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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Access to facts

I have discovered a paradox. Facts or access to truth, is all that is needed for most to move toward wisdom. For others, even being in the business of investigating, researching and sharing facts doesn’t hinder their willful foolishness at all.

Busy Americans do not have time to search for, or equal access to, facts. Many must just scan the newspaper and watch the evening broadcast news, supposing that they are reliable. But, the more they learned about the “health care” takeover, the more they turned against it.

It is the same with Obama’s (never ending) presidential campaign and most pronouncements by Dems, as they get more frantic. With every added speech by Obama, the takeover bill lost points. It seems now that only limited access to the internet and reliable (cable) news channels slows the education and wisdom of the people. Independent voters’ views, newspaper readership and TV ratings have already swung to the conservative side. Tea Party support has mushroomed despite liberal smear campaigns. Pro-Progressive numbers continue to shrink, now near the 20% that call themselves “liberal”

On the other hand, media is in the business of accessing and researching information. Yet most outlets conceal, twist and falsify facts, imagining that they are convincing someone. Beyond the well known and painfully obvious "climate" fraud and "health care" lies, here are some examples from the 4-24-10 Inland Valley Daily Bulletin:

On page 1, “GOP fails to gain ground” focuses on a lack of increase in GOP registration in California. To coin a phrase, “Duh”. 1) few people think to go change affiliations in their busy schedules; 2) enough GOP “representatives” have followed Progressive violations to make “Independent” at least as attractive for now; and 3) many are abandoning recklessly Progressive California with their families and earnings. Do not doubt whether votes will go left or right in November.

On page 11, an article reports that GOP Gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman is supported by well-respected conservatives and is wildly successful in fund-raising. The focus, however, is on unions (a few protesting “nurses” are mentioned, Socialist S.E.I.U. is not) opposition rather than her huge poll lead, and it is entitled “Whitman faces Ire”.

Not all reporters are insensate. Page 13’s “Arizona OKs controversial immigration law” mentions Obama’s comments (interfering in states’ rights) and busloads of out-of-state protesters. But it also states the huge problems that illegal alien criminals and welfare recipients cause while feds ignore them. It points out, despite Obama’s, “undermine basic notions of fairness”, that the law will “protect every Arizona citizen”, since the 4th Amendment still requires warrants, other violations, or probable cause, not “just looking illegal” as Progressives allege.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Awfully dark “light”

In his "Shedding a little light on the Tea Party movement", Mr. Hughes proves the adage, "a little knowledge is a dangerous thing." He read a poll that shows, despite prior leftist rants that Tea Partiers ("tea bagging" is something that leftists do, not conservatives) are ignorant gutter trash, they are actually better educated than average and make average-to-good wages. Now he rails that they must be elitists.

He thinks that since most of them are conservatives (they used to be "all Republicans"), they must be racists. Never mind that half of the protesters are Independents and many are Democrats. Forget that Republican Lincoln and a million and a half Yankee casualties freed the slaves; while Southern Democrats opposed "all men are created equal" in the Declaration and prevented abolition in the Constitution, fought black suffrage, and Democrat Wallace barred black school-kids with troops.

Hughes might at least look to his own publication for the main focus of the protesters, in "San Bernardino County gets smaller cut of Stimulus money". You see, there are lots of reasons that conservatives and Independents oppose the reckless, Socialist takeover, but the unfair "redistribution of wealth" by government is one they all agree on.

Mr. Hughes says that Tea Partiers are "afraid", so he feels sorry for them. That's not fear (except, perhaps, fear of the damage to our kids' and grand-kids' country). Neither is it hate. One sign I saw over the weekend sums it up: "We'll stop being angry when YOU stop lying at us." Maybe Progressives have read the polls, like only 22% trust the government, almost 1/3 say they feel government is a present threat to their families' welfare, and 3/4 say they are frustrated or angry (Pew Research). More than twice as many now claim "conservative" as "liberal", and Independents have swung away from leftist candidates. Their own fear would explain the pitiful and growing smear attempts by Progressives.

Anyone who really does want to "do research" can learn something (I picked up a nugget or two) from some black Tea Partiers. They shed actual light (rather than sling mud) on why they protest.
LEARN from these folks; I did. They are wise. Enough from me, watch the FULL interviews (you've seen segments) and let them speak:

You Tube video: "Tea Party racism?"