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Monday, December 27, 2010

Thanks for the laugh, Judah!

Judah, a  devotee of the Global Warming/Cooling/Change/Whatever-it-takes fraud wishes to continue the gravy train of funding (measured in hundreds of billions) and extortion (measured in trillions) that his religion feeds on.

Ignoring the fact that (without massive refrigerator-style heat sinks to shed the heat somewhere) heat cannot make cold, AND that ice packs and glaciers are growing wherever ever-shifting precipitation permits, (and polar bear numbers are encroaching on other species), AND that it is at or below normal everywhere* all at once, AND that this decades-long heating/cooling cycle has been present for eons (gradually getting cooler along with our planet's core and the rest of an expanded universe), he tells you that 'heat makes snow', and you'd know it if only you were as omniscient as he and the other fraudsters. 

Judah provides proof of his own priorities.  He doesn't want his 'alarm' spread to warn people of the danger, rather he insists on copyright fees for quotes of words, phrases, large portions or the entire article, even non-profit blogs.  In the lower left is a box to get a quote (I am not kidding) for permission to reprint any portion of his ransom note.  I inquired and was robo-informed that it required special review and email conversation. AHH-ha-ha-ha-ha! >snif<  Since I'm not interested in contributing to the global shakedown, I will simply let you read it at the NY Times site, since they paid their fees.  The comedic carbon-speak can be found HERE.

1: I checked several dozen locations around the world simultaneously during last year's record-breakingly "warm" blizzards, and they were all reporting normal to below-normal temperatures at the same time.
2: The snow in Siberia is just fine, thank you - - it's just so remote that the fraudsters feel they can reference it while we are trying to navigate the ice-choked northern passages and avoiding the crowds of Polar Bears.


  1. Dear Curtis:

    I half-way agreed with your column in the SGV Examiner on Dec. 23.

    THe correct pronunciation of the Jewish holiday is CHUN-U-KAH. Next year CHUNUKAH will fall between Dec. 20-28.

    D you consider Jesus to be the first 'Socialist-Progressive?' After all--he ministered to all--the poor, the unfortunate and perhaps even the 'illegals'.

    PS! I was the one who had the letter published in the Examiner correcting your interpretation of US hitory.
    Have a wonderful New Year!! Mike Blumenthal..mikeradbks2@aol.com

  2. Hello again, Mike.

    Thanks for additional input; glad to see you continuing to seek truth (outside the Leftist propaganda echo-chamber). My Jewish friends like Hanukkah, understanding that an initial 'H' is always guttural in Hebrew. I have to defer to their expertise.

    While he would likely approve of localized, free-will communal cooperation, Jeshue was by no means a Socialist, Progressive or otherwise. These (including "liberation theologists") believe in large governments TAKING from one person and deciding to whom they wish to "give" it.

    Christ and the lesser prophets, before and since, were all about individuals giving on their own volition (the more spontaneous and anonymous the better) when they felt moved to do so. A bloated,cross-referenced, punitive, federal tax code (enforced by courts and prison) hardly fits this description. Global redistribution would only be worse, as they seek to punish the entire American people for the audacity of being terrifically successful, regardless of individual largess making us the most generous nation in the history of the world.

    I recall the letter. There was, in fact one editing error and I wrote to thank you for pointing it out, as well as to fill in the gaps in your historical references. They chose not to print the follow up. I posted it though, as a comment on your comment. You can find it at the bottom, here:

    Keep reading and writing; I need the proofreading to keep me honest.

    Thanks again,


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