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Friday, May 27, 2011

Obamacare vs Medi-scare

This is brief.  I just want to refer anyone who is confused about the "Ryan 'kill Medicare' plan" or why people in "a solidly Republican District" of NY state "voted overwhelmingly against the Ryan plan and for the Democratic agenda".  Well, they didn't.  The Dem candidate, in a split district, got 47% of the vote (less than a majority).  She had gotten tons of money and false ads (you have probably seen the Ryan look-alike literally throwing granny out of her wheelchair and off the cliff) from the national Democratic party and other Leftist organizations.

The Republican, on the heels of a personal scandal that took out the previous GOP office holder, got 43% of the vote; just 4% difference.  A latecomer who is a liberal, party-jumping opportunist, pretended falsely (as has been done before in N.Y.) to be "the Tea Party candidate" and took 9% of the vote.  Obviously, the Tea Party vote would go against reckless government spending and generally against Democrats who advocate the current, suicidal status quo.  This means that a 52% majority, against the tax-and-spend and Obamacare-down-your-throat Progressive Socialists, was successfully split by the desperate, dishonest propaganda and impersonations of the DNC.

Please watch (and get in front of others who are unclear or misled on the concepts) this excellent "Tri-Fecta" from our friends at PJTV.  Spread it and the facts they share with everyone that you can.  People will generally make the correct choices, if they can get clean information and know which candidate is actually representing which viewpoint.

Link here: PJTV Tri-Fecta, "Attention MSNBC, Paul Ryan was not running for Congress in Upstate New York."

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bad times. But we've been there before.

It is a hard Spring in America.  "Domestic enemies" nibble around all four edges of the Declaration and Constitution that made America the most generous, productive, successful and strongest country in the history of the world.  Foreign enemies continue to probe our defenses to "destroy the epidemic of freedom".  Our own leaders work to weaken and impoverish us.  The sheer absurdity of the arguments of those that wish us ill is galling.  And now, deadly weather, driven by cooling Pacific waters in a cold cycle in our ever-changing climate, repeatedly pounds wide portions of our neighborhoods.

This is among the worst we have seen.  But very little of it is actually record-breaking.  Many of the reports are of the "worst in recent memory" or "worst since the 1940's", etc.  It just comes at a time when we are already weary of fighting, and our finances are strained.

But Americans shine in such times.  We built this first-in-history free nation of laws from a wilderness, opposed or ignored by the stronger nations and superpowers until we were committed to the fight.  It was America's tiny navy of 6 greenwood ships that led the Superpowers' fleets in finally crushing the Jihadist Barbary Pirates after centuries of unopposed robbery, hijacking, kidnapping for ransom and murder.  We started the worldwide freedom movement with our founding documents, opposed by the few controllers among us, and ultimately gave 1 million lives to uproot slavery.  We fought back revolts from Socialists and others that their revisionist history books won't acknowledge.  We freed the Old World from tyrants - twice!  We have sacrificed our young men and women to free and hand back others' countries, cleansed of despots, with their resources intact to sell to us, only to be called "colonialists" or "imperialists" by those that seek world domination. 

Here's the point, folks:  Americans have made a habit of generally helping anyone and everyone as well as we can.  BUT WE HAVE ALWAYS GOT THE BACK OF OUR FELLOW AMERICANS.  Watch and see how Americans who live far away in comfort, or who have lost family or property themselves, will be doing what they can to help their neighbors who are the latest to be struck.

Captain John Paul Jones, battered, outgunned and outnumbered, proclaimed, "I have not yet begun to fight!"  Admiral David Farragut, with mines threatening his ship but his fleet and mission needing him, ordered, "Damn the torpedoes, full steam ahead!"  General Tony McAuliffe, surrounded in Bastogne with his bloodied, starving, freezing, 101st Airborne, answered the overwhelming German army's surrender offer with, "Nuts!"  At the other end of that same battle,  General George Patton prayed fervently just for the opportunity to risk all to "crush the oppression and wickedness of our enemies and establish Thy justice among men and nations".  To quote some Marine friends, "FIDO!" (Look that one up)

Things are bad.  Our systems and traditions are being twisted and abused and our people are in jeopardy.  But don't ever tell me that, "this country is done".  

