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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Funny “give” and “take” - - and WWRHD?

We see some funny word usage these days.  Not kid’s jargon or some techno-lexicon.  I mean political Leftspeak. Much is obvious, such as when the current President says anything about “making Progress or that he will “considerRepublican  proposals.  Some is more obscure.

Let’s leave “journalist” (i.e. anti-American/hacker/extortionist/anarcho-Socialist/terrorist) DeRange (or LeStrange or whatever his name is) for another day.  Lots of double-talk among far-"right" anarchists that conveniently destabilize democracies for the picking of  far left Socialists.

We see “Liberation Churches” and allied Socialist (therefore Atheist) sponsored “Spiritual” centers and programs.  Black Liberation Theology (their name, not mine) is: God wants people to be heavily taxed and the wealth distributed subjectively by government, and whites (regardless of individual history) must “give everything” in reparations for slavery and can only be saved collectively.   That would be the profane “Reverend” Jeremiah Wright and Obama’s current “spiritual advisors” (how many Presidents have had a whole squad of them, like Emperor Palpatine’s Dark-Side viziers?).  For the record, I do not believe the PotUS is a Muslim.  In fact, Obama professed his “collective salvation” in several speeches this fall.  My humble opinion is that he simply favors Islam (of any sort) over ‘Christianity of the past’, but is just as devout as his "Christian" advisers

advisor “Reverend” Jim Wallis founded Progressive Socialist Sojourner magazine.  Asked if he favored “redistribution of wealth [Marxism] in society” under B.L.T. he responded, “Absolutely, without any hesitation. That's what the gospel is all about.”  I missed those verses somehow; were they in red?  That’s what Jesus would do?  I seem to recall him giving tax collectors and usurers a hard time, even as he strove to save them, individually.

Next is “Reverend” Otis Moss Jr, who preaches LT like Wright.  Then stridently (and pitifully) self-hating “Father” Michael Pfleger, also pushing LT like “Reverend” Kirbyjon Caldwell (who plays all sides to favor Socialism) and “Bishop” T.D. Jakes (T.D. Jakes Ministries, Inc: CD sets on sale this week and soliciting corporate partners) to round out the crew – er, conclave.  All of them generally (mis)invoke the Bible, God or Jesus only when pinned down, preferring the vaguer “spiritual”, “moral”, “ethical”, “compassionate”, etc.

This high-sounding vagueness (with no mention of God at all) is the dialect of Socialist moral-tweaking frauds; just sounding like churches.  ‘Why are you such an immoral, racist hater, that you would deny the spiritual basics of ethical life to children?!?’  They pretty much just extort money by guilt and divert it to leftist groups that abuse/ridicule/sabotage anything Constitutional, values-oriented or American.  Then, if you delete the pseudo-spirituality altogether and begin the (rather pitiful) insultingmagic sky-god” stuff, you get mainstream “Sojourner” fodder*. 

After 2 years with Progressive super majorities and the White House spending like 40 previous Presidents combined, we find ourselves with a (really, really) lame duck congress.  They did not bother to draft an annual budget or settle extensions to avoid massive, across-the-board tax increases until now.  Never mind that they are (still under Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi) dithering over DREAM amnesty bills, protect Vegas poker gaming, attacking the 1st Amendment, debating giving Russia our defense plans, finally wrapping up Rangel’s guilt and posturing over Don’t Ask Don’t Tell in the few days before adjournment.   

As to the Income, Inheritance, Capital Gains, and other taxes (listed, with a leftist bias [ignoring that their lowest beneficiaries PAY NO INCOME TAX TO START WITH] HERE) that will skyrocket for everyone unless Bush’s cuts are extended, let’s see what Speaker Pelosi says.  She declares that every unemployment dollar "creates jobs" and “pays back 2 to 1”.  That is, people will spend their (2 full years of) unemployment checks (that we pay for) on the basic bills they have always paid, somehow pumping up the economy above normal and cutting unemployment.  On the other hand, Nancyspeak is that “giving billions to the rich” (employers and investors that are chomping at the bit for opportunities to hire or invest to get richer; already paying 90% of all taxes while 47% pay none) would do nothing for the economy.  Really? All of history is wrong?  And “GIVING?  Excuse me; aren’t we arguing about how much government will take away from the earners?  Actually that’s incorrect; it’s how much more will be taken from them.

