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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Links in the chain...

This week, as has been  posted, broadcast and exploited nearly everywhere, Osama bin Laden was killed in a raid (details from the Dear Leader's people are sketchy and - um - "fluid").  It is fairly clear that 6 1/2 years of intelligence was built upon to give CIA and SEALs-VI a plan to present to Obama, who (given a choice of: ignore, toss a bomb [into a heavily populated civilian district full of current and retired Pakistani military] or approve a black ops raid), said "go ahead".  What's clear is, despite Leftists frenzied assertions that the rare use of enhanced* or "harsh" interrogations are not only useless, but counterproductive, the interrogation techniques of the Bush administration worked.  The first links in the chain to Abbotabad came from GITMO, Rendition and enhanced interrogation.  Period.  No special handling, no Osama.

 [thanks to YouTube]

[thanks to FOX news]

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Meanwhile,  the Left continues to blank it all out, pathetically asserting descriptions like this (a Google search response description of the same Colmes falsehoods on Oreilley's show):

Bill O'Reilly Attacks Alan Colmes To Defend ...

2 min - 10 hours ago
Is there any end to the lengths that these folks will go to justify torture? Particularly Bill O'Reilly, who was puffed up like a blowfish ...

*Much political hay has been made by the Left over the word "torture".  "Torture is unAmerican!", which is absolutely true.  It's interesting to note that the standard for "torture" chosen by the current administration is not what causes severe and prolonged pain or physical injury or some over-arching international law, but what is cited in the Army Field Manual.
Thus, "Hey, fatty", along with "people are going to die" and "you really suck" are all designated as torture as insults, harsh language or threats.  A small handful of American's prisoners have been "waterboarded", a technique specifically designed to induce discomfort and possibly panic, but not to injure.  Others have been kept awake for long periods or sworn at and threatened.  99% of our unlawful enemy combatant detainees (the ones that raped women to death, killed whole villages of civilians or sawed the heads off living American prisoners for their cameras?) received none of these.
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If you have a few more minutes, watch this excellent analysis by the brilliant PJTV  "Trifecta" gang, Bill Whittle, Scott Ott and Stephen Green.

Unity! Let's all get behind the movement that got bin Laden!
Obama, on the other hand was among the Leftards insulting, resisting and voting AGAINST every step of the long haul that got SEALs-VI  to Abbotabad.  Now, having made the only rational decision on a completed OPs plan put before him (and prohibiting releasing any evidence as "spiking the football" and "not American"), he wants to finally visit Ground Zero and 9-11 families to "lead" the flag-waving, 'USA' chanting majority that he called "Tea Baggers" from the presidential podium?!?

Monday, May 2, 2011



Time out...
Or, as I have often said, "Stand by!"

SophosArchaeus cherishes his legions of loyal readers and sharers (both of you).  I appreciate your attention and the additions, comments and occasional corrections you offer, and especially the efforts to share facts and reason beyond our circles of friends.

Things have gotten rather busy and this looks to increase over the next several weeks (all is well, it's just one of those grand alignments of the changes in life: work, address, etc).  So, while I will toss out truths and opinions here and there, they will probably be few and brief until fall.  PLEASE keep Stand By One in your bookmarks (and prayers) and look for the more in-depth work after the summer.

In the meantime, a few thoughts:
President Obama has announced that Bin Laden has been killed in Pakistan.  While any death is unfortunate, let's all praise God for the removal of one major evil in the world.  Great job, Seal Team 6 and the American intelligence community!  Obama seemed to use the words "I", "me" and "my"more than any other in describing the event.  Americans, many on the hard-Left campuses of our Socialized, revisionist universities, are waving flags and chanting "U.S.A." like one, big Tea Party rally.  Its good to see.

It does NOT end the threat from Al Qaida or other Jihadists, but it is a blow that will make some people re-think their mission in life.  It will also enrage some bad-actors, so be careful for a while.  Keep the go-kit stocked.  Also, while I expect (and hope) that it is true, two things make me scratch my head.  First, the decade-long mission (as W. predicted) comes on the heels of the 3 years' delayed (from when the Clintons first brought it up in the Democratic primaries) release of a birth certificate.  Hope that one's true as well, but there are lots of calls of discrepancies and alterations on that, too.  Since we are stuck with Obama, let's hope it's legit and that unbiased, competent professionals are looking into its public authentication.

