ‘requires cops to check/arrest people they THINK are illegal aliens.’ Hardly a word about prohibiting cops’ use of “appearance” for a stop and nothing about prohibiting D.A.’s from filing the case if they do. Nothing about checking only those stopped for a separate offense. Nothing about requiring federal I.C.E. determination of status. Nothing about your valid license or “green” card being all the “proof” you need. It’s a short law, can “journalists” read?

In “State Senator…” Neil Nisperos gets close, with part of the probable-cause limits. But he quotes Sen Steinberg’s inflammatory lies freely, before and after. There is no mention of Steinberg’s boycott violating the “full faith” provision of the Constitution or hurting only working Arizonans. He wraps up with Schwarzzenegger’s usual, self-serving mewing. In “Assembly wants…” Cathy Bussewitz completely fictionalizes the law and goes on to call rioting, threats and vandalism, “intensifying criticism”, though national polls show up to 73% support such laws. The article focuses on Democrats’ efforts to give a “path to citizenship” (amnesty) to those breaking federal laws and raking in benefits here for years. Break into a neighbor’s garage, then “seek a path to residency”. No mention of the crushing financial or criminal burdens Arizona has carried without federal protection, but she gets in, “the Arizona’s of this country are going to happen all over the place.”

…perhaps “Yellow Journal” would be better.

Curtis Allen
Ontario, Ca

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Let's follow the Mexican Immigration Law!

I found this article (J. Michael Waller, Human Events) which lists the Mexican laws covering illegal immigration. If you set aside their corruption and the rather draconian levels of punishment, I think it' a great model for us to use. Then no one could claim we are being "American cowboys - outside the international norm" or "racists - just focusing on Hispanics".

Check out our southern neighbors approach to the hordes of Americans trying to sneak into Mexico, HERE.

PLEASE give this wide distribution.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The voice of frustrated Socialists

I ran across this video (thanks to FreedomWorksAction) with the reasoned, loving, spirit-of-service thoughts of various liberals, Socialists, trans-nationalists, etc. They take on the hateful and violent greed of mindless Constitutionalists.
[it is an audio track over slides of letters and emails - consider pausing the video while you read the helpful missives]

Progressives speak HERE.

Wrong and wronger

Two items from Tuesday’s Bulletin need attention. Terry Masl of the Inland Valley Democratic Club claims (“Point of View”) that Republicans “own” the local governments west of the 215 Freeway and caused all of the recent corruption. She had to narrow the area (a.k.a. “gerrymander”) to only 2% of San Bernardino County and “guesstimate” (make up) her own statistics. Local elections are non-partisan, so voters elect their conservative representatives on values, not party. True conservatives are not the ones going to jail.

Masl claims that the “trickle down” Reagan boom years (and all other expansions, which happened under conservative administrations) never occurred, implying that Socialism has been a raging success over history (see USSR, N. Korea, E. Germany, Poland, etc). She claims Democrats are “the party of family values”, which we must assume means indoctrination of schoolchildren, attacks on marriage, climate fraud, forced “health care” and industrial takeovers, debt for great- grandchildren, etc. The rest of her piece is the Progressive candidate slate for 2010.

Also misleading is "fiscally conservative" Democrat Joe Baca’s call (chiming in with the government of Mexico) to protest Arizona’s new protection law with a boycott. He claims the law “creates anger, hate and racial profiling”. In fact, the law (read it yourself: http://www.azleg.gov/legtext/49leg/2r/bills/sb1070h.pdf ) actually restates 4th and 14th amendment protections (probable cause) and prohibits use of “appearance” to contact, let alone arrest anyone. It just gives cops tools to protect citizens from rising murders, drugs and crushing benefit costs.

Baca’s call violates the “full faith and credit” provision of the Constitution (sec. 1, meddling in their business) and would only punish working folks, hurting their business. The Mexican government is upset because “go north and send money south” is their official anti-poverty policy. They also claim that the U.S. did not legally acquire the S/W states by treaty and purchase. Today, though northern Mexico is overrun with narco-armies, Mexico actually issued a traveler-warning against Arizona!

The Progressive-run U.S. government’s neglect of the issue (in the first place) also violates the Constitution (sec 4), “The United States shall guarantee to every State… a republican form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion and … domestic Violence.” Domestic violence is what we saw from pro-illegal alien rioters in Phoenix, not the far larger yet always-peaceful Tea Parties.

Lies like Baca’s (and other good Democrat/Progressive Socialists) actually do cause anger, hate and racial tensions.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Welcome to America!

...including those who are here legally.

