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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Fact vs Prejudice

A letter to the editor,“Tea Party racist” (Chino Champion, Nov. 20) shows the unfortunate result of Progressive Socialists' re-writing of history and their undue influence in our schools.  I’m sure that the author is sincere, but his “facts” are all fabricated.  Not his fault; most were “revised” before he was born.

His “fact” that David Duke (former Grand Wizard, not just “KKK member”) “supports the Tea Party”, proving them racist, is wrong on many points.  First, the many Tea Parties and related groups are independent and have open membership.  Second, a guilty person saying that they “support” someone does not create guilt in the second person.  Third, while Duke did try to infiltrate conservatives for his racist ends, he and NAZI allies were discovered and banned a year ago.  Further, their taint caused two major southwestern rallies to be canceled, since we could not guarantee that they would not show up anyway.  We shouted down the only racist (white guy yelling at blacks) that I ever saw at a rally.

The Author's “fact” that the Founding Fathers were all slave owners (the usual line is, “rich, white racists”) who carried out the “genocide of Native Americans”.  First, most Founders were neither rich, nor slave owners, but working people.  Most slave owners were southern delegates.  They threatened to boycott the Declaration and Constitution if strong language against slavery was not removed.  Fragmenting would have doomed the tiny, new nation.  It took decades and the sacrifice of nearly a million Americans (some black, Hispanic, Native American) to finish off slavery.  Even then, Southern Democrats resisted freedom, making the 13th, 14th , and 15th Amendments necessary.  Even then, Democrats (like George Wallace) resisted blacks’ rights until Progressive Socialists co-opted the DNC and taught them to USE rather than openly suppress minorities.  Others like Margaret Sanger created the “Negro Project” to wipe out that race, and such eugenic filth evolved into “Planned Parenthood” (destroying of millions of minority babies) and Hitler’s copy: National Socialism.  The Native American tragedy was very complex and badly handled by all, but was resisted most by what later became “Republicans”.

Disease, by the way, was the single greatest killer of Native Americans, and foreign microbes don’t care if you are a welcoming friend or genocidal racist, red, white, brown, black or yellow.

The author says that his imaginary, monolithic Tea Party was “bred” (like a herd of interrelated cattle? sounds racist to me) to believe “this country is only theirs”.  With names like Woo, Smith, Singh, Lutcherding, Seghdi, Goldfarb, Tran, Riley, and Tenerowicz, we know that America was built by immigrants.  Even “Native Americans” aren’t native; they just arrived many generations earlier.  Conservatives simply want orderly entry, since we can’t absorb even 1% of the 5.7 billion that want in. Being within walking distance doesn’t make it better and cannot grant "dibbies" on legal status.  Hordes of undeclared, unskilled, unchecked (disease, criminality, terrorist ties, contraband) invaders will simply crush our society, without even helping the immigrants.  In fact, illegal immigrants are among the most abused on earth; abused by their smugglers.

People should do their own research, keeping in mind that original sources (diaries, letters, contemporary records, etc) are better than revisionist inventions (you’ll find lots of those).  Don’t take the word of history, social, or economic "experts" or so-called mainstream media (or even FOX) without checking.  Finally, try talking to people before spreading leftist “facts” about them.

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