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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Keep facts sorted and labeled

Reader Jack Berens (“Fable and labels” Dec 2), liked Keynesian statistics presented in favor of unequal, taxes for the “rich” in dealing with tax cut extensions (Perspectives, Nov 28).  He did not like my borrowed story, scaling distribution of tax burden (measured in trillions of dollars) into accurate but everyday terms, or my use of “Leftist”, “Socialist”, “class warfare”, etc.

I wrote “Taxes in Scale” weeks prior as a stand-alone piece and posted it here with a reference to bourgeoisie.  It was selected, edited and re-titled by the editorial board (thank you) for their head-to-head spread along with anti-prosperity writer Brian Setzler.  I would have used a different set of arguments for such a debate.

As to Mr. Setzler’s “reasonable, rational and clear reasons”, statistics (as Benjamin Disraeli so pithily explained) can be, and were, conveniently collected and presented to give false impressions.

I found and reported (as a conscientious conservative) my erroneous quote of the “700 billion [not 700 million] increase in debt” claimed by Leftists in opposing fair extension of Bush’s tax cuts.  In fact, history and the Laffer Curve show that reasonable, across-the-board lower taxes increase revenue by encouraging robust employment, investment and spending, while singling out “rich” employers and investors for unfair tax burdens reduces revenue, thus increasing the debt.  It was just proved again, in Maryland and New York’s “millionaire taxes”.*

Finally, my appellations were used for accuracy, since it is unfair to tar sincere democrats (small ‘d’) and honest liberals (small ‘l’) with the same brush as those that co-opted the DNC (and many Republicans) and now willfully run up disastrous deficit and debt, in violation of the Constitution.  Most of the current administration uses “Progressive” to describe themselves, and “Progressive” only means “Progressive Socialist” (kin to Fabian Socialists of Europe).  Obama appointee Van Jones prefersCommunist revolutionary”.  So, the terms are neither “name calling” nor “meaningless” as Mr. Berens tries to convince readers that don’t watch “Fox News” as he does**.

*Note: a few billionaires (Warren Buffet,  George Soros, etc) shout that “the rich" 5% should pay more than the 70% of all taxes that they currently do.  However, though the government accepts donations beyond tax code minimums, not one of these "philanthropists" contributes.  Their legions of lawyers shelter them from taxes.  Each gives to charity, but many “millionaires” give more (far more by percent of income) to charity than any of them.  Soros profits from collapsing economies, prepositioning his assets and then triggering the event with a doomsday letter (crushing people dependant on those systems), while Beck and O’Reilly donate over 10% of their income to churches and charity, as well as paying their share of taxes.
**Though the Left keeps a very close watch on outlets like FOX themselves, they prefer that only "politically mature" (dedicated Socialists) do the monitoring, as access to factual information would eventually lead to the "masses" becoming too educated to accept their lies easily.  Not that Berens is necessarily a hard Leftist; he may simply be still in denial.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Biased poll no surprise

 Just the title of the Dec. 1 AP article demonstrates the problem.  “Poll: Ideas for cutting U.S. deficit unpopular.”  The propaganda piece then goes on to quote a narrow, badly phrased section of a poll conducted by the Liberal AP itself for Leftist CNBC (Nov. 18-22).

One reason that , is that they constantly skew stories to promote a Keynesian/Socialist agenda. In today’s case, a plurality (47%) willing to cut government services, while fewer (46%) would prefer to keep their freebies, somehow makes it “unpopular”.  Nobody expects a reduction in services to be a great joy, but they understand that government is bloated and unsustainable.  They know that we must cut wherever we can (even trivialities like earmarks that Dems say "only make up .05% of the deficit"... $2,500,000,000.00) to protect our childrens future and prevent a possible collapse in the near term.

As a matter of fact, the same AP/CNBC poll actually shows that a clear majority place unemployment and the fragile economy above terrorism as threats to our country.  Taxes are rated lower, but 70% still rate them as a high priority.  So even middle and lower income Americans understand that government, especially at the federal level, is supposed to maintain a positive infrastructure, not run everything.  Things like “turtle tunnels”, “aid” for oil producing countries (while banning American oil),  mandatory health insurance, private (style, USAF) jets for Pelosi, an airport for Senators* and increasing benefits for illegal aliens are just ridiculous.  They also know that un-American class warfare against employers will not help them get jobs and that statist economies have never succeeded anywhere. 
Cuts to a bloated government might be unpleasant, but they are better done now than down the road.  The course we have been put on leads to Europe: Communist/union led riots in Greece, Spain, Britain, France, Portugal, Italy, Ireland…

[*ED NOTE: in print version, I incorrectly noted "Frank's airport", when it was John Murtha's semi-private, taxpayer paid and maintained, 3 taxpayer underwritten flights a day, luxury airdrome.]