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Thursday, October 25, 2012

What does it mean? [updated]

What does it mean, when you see and hear this stuff from the most powerful man in the world; the guy with the Nuclear Football; the one who's chief responsibility is the protection of you and your family; the ultimate example of honesty, safekeeping the Constitution and our way of life; fairness; 'racelessness'; and positive encouragement for a thriving America?

What does it mean, when Obama (D) promised in 2008 to “cut the deficit in half” in the first 3 years of his first term, then each year proposed deficits* around $2 TRILLION ($2,000,000,000,000.00)?  When, forced by pressure from the people and GOP, Obama agrees to $1 Trillion (still way above anything Bush called for) but then he calls this “budget cuts”?  Obama’s deficits and debt dwarf all previous presidents and far exceed actual, legitimate Governmental need. What’s it mean when Obama claims ‘jobs created’ but leaves out ‘jobs lost’ and actual 14.7% unemployment (Labor DeptU-6 table)?  What does it mean when Obama wastes $billions on “investing” our money on cronies’ and foreigners’ private investments?  When dozens of these companies go bankrupt within a year of pocketing the taxpayers’ gift?  What’s it mean when a Democrat-dominated Senate has not passed a single, annual budget [required by law] in four years?
[UPDATE: Obama's Labor Dept announced new Unemployment figures on 11-2-2012.  The number they admit to is a higher 7.9% unemployment (Leftist L.A. Times actually calls this "Economic growth"). 
But wait - the B.L.S.'s own, actual, U-6 "underemployment" (unemployed and no longer getting benefits, or settled for low-wage and part time) rate is 14.6%!  SO: it was stuck well above 8% for 3.5 years.  It was 8.2% in September, then magically DROPPED not to 8.1, 8.0, or 7.9%, but 7.8%!  All the while NEVER posting as much as 200,000 new hires (it takes at least that number just to keep pace with layoffs, company closures and population growth).  Are all your friends and neighbors suddenly in decent, full-time jobs?
WHAT DOES IT MEAN, when all that the Progressive Socialist Democrats care about are headlines for their own campaign advantage, not jobs for Americans' advantage??]

What does it mean when a President appoints a “Justice” Dept. Attorney General, who refuses to prosecute armed, racist thugs (that admitted to threatening voters based on race)?  When both he and his A.G. claim that they ‘never heard of’ of thousands of weapons issued to Mexican narco-terrorists under Fed orders? And when hundreds of innocentMexicans and several Americans were slaughtered with those weapons, but Obama claims “executive privilege” (privilege applies only to direct conversations with the PotUS or to lawful 'deliberative processes') to block investigation?  What’s it mean when “Justice”Dept. declared policy is that “ ‘race A’ cannot be the victim of a crime committed by ‘race B’ “ [it should not matter which race is which in a non-racist society].

What does it mean when a President is “so smart” that he skips more than half of his daily Intel briefings (presented by specialist experts with thick binders of details) and just 'reads the outline'?  When he doesn’t even notice increasing regional Al Qaida terrorism and sends an ambassador and other Americans to their death in Benghazi (a knownhotbed, where British, French and Australian consulates were closed, along with a Red Cross office after each was attacked)?  What’s it mean when he goes to bed duringthe live drone video of the attack? When he blames a previously innocuous American’s anti-Jihad video (virtually unknown inthe Middle East until Obama and Clinton announced it, internationally, a dozen times) instead of Ansar al Shari’ah (Al Qaida)?  When heskips another briefing the very next day, to go to a ‘Vegasfundraiser?  When he and they lie about it forweeks? 

What does it mean when, in a “presidential” debate, Obama colludes with a Leftist media “moderator”, who just happens to be holdinga “transcript” (of Obama’s Benghazzi lies) when Obama calls for it[!] and claims that Obama was telling the truth (the moderator later admitted [quietly] that Obama was wrong and Romney was right)?  What’s it mean when the media is so biased and committed to one ideology, that a rising tide of evidence of gross incompetence, Chicago Way corruption and intentional Marxist malevolence is all but ignored by our “watchdogs”?

