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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Which way to turn?

Independents have to choose between the left and the right.  They got conned along with many of us in 2008, but it’s not really all that difficult of a question if you have the facts.  The majority of the people have figured it out, despite an unending (and recently intensified) Leftist assault on truth in the "mainstream" media and by public officials.  The recent election and Progressives’ responses to it are just more proof.

Let me be clear: there are crooks in all parties.  Also, two (or more) voices are absolutely required in our American, Constitutional system, because (unlike Socialism) open debate and real choices are key to maintaining freedom.  All major Communist states have (or had) single party, single candidate ballots.  Their media is (or was) funded and controlled by the state.  Even the “softEuro-Socialist states suffer union-organized rioting and attacks on opponents when things don’t go their way.  And here there are elected officials, like Progressive WV Senator Rockefeller, who wants censorship by the F.C.C. to ‘get rid of the right and left’ by shutting down FOX news and MSNBC (considering the number of viewers for each channel, that would be like the Socialist team giving up a weak, fumbling, bench warmer, while the People would lose a powerful, MVP team captain).  Our current President, elected by a majority that wanted more honesty and transparency in government (and now overwhelmingly disapprove of him), calls information “a deversion” and conservative media “destructive”.

Since Progressives came to power with super-majorities and the Presidency :  “Stimulus” and other reckless spending drove unemployment past the promised 8% and held it at or above 10% for 18 months; GM and Chrysler were taken from the stockholder owners and handed to the Unions, our health care industry was hijacked, causing insurance rates to rise 15-25% ahead of government-mandated services; “Justice” Dept changed policy, eliminating civil rights of whitesignored a massive oil spill (caused by forcing rigs out to dangerous depths); shut down all U.S. rigs without cause, forcing 75,000 more out of work, many rigs to leave American leases for foreign ones and even giving billions in “aid” to those countries;  driven U.S. debt and deficits to record-shattering levels; sued a sovereign U.S. state for protecting citizens against uncontrolled illegal alien invasion as civil war rages across the border, but ignored “amnesty cities” that actively defy American law; delayed reinforcements for U.S. troops in combat; defended terrorist groups while defaming American ideals; brought the U.S. before a U.N. “Human Rights commission” stuffed with NoKor, Iran, Cuba, China, Libya and other totalitarian regimes for humiliation; paid billions of tax dollars to cronies’ companies for “X-rated” airport scanners and increased the intrusiveness of pat-down searches for every passenger, but giving exemptions for Muslims in traditional dress; and more.

Since the People rejected the Leftist agenda last month : Obama (who did nothing when NoKor sunk ally South Korea’s ship last March) does nothing when NoKor shells South Korean civilians and boasts of new nuclear violations (the USS Lincoln visit was scheduled months ago); Reid re-introduces his “DREAM” act (to permit 35 year old “children” of illegal aliens to stay in the U.S. forever just for applying, get taxpayer-subsidized discounts for college, and unconditionally vouch in their entire family for permanent residency) which was already defeated as part of the Defense Appropriations Act;  the Federal Reserve ordered the printing of 600,000,000,000 dollars to buy down our own debt, devaluing our money;  Bush tax-cuts are being ignored, which will raise everyone’s income, estate  and other taxes if they expire;  a class-warfare campaign is pushed against “rich, millionaire (everyone over $250,000 - employers)” in those same tax cut debates; the Commerce Dept.  just lowered its projections on recovery (unemployment will stay high through 2015 due to healthcare costs and tax uncertainty); and - - no kidding - - the administration is seriously considering a grant of taxpayer money to pay for construction of the “Cordoba House” victory Mosque that will literally overshadow the 9-11 Ground Zero memorial in NYC.

Any party or ideology that completely misrepresents its intentions to the electorate, intentionally slanders our own country’s exceptional ideals and history, sponsors class warfare and racial tension, suppresses media and fabricates statistics, recklessly cripples our energy and healthcare industries in the name of global Socialism, generally weakens our defenses while encouraging enemies and ignores and insults both the Constitution and the will of the people, is simply wrong.

Being a democrat or liberal (lower case) can be patriotic and our system requires a left as well as a right for balance.  We as a people have been steadily pushed to the left for 240 years, with only a few, small corrections (like the repeal of Prohibition) back toward our center.  Much of it has been in the form of Constitutional “improvements”, thoughtfully crafted and legally enacted.  However, too much has been done covertly and without authority, usurping the power of the People in order to favor individuals, cronies or special interests.  We have been ‘nudged’ further in the last decade, and especially the last 2 years, than in the last 70 years.  There is now a strong push to ‘finish the job’ of humbling the American giant that has always protected free people from ambitious tyrants.  The anti-U.S. Progressive Socialists have decided that now is the time, but most of us have caught on too soon and they fear being set back for another hundred years by Americans.  You see, the whole concept of "Progressive Socialism" was developed because freedom-loving Americans already beat back the overt Communists and Socialists.  They found out that we will not knowingly trade our liberty for an unsustainable nanny-state, and they needed to have a low and slow, covert way of infiltrating instead of a revolution that damages the one that started in 1776.

For our friends in the middle, I suggest keeping an eye on the left while looking to the right.

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