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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The CHAIR is STILL E M P T Y . . . [updated]

The following is a running commentary on the events of the morning of the day after 9-11-2012.  It has all the components and trappings of a Jimmy Carter, Tehran Embassy redux.  One hopes that the U.S. political change that followed the first Progressive fiasco will also be repeated on 11-6-2012.
Please excuse the ham-fisted formatting and any typo's; SophosArcheus wanted to record this as it happened.  The ends of the threads will be recorded elsewhere (though Gov Romney's comments will be shrouded or shredded by most media).
 - - - -

It is now 9:10 AM, Washington D.C. time; we have heard from Romney and Boehner.

Last night, when we heard that U.S. Embassies and Consulates had been attacked, there was no 'leadership' from our PotUS, for hours. A U.S. flag was torn from the flagpole and totally disrespected; a Consular official was murdered. First was a strong but restrained statement by Romney. Also a PATHETIC, P.C. A P O L O G Y FOR THE FIRST AMENDMENT* from Obama/Clinton's State Dept, instead of any sort of condemnation of the filthy thugs or demand for order by Libyan and Egyptian authorities. Then a W.H. statement [issued half a day later and after Romney and others called out the weak language] that the cringing apology "was not cleared" (by the Obama White House) - ooh, strong stuff!
NOW WE LEARN that American Ambassador Chris Stevens and two un-sung Marines were murdered in ROCKET ATTACKS that continued as we slept. Still, the CHAIR IS EMPTY! Romney announced at 9:15 (ET) that he will make a detailed statement at 9:35. At 9:20 (ET) the White House announced that Obama will speak at 10:15. No doubt, his staff will carefully review Romney's statement for ideas and mistakes to capitalize on [already, half of the W.H. statement s have been FROM THE CAMPAIGN, attacking ROMNEY: whining that Romney dared to call for some kind of response as "politicizing"!!]
{* It occurs to Sophos Archaeus after a couple days [some days are quicker than others, dear readers] that this is the Socialist Administration's way of attacking the Constitution: 'It is Freedom of Speech itself that causes problems, not murderous Jihadists.'}

INSERT:  SophosArchaeus is sad to have to share these photos, but American safety is hanging in the balance.  Just broadcast by the Jihadist animals, here they are gleefully showing off the body of our Ambassador, Chris Stevens, despite Obama' self-serving comments of "continued cooperation" (and thus, 'A SUCCESSFUL OBAMA FOREIGN POLICY') with Libyan officials.

 REMEMBER: this is the result of Obama sitting back and ENDORSING his "Arab Spring" instead of trying to steer the movement away from the Muslim Brotherhood*, or at least make contacts and appear supportive and friendly to the PEOPLE of those places. He had dithered for weeks as PRO-DEMOCRACY crowds in Tehran were mowed down by Ahmadinejad. Obama, Biden, Reid, Pelosi and other Socialists mooned and sighed about the glorious Arab Spring - put on your Easter Bonnet and bring the kids! But you DON'T ALLOW A KNOWN, muzzled bad actor to be replaced by a MUCH WORSE, HISTORICALLY DANGEROUS MOB OF ANTI-AMERICAN, ANTI-CHRISTIAN PIRATES!
This also reminds us of the Democrats endorsement of the #Occupy Terrorists. Even AFTER several rapes, attacks on police as well as rampant vandalism, theft and Socialist threats were reported. THEN IT GOT WORSE: riots, policemen injured, PROMISES of "violence", overt threats of "REVOLUTION", the whole, Anarchist, pro-Socialist thing.
And don't forget: Obama dissed Israel's Netanyahu once before, denying a meeting. This was about the same time that Obama, Reid, Pelosi and the rest of the Progs DENOUNCED Israel fro protecting its borders and praised PIRATES smuggling in weapons that ATTACKED I.D.F. SAILORS. N O W , Obama has been "too busy" to meet with Netanyahu AGAIN, but will make his "Letterman" appearance, by golly.
[Obama's first 'Tweet" on 9-11 was to whine that he needs more campaign volunteers, while Romney made a heartfelt statement commemorating the victims and heroes from 2001.]
> The chair is STILL E M P T Y ! <
 [*Muslim Brotherhood was founded as a NAZI-style Jihadist mother ship in 1928. Its spin-offs include Black September (the 1972 Munich Olympics mass murder), Hamas and Hesbollah (endless attacks on Israeli civilian men, women and children), the Iranian Mullahs (the 1979 U.S. Embassy seizure, up through Ahmadinejad and the Nukes), Taliban and Al Qaida.
BUT, they said they were "better now, no violence these days; have a flower!" SO, Obama and the whole Prog cabal told us to ''TRUST THEM - they're bitchen.']
...all this from the "Religion of Peace" over some movie trailer that is "critical" [we have not seen it] of its founder.
 OH - since Romney announced his statement a while ago (updated to 9:45), there is suddenly a "pop-up" statement by Hillary "I'm a Progressive" Clinton at EXACTLY THE SAME TIME (trying to keep Romney's comments off the air - with the known Socialist preferences of most media, she WILL be 80% effective. FOX will record both and air most of each, as usual). Any minute now.

