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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

"...one Nation; xxxxx Xxx; indivisible...."?!?

UNDER G O D ! ! !

NBC continues the assault against the historic and critical role played by Christians and other Godly men in the world-changing revolution which is the United States of America!

Thanks to Wallbuilders via YouTube

At a time when Christians are under attack in China, Iran, "liberated" Egypt and elsewhere around the world, NBC intentionally wipes God out of the Pledge of Allegiance twice, here in America.

This stops now.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Simple, common sense about gun laws and the II Amendment.

Here is the basic theme of this piece in a graphic. Go, Gunny!

Pretty straightforward, eh?  History and statistics (honest ones, at least) prove that disarming law-abiding people increases the incidence of crime, while relaxing gun laws almost always brings down the crime rate.

Here, Ted Nugent gives his thoughts on the concept of innocent, law-abiding citizens having to go unarmed while criminals universally ignore gun laws along with their particular favorite crime.  Just how much loss, pain and suffering is the victim required to sustain from the predator?

Thanks to Mr. Nugent, YouTube and KLRU.

Sounds a little harsh - until you consider the innocent, productive victims, minding their own business when attacked by their repeat (really, they are all repeat offenders, past present or future - - no one accidentally or mistakenly rapes, robs or murders anyone, or "tries just one") offenders. He gets 'rights' and the law-abiding victim is reduced to just be one of his victims. What amount of loss is the victim REQUIRED to sustain from the predator?

Solution?  Allow law-abiding citizens to carry weapons if they are comfortable with them.  Let the predators know that a high percentage of the populace is armed, willing and permitted to defend themselves and their neighbors.  Shoot the attacker until he stops being a threat, provide first aid and prosecution as necessary.

I am SophosArchaeus and I am the Tea Party

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Quick primer: The roots of the Mortgage-Bubble recession.

This is old news (to those that  don't depend on "mainstream media" to deliver facts) about who did what in the Democratic-controlled Congress under Bush.  It will be new to many or most of you:

Thanks to YouTube and The Mouthpiece.

Here is one piece that should be brand new to almost everyone.  You see, it was taped for Saturday Night Live, which is on NBC.  Now, NBC has been in the pocket of the Leftists and the Progressive-Socialist dominated DNC for a few years, so this skit was banned and was never to see the light of day.  They probably enjoyed the Bush-bashing, but it is surprising that more jobs weren't lost among the SNL staff once they got to the meat of the piece.

Embedding is not available, but it is well worth your time to go to the repository and see this censored bit of history at SaveThisNation.org.  Somehow, every time somebody posts it on YouTube, is gets yanked.  Thus, it serves as a double lesson about Socialist politics.  Thanks to Save This Nation and the original cast and writers at S.N.L.
- - acknowledgement (but no thanks) to the producers at Leftist NBC and cowed YouTube.

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