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Monday, April 26, 2010

Welcome to America!

...including those who are here legally.

Those who were born here* and those who came here within the laws of the United States have taken a step toward freedom in a sovereign nation. We need the positive input of every black, white, brown, yellow, male, female, devout, doubting, straight, gay (did I miss anybody?) one of you. Now those in Arizona, at least, will have less to fear from the crushing costs of supporting illegals, or drugs, assault and murder from the criminals among them.

The chief complaint of some Hispanics (most understand the realities of the problem) seems to be that they will be singled out and stopped helter-skelter because they "look Mexican", and arrested if they can't "prove" they belong here. It is interesting that the debate, legislation and final law makes no mention of "Hispanic", let alone "Mexican", and the focus on a single group has come almost entirely from them alone. It is true that most of the problem in Arizona came north from the Mexican border, but the law applies equally to Russian, Middle-Eastern, Chinese and Irish aliens. It is also true that most of the state's population could "look Mexican", if one counts the legal Hispanic, Middle-Eastern, Asian-Pacific, dark-haired and brown-eyed Caucasian and Caribbean communities along with at least half a million illegals, and that includes a lot of cops, mayors, legislators, judges, etc.

In any case, the law makes this impossible, if enforced as written. It has a presumption that people are legally in Arizona until proved otherwise, requires (already laid out in the fourth and fourteenth amendments) a warrant or separate violation or significant probable cause for detention and investigation, prohibits appearance being the principal factor, and requires specific training before enforcement under the law. Obviously, there will be some mistakes and abuses, but they will be few, or the law will be stricken down in short order.

Here is the entire text of the bill, SB 1070, or go to http://www.azleg.gov/legtext/49leg/2r/bills/sb1070h.pdf. I urge you to read it for yourself, whether you think you oppose it or not. Some people would oppose it, even if it were absolutely perfect, because it interferes with their personal gravy train [link to an index - study several pages!] or their Socialist agenda.

The last word here goes to the protesters. We have heard for months that the various conservative (Tea Party) protests are "violent", "racist", "ignorant", "anti-American" NAZIs. Now certainly many of the anti-Sovereignty protesters are sincere and non-violent, and one video cannot show otherwise. I have several views here, but still... not all were involved.

(*anchor babies" of those illegally in the U.S. do NOT qualify under the actual wording of the intentionally misinterpreted immigration law and Constitution,- - "under the jurisdiction" not meaning in our borders, but 'under the laws of' and illegals are not.)

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