[Clinton's statement was reasonably strong, but still contained a condemnation of the use of free speech to 'insult other religions' (like the one that is on tape shouting "Alahu Akbar" as they murder American diplomats (no mention by Clinton of the two U.S. Marines), shred our flag, and run a filthy, black Jihadist rag up the flagpole of the U.S. Embassy's in Cairo), nearly as strong and detailed as her call for responsible leadership in Egypt and Libya to control their mobs.  (There were no buses of students and out-of-uniform soldiers detected in either country - yet.)
Romney wisely delayed his statement a few minutes.  He made a passing reference to the need to be responsible in one's speech, but then faced the actual issues: the barbaric violence of the attackers and the need for actual leadership in the White House; this was brief and NOT made as a personal attack on Obama, but a call for adult guidance in America.
Obamedia response was, predictably harsh, parsing, citing "some people say", and ridiculously hypothetical.]
LAST NOTE: Obama still sits on his hands and promises "harsh words" if Iran continues to build its bombs and missiles, actually following through on their constant threats to WIPE OUT Israel and "JEWS IN ANY COUNTRY".  Obama says, "wait".  To paraphrase the Israeli position, WAIT FOR WHAT, YOU IDIOT?!?  Tehran has IGNORED the weak and cosmetic sanctions of Obama for almost FOUR YEARS OF WEAPONS DEVELOPMENT, and that following all the sanctions thrown at them by Bush and the U.N. for years before that.  WAITING FOR WHAT; a glass-paved Israel and hundreds of millions of victims of a wild-eyed Jihadist terror-state?

 - - - -
UPDATE:  As SophosArcheus predicted (see the preamble re: "Romney's comments shrouded or shredded"), both Obama (and his appointees and paid Propagandists) and the in-the-tank Obamedia spent more time in the 24 hours following the attacks impugning and smearing Romney than condemning the invaders and murderers in Libya and Egypt.  What the Leftist rags do not report (and Socialist apologists on FOX try to paper over, is the conspiratorial attempt to trap Romney in a 'gotcha' word trap [i.e., "Do you still beat your wife"].

Listen closely to these several reporters, from different outlets (two are NBC affiliates).  They are not ensuring that all the important questions get asked (e.g., "you ask about the gun, I'll ask about the car - anyone left ask about the money"), which is fairly common.  NO, they are colluding to make sure that one  question gets asked, over and over, and that it be asked with such pre-determined parsing as to inflict maximum implication of wrongdoing on Romney's part.  They are trying to suggest to viewers' minds that there was wrongdoing, instead of honest comments after Obama failed his Presidential duty to issue any.

[Apologies - embedding is not working for this video.  Watch it HERE. ]

Not a word from the Leftist press about Obama skipping MOST of his daily national security briefings [Obama is much too smart to need the actual experts in the room for questions; he just reads the outlines and knows all], including the briefings for this week.  Nothing about his leaving the Middle East burning while he hops an A.F.-1 jaunt to 'Vegas for fund-raising and Romney-bashing.

[UPDATE]: Days later (and after Leftist propagandists declared that Obama the Great had made a phone call to the Mid-East leaders and >poof< the whole thing is fixed, feelings are balmed, the growing number of dead are assuaged...]; the anti-American rioting and attacks on U.S. and German [?!?] Embassies have spread across the Middle East and North Africa, and even to Asia and Australia, of all places.

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