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Friday, June 11, 2010

Smear, not Arizona, is “wrong”.

In a letter of June 10th, a writer identifies himself as “Hispanic, Latino, Mexican-American” or whatever we’d like. Since he then says he is a “seventh generation American”, why does he not just say, “I am an American”, like everyone else? I am proud of my ancestry, but I do not go around saying I am an “English-German-Irish-American”, and most people I know are just “American”. Perhaps that is the source of his self-imposed trouble: American seems like an afterthought.

I’m glad he’s a “beautiful…brown”, but brown, black, yellow white or polka-dotted doesn’t matter to most of us. I’m sorry he’s found some bigots; jerks and heroes come in all colors. But Hispanic citizen’s rights are not in danger, and illegal aliens (of any background) have no more rights than any burglar or trespasser.

It looks like the author’s father and grandfather fought alongside mine, and he fought alongside my older brothers. Patriots. Americans. Why does he think he would need to “prove my citizenship if I travel to Arizona”? Certainly nothing actually in SB1070, because it requires that cops have some other reason to contact him (he’d have to get a ticket or get himself arrested) and prohibits using appearance (racial or otherwise) in the investigation of citizenship. Even then, he’d just show his valid driver’s license and the citizenship investigation would be over, just like the last guy that got a ticket (Swedish or Korean or whatever).

Arizona’s law actually provides more protections for citizens and immigrants (legal and illegal) than the Constitution or federal law and procedure do. That’s what the author and his fathers fought for. Maybe his Congressman and mine, Joe Baca, confused him about the law. Maybe he was deceived by Baca’s claims that it’s “anti-immigrant” or “racially motivated” rather than just protecting Americans from drugs, gangs, kidnappings, murders and billions of taxpayer dollars wasted on illegals every year. The “message” Baca sends is a boycott of working folks in a state with a fair and necessary law.

So the fact is, the author doesn’t have to worry about that stuff in Arizona, or the twenty states that are already following their lead. Only illegal aliens have anything to worry about. They created a bad situation for their families. The lawful Italians, Chinese and others that he mentions assimilated in turn. Before JFK, no one thought there would ever be a Catholic President, and now we have one who’s half black.

Americans know that racism, like lying, is wrong.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Now comes the hard part:

Americans across the country have now largely finished the preliminaries leading up to the 2010 elections in November. Many states have completed primaries or other party candidate selections. Now we have just over four months to gear up for the general elections - - the ones that count.

Republicans, Independents and Tea Party favorites will be on the ballot, facing Progressive Democrats (Socialists), Independents and RINO’s. While it is unlikely that the Constitution will win majorities on both the Senate and House of Representatives, prospects for improving the ratio of Conservative to Socialist votes in both chambers are very good. We are likely to pick up Governors and state legislative seats as well.

Here is the issue: it will not be all downhill with a tailwind from now to November second. The Socialists will throw everything including the kitchen sink at us. They will try to ram or sneak through every bit of anti-Constitutional subversion they can, whether erosion or landslide. They will try to buy off votes with our money, with give-aways, grants, rebates, “patriotic” demonstrations, etc. They will try to divide and smear conservatives with lies, impersonations, counterfeit issues, and so forth. They will exploit or manufacture "crises" to distract or obstruct us. The Democratic Party is owned, top to bottom, by the Progressive Socialists. They will always seek to make government a little bigger and a little less Constitutional; or (like Obama) vastly bigger and more Marxist. Do research and inform EVERYONE of reliable information (not just cute YouTube bits or rumors).

Obviously, not everyone’s favorite candidate won their primary. The Republicans beat out Tea Partiers, Tea Partiers beat Independents, who beat Republicans, who beat other Republicans. In the next few days or weeks, do what research you can. Check old videos and articles of the candidates’ positions now and in the past (for example, California’s unsuccessful Republican Gubernatorial candidate Steve Poizner seemed to have shifted from middle left to hard right in just the last couple of months). We can't afford another counterfeit "moderate" like Obama.

Here’s the point: In each race, pick the best remaining conservative*, get behind them and push! Talk them up, write letters to editors, volunteer, call your friends, post stuff widely, and DON’T LET ANYONE STAY HOME ON ELECTION DAY! Every seat or office that is allowed to go un-fought must be assumed to go to the Socialists. We must create an ambiance of Constitutionality in our government; an atmosphere that gives our representatives the resolve to defund, repeal, replace and restore.

- - - -

*If the "best" looks weak or questionable, let them know that we will be watching, recall petitions in hand and ready to go!