The second is that, we know that Obama has lied to and at us many times before (transparency; Obamacare content; the nature of the Tea Party; his associations with Leftists, Socialists, Communists, child-predators, bombers and murderers, anti-Christians, anti-Americans, etc). and there is one (unconfirmed) report the Seal team's orders were not to capture or kill, but just plain kill Bin Laden.  Also, that Bin Laden has already been buried at sea.  One wonders.  It brings to mind Alexandre Dumas' The Count of Monte Cristo.  The hero, Edmond, has a chance meeting with Napoleon in exile.  Back in France, he is questioned by an investigator.  The investigator determines that Edmond is innocent of any treason.  The illiterate Edmond then shows the investigator a letter "to an old friend" from Napoleon.  The letter actually implicated his own father in treason.  The investigator tells Edmond it's all harmless, but he is lucky.  He smiles and BURNS the letter, destroying the only evidence of a plot by the deposed dictator.  He then ushers Edmond out - - and into the arms of guards who take him to a secret prison, where he is held incognito after being reported as "executed".  His whole life "moves on" while he is gone for many years.

Americans are celebrating and rallying like Tea Party Patriots.  I hope and pray that the reports are all as they have been broadcast.  We want to be able to trust our President.  It would be too cynical for a politician to try to boost his staggering approval ratings with two major revelations, if one or both were "massaged" or untrue, right?  We pray that Osama has learned by now that murderers neither go to heaven nor get to abuse 72 virgins.  But stay on your toes.

Stay alert and stay safe.  Stay active and keep pushing toward November 2012!  There has been way too much to relax (just as Socialist Organizers would wish) and let it slip.  The "tea" in Tea Party is about Taxed Enough Already and reckless spending, and these have gotten worse over the last weeks.  Then there are the lies and insults from a PotUS that is incompetent, anti-American or both.  It doesn't really matter in the long run about the certificate (unless there are prosecutions after his replacement).  Four more years will permanently cripple our children's and grandchildren's United States.  It will endure, but to remain strong, free and happy, it needs honest, Constitutional leadership.

Talk to you soon,

Addenda from "the most open and transparent administration in history".
Bin Laden was, was not, was, was not: shooting back, armed at all, hiding behind women, being shielded by willing women, executed after capture, killed during a firefight, attended by armed guards, resisting physically, shot in the face, shot in the head, shot "above the neck", identified before death, still in doubt when removed, buried with Islamic honors, ever supposed to be identified by photo, ever positively identified, ever "going to be seen again walking the Earth". 
So, having watched the entire operation real-time from several angles and reviewed the after-action reports, they are pretty darn sure that, of all the SpecOps there have ever been, this was one of them. No video, no pictures, no DNA results (or source for comparison), or body; but don't worry about that junk, or the little man behind the curtain.  And despite water-boarded K.S.M. and GITMO being the source of the information ultimately worked up by intelligence officers over 9 1/2 years (or 8 months) and presented to Obama as a fait acompli for a go/no-go, President Bush's "harsh techniques" were of no value in assassinating, er, neutralizing Bin Laden.  So the threats of  prosecution by Holder and other Obama appointees of Cheney and lots of CIA and other intelligence officials and the immediate closure of GITMO in favor of civilian interrogation and trial is, is not, it, is not, is - - um, I lost track.  Anyway, IMHO, it happened, but the credibility of every detail is, um, 'unresolved'.  Oh, and do ya think they might have wanted to get in a question or two (like the thousands of questions over the years that led to...Bin Laden's location?!?) to the grand nexus of the terrorist cabal before they off'd him?
Thanks to President Barack "trust me" Obama and Press Secretary Jay "I think I've made it clear" Carney for resolving those issues, a la' Bernays, so that full credit can be given to him who must be revered.  Oh, and the SEALs, intelligence officers and military personnel who were kind of in on the tail end of the thing.
Meanwhile, all this furor is a fantastic smokescreen to the continuing agony of the economy, illegal immigration, unemployment, Obamacare and the other problems created or exacerbated by the Socialists.