Pelosi continues that she won’t allow an extension “unless it includes a cut for middle class”.  Hmm.  Only Nancy’s bill would exclude anyone; Republicans incessantly say to “cut everyone’s taxes”.  Her imaginary, class-warfare-conservatives are “holding the middle class hostage”.   They also somehow forced “$90 billion (bailout)” past the Dem’s supermajority for rich bankers, “and now they want tax breaks…after all they put us through?”   Wow.

She repeats this mantra, trying to make it come true: ‘mmm, investors don’t want to invest,  mmm, unemployment creates jobs, mmm, employers don’t want to employ, mmm, spending lowers the debt,  mmm, success is evil,’ etc.  She adds that the 5 million jobs Dems destroyed over 2 years somehow “created more jobs than the entire 8 years of the Bush administration” and that they saved “values, veterans, the Heartland, the auto industry”, unicorns and the Golden Fleece along the way.  Progressive congressmen parrot Nancy’s, “give $900 billion ($700B last week) to the rich”, Leftspeaking that “Americans agree with us”.  This is from polls that showed  (3 separate questions) more favor breaks for ‘just the poor’ than ‘just the rich’, but 66% favor “cut everyone’s taxes”.

Obama double-Left-speeched on Dec 6 and 7.  To him, jihadist, mass-murdering terrorists don’t exist, but Republicans that negotiated with him are “hostage takers” that “have harmed the hostages”.  With an eye to his own re-election**, he admitted that “to stabilize the economy” he had to extend the Bush tax cuts for everyone (breaking his promise to punish the rich).  But he also claimed that any improvement in jobs or the economy would be because of his already-failed stimulus and extending unemployment.  He also admitted that Socialist “purists” might let the extensions lapse (creating massive hardships), then institute reductions next year that could be called “Obama tax cuts”.  He reminded his “sanctimonious” Progressives that they need to get what they can this year and keep usurping power into the future as they always have.  The Left responded by threatening to let the tax cuts expire, adding, “You’re another one!” [my summary].  They are irate that many successful people might go unpunished and keep some of their money.

Finally, since we’re in la-la land, let’s revisit the Leftspeak argument for their open hatred of (and now-admitted goal of looting) the rich**: Robin Hood.  He stole from the rich and gave to the poor, right?  Actually, the conglomerate figure (11th-12th cent) that was Robin o’ the Hood, led resistance against usurping government that insulted, over regulated and overtaxed the people; he stole from abusive tax collectors [not recommended present day] and returned the money to those that earned it, letting them take care of each other in genuine charity.

Seems that What Robin Hood Would Do is closer to What Jesus Would Do than what Socialists Would Like To Get Away With.

*Worshiping the rock we live on rather than the "sudden, infinite release of energy" (with no physical source) that virtually all scientists now credit with the act of creation of everything.
** Trying (a la the 1998 'trust me, I'm no Socialist' campaign and not to be confused with actual movement away from the extreme Left) to look sensible and capable for his own benefit, as Soros et all call for his replacement (interesting talk for a foreigner who "is just into finance" and not globalization).  Forced into his true persona by the pressure, he actually promises more Progressive Socialization and specifically raising taxes in 2012.
 ***Excluding of course, Hypocrite-Socialist billionaires Warren Buffet, George Soros, etc.  They loudly proclaim that the rich should "give much more" to government programs for the poor (than they already do).  When they are told (over and over) that the government accepts donations from any that choose to give, they suddenly only speak Sanscrit or suffer from spontaneous deafness.  Given the same opportunities to support charities, mere millionaires usually out-give them to help the truly less fortunate.  Soros, of course gives millions every year; to anti-American Socialist groups and campaigns that destabilize economies (which he eventually collapses to profit from in money markets).

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