What does it mean when Obama and other Progressive Socialists recklessly accuse Romney of: “evading taxes for 20 yearsandpioneering the outsourcing jobs [less than Obama’s ownjobs czar’]” andkilling a woman with cancerand committing “a felonyandwaging war on womenand wanting to “take $5 trillion from the poor to give to the rich”?  Then theyare mute when all these lies are dis-proven again and again?  And how about when they say that “challengingthe President” is “unconstitutional”?
[UPDATE:  Hurricane Sandy mixed with a major cold front storm, then hit the New Jersey area hard.  Obama (who had NOT bothered to visit the W.H. Situation room while Ambassador Stevens desperately called for help, under attack by Al Qaida and denied either preparation or rescue), made sure he had photographs published of himself watching the storm in the SitRoomThe situation was and is actually under the purview of FEMA, Red Cross, National Guard, local mayors and other planned/practiced/prepared experts, who needed NO input from a PotUS other than encouragement to help those in need ASAP. 
Obama has NOT spoken up about fellow Progressive Socialist Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who has diverted precious generators, fuel, food, volunteers and police assets away from still-stranded, cold, hungry New Jersey and New York residents.  Some are still awaiting rescue.  Residents are prohibited from using bridges to go to work without 3 passengers.  They wait for hours for fuel, if a station still has any and has electricity to run its pumps.  They get in fights for fuel and food, or go dumpster diving.  But their Leftist Mayor is going to IMPORT thousands of extra mouths to feed, visitors to manage; and take power to light and heat tents for the marathon.  It is DARK and COLD in most of that area.  Obama is back out on the stump, lying about Romney and cannot be bothered to speak up. WHAT DOES IT MEAN, WHEN AMERICAN DISASTER SURVIVORS ARE LEFT "ON THEIR OWN" WHEN ASSETS ARE WASTED BY DEM/PROG GOVERNMENT FOR A FREAKING R A C E ?!?]

What’s it mean when Obama gets encouragement from a six year old child andresponds, “Kids have good instincts. They look at the other guy [Romney] and say, 'Well,that's a bullshitter, I can tell.'"?  How wonderful that is for the dignity of the office and our international standing. What does it mean when Obama refuses to release any of his own plans for a second term (waving a pamphlet full of his recycled, failed ’08-’12 policies, labeled “A plan for jobs & middle class security”), then claims Romney/Ryanrefuse to reveal” their oft-proclaimed “5-step” and “59pointprograms for restoring the economy and strengthening the country?  When Obama then takes those very same steps and points, strings them together with things that he himself would do (pushing hard Left for more spending and taxing), ignores the historic fact that cutting taxes while increasing employment almost always increases tax revenues and claims that “Romney wants toincrease the debt by $5 trillion!”  All this while ignoring the fact that he has added over $6 trillion in less thanfour years; the highest debt of any – in fact, all combined previous Presidents.  He denies his own proposed “sequestration” (removal from access) of huge, across the board funding from our defense budget, which his own SecDef Panetta calls “devastating”. 
What does all this mean?

If you have not heard of these things, it means it’s time to research them; SophosArchaeus suggests first a “mainstreamLiberal source (you may find nothing, or perhaps a whitewash), and then a few Conservative outlets (one is provided for each; you can easily find information overload).  A welter of rabid Leftist, Anarchist, Communist, Socialist, Globalist, Green-Fraud and other anti-American postings have usually pushed most Centrist and Conservative posts to page 8 or 10 of a Google search, so be patient.

It definitely means it’s time for a new President.

[* ‘Deficit’ is annual spending beyond the government’s actual intake (government itself produces nothing, taking every cent it spends from productive taxpayers).  Debt’ is what unresolved deficits add up to over a term of office.]

 - - - -

On Election Eve:

What does it mean, when Obama broadcast/published/bragged/shouted/proclaimed his presence in the W.H. Situation room for:
bin Laden's demise (by the grace of Bush-era [WATERBOARDING] intelligence and the plan-making abilities of the CIA and SEALs:

...when he is fully in Command for the de-funding of Big Bird:

...when he was there watching Red Cross, FEMA, the National Guard, local cops and firefighters handling Hurricane Sandy [entirely without kibitzing by the CinC]:
 and bravely walked around watching other people work and/or suffer [and Chris Christie made it clear that thanking Obama for doing a basic part of his job is NOT the same as his early and repeated endorsement of Romney for the next President of the United States]:
and picked up the endorsement of NYC's Michael Bloomberg, while he and other Progressive Socialists pointed out how "disconnected" Romney is:
and Obama surrogates Bill Clinton and Joe Biden stayed on the campaign trail, reassuring us that "Hurricane Sandy is nothing" compared to having people vote for Romney.

...but Obama somehow MISSED the meeting when 30 Americans were repeatedly denied support, were attacked in waves for seven (7) hours by Ansar al Sharia (Al Qaida offshoot) and an Ambassador, his aid and two retired SEALs (who disobeyed orders to "Stand down" and ran to the sound of the guns to help fellow Americans) were eventually murdered:

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