Hell, friends, we're just getting warmed up.  They've got us right where we want them.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Over and over.

 The simplest definition of insanity is: doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.  California State Senate Democrats have just re-introduced legislation to impose “single payer” health care on the rest of us (“Health plan revived”, page 1 of 5-23 Inland Newspapers).  Unlike Obamacare, this one openly admits that it is designed to provide full-boat care to illegal aliens (the Federal program “excludes” illegals, but prohibits asking about citizenship and has no penalty for providing service in violation of the exclusion).  California’s plan also adds dental and vision coverage to medical.

Like Obamacare, though, the plan by Sen Mark Leno (D-S.F.) and the Progressive Socialist controlled legislature promises that covering “3 million additional patients”, along with the extra benefits, will save money.  They say that they (spending other people’s money), unlike the huge companies that already provide for most of us (and work hard to increase profits), will get “volume discounts”.  They also say that adding thousands of administrative, bureaucratic, medical advisory and oversight (the ones that set rationing) employees to the State payroll will lower the cost of government.  It will also not increase the demand on already overburdened doctors, dentists and other providers.  Do far more for millions more people on a shrinking number of assets and save money. Magic!

By the way, Sen Leno and Nancy Peolsi’s San Francisco asked for and has been “carved out” (given a permanent waiver) from Obamacare’s crushing “benefits” along with Harry Reid’s Nevada and most of the unions and few companies that supported the back-room, bribe-paying, arm-twisting passage of the federal “Affordable Medical Care, Patient Protection and Pretty, Pretty Pony Act”.  Funny: every single one of the elected officials that obtained this wonderful improvement for us (and their families) made sure they got a carve-out as well.

(We’ll just set aside the wider questions of “Socialism” and the fact that any Liberal will tell you that, though it has failed everywhere and every time it was tried, it’s only because it was never implemented “hard enough”.  From currently failing Greece and Portugal (et al) to Cuba, the USSR and Hitler’s National Socialist Germany; they crumbled in less than 70 years “only because they didn’t fully embrace the ideology”.  You'd think that in Russia and Germany, where the founders of Socialist Communism developed it and settled it, or in at least one of the hundreds of iterations since then, they'd get it right.  In contrast, American Constitutional Capitalism has prospered through 240 years; the last 100 years of success in spite of growing resistance and sabotage from the Left.)

Back from Fantasy Land, let’s look at reality.  L.A. County alone provides $1.6 billion a year specifically on illegal aliens.  Why? Because school, education, meals and basic medical services are already provided and advertized as “regardless of immigration status”.  They actually promote maximum usage among those not fully exploiting the system.  They pay zero income tax, and precious little property or DMV taxes.  Wouldn’t it be better stewardship of those and all the other taxes, fees, assessments and surcharges that all of us pay for schools, police, fire protection, highways, etc, to cut those costs by 99.9% instead of trying to grow them?  Wouldn’t it be more mature leadership to reduce the $25 billion State debt (without all of the annual, budget-time threats about cutting those essential services to the rest of us) by cutting non-essential give-aways? 

But, no.  Big government likes spending piles of other people’s money.  They enjoy regulating other people’s behavior. California led the nation in passing its own version of Cap-and-Trade, and our disappearing businesses and higher-than average unemployment prove it.   California severely restricts gun ownership and possession by law-abiding citizens and our massive crime statistics prove it.  The State is basically bankrupt, and Brown responds by approving huge increases to the teachers' and prison guards' union contracts.  So why not save the illegals (and those that choose not to buy insurance) the terrible burden of waiting a few hours for free E.R. treatment, only to settle for minimal care?  Let’s give them a “Cadillac plan” and we can all have that same wait and rushed, minimal care (plus mediocre, rationed vision and dental) at every medical provider in the State. 