Those who were born here* and those who came here within the laws of the United States have taken a step toward freedom in a sovereign nation. We need the positive input of every black, white, brown, yellow, male, female, devout, doubting, straight, gay (did I miss anybody?) one of you. Now those in Arizona, at least, will have less to fear from the crushing costs of supporting illegals, or drugs, assault and murder from the criminals among them.

The chief complaint of some Hispanics (most understand the realities of the problem) seems to be that they will be singled out and stopped helter-skelter because they "look Mexican", and arrested if they can't "prove" they belong here. It is interesting that the debate, legislation and final law makes no mention of "Hispanic", let alone "Mexican", and the focus on a single group has come almost entirely from them alone. It is true that most of the problem in Arizona came north from the Mexican border, but the law applies equally to Russian, Middle-Eastern, Chinese and Irish aliens. It is also true that most of the state's population could "look Mexican", if one counts the legal Hispanic, Middle-Eastern, Asian-Pacific, dark-haired and brown-eyed Caucasian and Caribbean communities along with at least half a million illegals, and that includes a lot of cops, mayors, legislators, judges, etc.

In any case, the law makes this impossible, if enforced as written. It has a presumption that people are legally in Arizona until proved otherwise, requires (already laid out in the fourth and fourteenth amendments) a warrant or separate violation or significant probable cause for detention and investigation, prohibits appearance being the principal factor, and requires specific training before enforcement under the law. Obviously, there will be some mistakes and abuses, but they will be few, or the law will be stricken down in short order.

Here is the entire text of the bill, SB 1070, or go to http://www.azleg.gov/legtext/49leg/2r/bills/sb1070h.pdf. I urge you to read it for yourself, whether you think you oppose it or not. Some people would oppose it, even if it were absolutely perfect, because it interferes with their personal gravy train [link to an index - study several pages!] or their Socialist agenda.

The last word here goes to the protesters. We have heard for months that the various conservative (Tea Party) protests are "violent", "racist", "ignorant", "anti-American" NAZIs. Now certainly many of the anti-Sovereignty protesters are sincere and non-violent, and one video cannot show otherwise. I have several views here, but still... not all were involved.

(*anchor babies" of those illegally in the U.S. do NOT qualify under the actual wording of the intentionally misinterpreted immigration law and Constitution,- - "under the jurisdiction" not meaning in our borders, but 'under the laws of' and illegals are not.)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Enough lies!

The Republicans must be watched. Too many of them spent too much or strayed from the Constitution too often. Remember the bumper stickers? “Bush Lied.” I asked lots of sticker-owners what the truth was, but none of them knew. A few hesitatingly said “WMDs?” (which were sworn to by Iraqi insiders and evinced by many tons of weapons-specific material). Some muttered “war?” (which nearly all of both parties voted for). A couple tried “2000 election?” (in which every single ballot was eventually counted [Bush by 537 votes in Florida] after all the Democratic lawsuits). One or two said he personally faked the witnessed Al Qaida attacks on NY, Virginia and D.C. (enough said).

Now, Sen Dodd (D) eventually admitted altering the “stimulus” bill to favor cronies, after repeatedly denying it. Billions were spent in zip codes and Congressional districts that don’t exist and billions more were paid to foreign companies, though Americans could have used the business. Obama, Reid and Pelosi repeatedly denied the “health care” takeover details (Constitutionality, bribes and favors, increasing costs and taxes, damaging current and future care, covering improper items, etc) that are being proved true every day. But let’s not mention lying; that would be “looking backward” or “racist”.

The Democratic congress (lead by Dodd and Frank) under Clinton ordered the reckless mortgage schemes (“redistribution”) that caused this recession. Bush (same Congress) failed to head it off. Now, after Obama has nearly quadrupled his predecessor’s 8 years of waste, they want to take more government control of Wall St. They want to prohibit “too big to fail” bailouts - - but the bill includes a $150 billion slush fund for bailouts. They also want to prohibit ALL derivative trading (part of most big deals) - - except in Obama’s Chicago.

Arizona has now been forced, under crushing costs of illegal immigration plus drug traffic and murders, to empower their officers to arrest obvious illegal immigrants. Though the Fourth Amendment still requires a warrant, a separate violation, or significant probable cause to detain and investigate, we are told that it is all “racism”. “Cops will just arrest everyone that looks Mexican”. Right. This is most of the population, including cops, mayors, senators, etc. Last I heard, not all illegals are Mexican, or even Latin American; many are Chinese, Russian, Canadian, etc. Six billion people want to live here. We simply can’t accept them all, or unfairly give the ones nearby a free pass.

But Progressives need to register more welfare-dependent voters, because too many Americans have caught on, and their lies just aren’t selling anymore.