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Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Obama did not mention Dr. Donald Berwick for Medicare/Medicaid commissar for months.  Then he did not nominate his long-time pick for the post  until Congress was headed out the door.  Obama then presentedhisnameandissuedarecessappointmentwhileexpressinghisfrustrationoverRepublicanobstruction.  To his credit, Donald (he hates that name and insists on "Don") does not feign centrism, but openly touts the British system - which Brits hate and escape when they can afford to travel to the U.S. for serious medical help - and acknowledges that there will be massive rationing, that government decision makers will control what your doctor can prescribe for your treatment, that the whole point is the redistribution of wealth and it's aim is the destruction of capitalism.  Oh, and free medical care, there's medical, doctor stuff in their somewhere, too.  Gosh, I can't think why Obama would have intentionally withheld this guy's nomination just so that he could be slipped in under "recess appointment".  [I actually can tell you exactly why (he's so mindlessly ideological that even Obama could see he'd never pass); that was just humorous irony]

In any case, Berwick is being examined 6 months later in the Senate Finance Committee, still under the Leftist thumb of Sen Max Baucus (D). Today's intro is limited to about an hour in a crowded lame-duck session.  There is little they can do about him, but it is predicted that he will spend considerable time testifying about the convoluted and shadowy financing of nationalized health care in the future.

Let's see what Doktor Berwick, who espouses Progressive (aka Fabian) Socialist ideology has to say for himself:

[thanks to btdome via YouTube]

[btdome via YouTube]

[creativehold via YouTube]

And finally, Doktor Sebilius responds to Berwick's statement that, "The decision is not whether we will have rationing, the decision is whether we will ration with our eyes open."  The HHS Czarina dodges the question with a long, drippy endorsement of Berwick in general, then states that it was her response:

[sensfaninohio via YouTube]

...this guy is downright creepy in his presentation of "medicine".  The sooner his agency is defunded out of existence and his appointment is repealed altogether, the better.

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