Socialized Medicine is rationed and miserable throughout Europe.  In Canada, it gave us the “Baby Joseph” drama, where parents were ordered to ‘give consent’ to terminate their sick baby before he was brought to America for successful treatment.  It has already been tried in Massachusetts, where it made things worse.  Yes, let’s try it again, so we too can share all this.   

Unless ‘Frisco gets itself excused from this one, too.

 - - - -

As an addenda to this issue, I would like to refer everyone to a new PJTV video, outlining what we already knew:  America's health care system is not "broken" (beyond removing some government impediments to competition) or substandard.  It is and has been, the place where those that can afford it always come for the best possible treatment when their own (socialized) medical system can't or won't deal with their ills.  The VIDEO reveals that the so-called "study" of 2000, by the Socialist-dominated U.N. health organization was as precise and accurate as the global warming "research" based on magazine travelogues and fabricated measurements improved with fraudulent calculations.

‘A’ in narcissism...

...'D' in Citizenship.

The Ontario H.S. senior who wrote “Pass tax extensions” (Inland newspapers, May19th) deserves high marks for self-centeredness.  The letter urged the passing of Gov. Brown’s “temporary tax extension”.   Her entire point, oft restated, was to keep non-taxpaying, non-tuition-paying students like her in school as long as possible, without cost to her.  Safe to say she does not pay her own bills, and there is a 45% chance her parents pay no income tax, since 55% almost half of the population pays none while the “evil rich” 2% pay 40% of all income tax revenue.  She neglected to mention that Brown’s plan is a five (5) year extension of what was originally billed as a “temporary” two (2) year tax by the Progressive Socialists that have held power in the Sacramento legislature since the last time that Moonbeam was in the State House. 

Then as now, Brown tried to grow the unions and social freebies at the expense of a dwindling number of actual producers of tax revenue and productive jobs.  We are threatened with the loss of police, firefighters and teachers if they don’t get more billions to spend.  We never seem to hear about “losing” programs for illegal aliens and social give-aways, or threats of reductions to redundant government employees and smothering regulations.  L.A. alone spends $1.6 billion (their figure) a year specifically on illegal aliens for schooling, meals and housing.  Does anyone really believe the Progressives will reduce spending to eliminate this tax once it is extended?

Unions’ shrinking numbers (now less than 12% of actual workers) worry their rich union bosses, who soak up much of the record breaking funding we have thrown down the bottomless school pit since introduction of the lottery.  If the trend continues, they will be out of a job with no productive skills.  How will they pay for their own kids’ private schools?  Who will oppose the spread of States flourishing under “right to work” (no enforced union privileges) rules?

The student’s teacher gets a ‘B+’ for teaching the bumper-sticker sound bites.  No annoying math or logical facts to cloud her message; just her pronoun-laden focus, “I, I, I, me, me, me”.  She gets xtra credit for working in the other “advantage” of ignoring reality in favor of taxes: “…it will help keep the…educators and public school employees.”  She even manages to say, “…extension will lead not only to fewer budget cuts…”, as if government spending was a major virtue in itself.  ‘A’ in ideology.  (One wonders if this student believes in "sharing the wealth".  Is she or her fellow pro-Socialist  students willing to give up a few hard-earned Grade Point Average points so that disadvantaged or just plain lazy students could have a higher GPA?  No, they're not [several surveys concurring]. Why? Because they "earned" their grades and its "not fair" for the system to take away their points to "share" with others who are not as fortunate, motivated or industrious?!?)

Certainly, we need to look to the future.  If we do not get our bankrupted State’s spending under control, the educational system will collapse altogether, along with the rest of our economy.  The feds cannot afford to bail us out along with their own debt, racing towards $23 TRILLION ($80,000 for every one of us; man, woman and child).  Even if we took every nickel from the “rich” (which they would probably leave to avoid) and taxed the rest of us at 50%, it wouldn’t cover the debt, let alone any other costs. Like education. 

But remember, it’s all about, “…a better and brighter future for us, the students.”