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Thursday, April 14, 2011


Here is a mix of scenes from the upcoming blockbuster "Atlas shrugged" with current headlines and recent assertions from the Left.  The book itself is a fictionalized but accurate portrait of how the weight of ever-growing unproductive governmental and welfare programs inevitably cause the productive components of society ("Atlas") to shrug off their burden, resulting in collapse of the unnatural structure.

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The movie opens Friday, 4-15-2011.  SophosArchaeus recommends it and that you call and (politely) demand that it be shown in your neighborhood theaters; make the concepts of reality available to more of your neighbors who languish under the smothering blanket of Leftist media.  Gather a group and see it with friends.

Obama: abdicating, retreating and punting on a world-class level.

First, let's look at Obama's speech. Keep in mind:  Democrats (Progressive Socialists) held a super majority for most of the last 2 years, and had a responsibility to pass a budget last October (5 months ago); Obama hosted a Presidential commission months ago; and then ignored it's 'cut spending' results; Obama and those Progressives also failed to deal with the expiring Bush tax cuts until a very late "lame duck" session, and Obama hailed (though with a lot of ideological posturing) the eventual extension of those cuts as their "responsibility" and necessary to bring down the deficit and assist in the stunted and weak recovery of the economy; as of April, Progressives have still not presented any budget or plan for a budget, though still holding the majority in the Senate as well as the White House as the country slips closer to bankruptcy due to trillions in unprecedented spending and give-aways.  Obama did issue a "budget-like statement" in February, in which he ordered an additional 1.65 trillion in unnecessary spending - - and a "freeze at these inflated levels.

Obama had also shown leadership, while vehemently opposing any significant cuts, by telling congress that "his people" would be "available" to tell Congress how to pass a budget, as he left the country yet again (this time to give billions and oil contracts to Brazilians).  Later, he had V.P. Biden host another summit, whereupon he, too left town.  Congressman Paul Ryan single-handedly devised a 6 trillion dollar cut over 10 years (exempting seniors at or near retirement age and easing the rest into a simpler but protected program, and spreading the remaining cuts over all departments).  Obama's response (by his political commisar and press secretary) was "oh, yeah - well I'm gonna give a speech in a few days!  His speech promised 4 trillion (with no details) over 12 years.

Obama's  stem-winder - er, speech:

Obama promises more leader-like inspiration from Biden, on an even less ambitious budget-cutting effort 'sometime soon'.  Biden is chomping at the bit to get our economy and budget under control:

Biden's view of the negotiations and impending economic disaster:

Representative Ryan  discusses Obama's efforts to bring people together and solve the problems faced in responsibly and Constitutionally commanding the ship of State.

Charles Krauthammer gives a realistic appraisal of the inspiring, well reasoned, factual and "presidential"plan to cut the debt.