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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Obama the Warrior; a 2012 essay in serial form [UPDATED 4-10-12]

The Progressive Socialist as "Leader". This essay will grow over the next several weeks. Individual segments will be added, and earlier ones may be updated as new anti-Constitutional, anti-job, anti-freedom or anti-economy outrages occur. The source-links will also be added as we go forward [and more authoritative ones may occasionally replace lesser ones].

- - - -

Last September, President Obama declared himself (based on newly revised history) to be “a warrior for the middle class”. He modestly, immediately and repeatedly accepted that self-aggrandizing accolade on his own behalf, saying “then I wear that charge as a badge of honor.” Really? Really?? No one outside of the Obama White House has ever called Obama a warrior of any kind, much less “for the middle class” that he is crushing.

As PotUS, Obama has called patriotic American citizens - the majority - “Teabaggers” (those who engage in an obscene, sexual perversion; universally known among the Left, so they giggle when Conservatives don't understand the insult]) and “Flat Earthers” (those too well informed and rational to accept the trillion dollar fraud and power grab of “Global Warming”). He has driven up the cost of an unconstitutional and as-yet unimproved health care system and forced a governmental power grab of what’s left, against the will of the People. His A.G. armed foreign narco-terrorists and then lied about it. His appointees directed Border Patrol to give free (taxpayer paid) transgender therapy to Illegal Aliens [I could not make this up], even as he cut medical benefits for U.S. troops returning from combat. As CinC he has also announced dates on which he will withdraw U.S. forces, abandoning allies and partners (not to mention innocent girls and women) to the Taliban and Al Qaida, and he has made American troops wait, under fire, while he dawdles for four months and then only provides ¾ of the needed reinforcements. He has obstructed or restricted most of America’s energy industry and demonstrated weakness and incompetence to an increasingly hostile world.

Most importantly, he and his Progressive cabal have lied incessantly at us; to revise history, deflect blame, conceal usurpation, obstruct justice and discourage dissent. This has increased in 2012, in panicky attempts to discourage a clear and growing majority from unseating the Socialists from the White House and Senate in November.

Obama and Energy Independence

President Obama tells us (constantly) that his policies improve energy availability. He and his Socialist appointees tell us that, “We’re doing ‘all of the above’ right” [stealing the phrase from the 2008 GOP - who meant actually extracting and using our oil, NatGas, coal andother fuels to help our economy and slash unemployment], and “Drilling is up and costs are low”. Actual drilling was higher nine years ago. The only public-land increases are from Bush era permits finally coming into production, and there are still fewer after Obama closures. Private land drilling actually has increased (being largely free of EPA strangulation), creating economic booms in the States that have availed themselves of the resources. Obama illegally banned all American Gulf drilling after one still unexplained explosion, and sent our rigs to Brazilian and Chinese companies. He keeps the coastal, ANWR and Mid-Western reserves off-limits. This is in addition to the systematic exclusion of East and West coastal drilling. He continues to claim that we only have “2% [in production] of the world’s oil", concealing the actual, 150-year, largest-supply-in-the-world. When pressed, Obama claims our own supplies ‘can’t be developed right away’, and yet somehow ‘we can develop it if an emergency occurs’. He has had three years to get it underway. Obama vetoed the Keystone Canadian oil pipeline, even though a safer, agreed-upon route was already settled. Now he claims he may allow the back-half, presumably to pump air from Oklahoma to Texas refineries. Obama apparently favors shoving expensive oil from enemies through thousands of miles of seawater in vulnerable, polluting tankers. Meanwhile, he fast-tracks billions of taxpayer dollars for dozens of insolvent, corrupt, “Green” crony companies that push technologies that will not be scalable for general use for decades to come.

Progressive Energy Secretary, Steven Chu, gives himself and Democrats an ‘A’ for “controlling the cost [from $1.89 to $4.00 per gallon and rising] of gas”. In Congressional testimony. However, he refuses to be any more specific than his intention to “improve” (not ‘lower’) costs and to “reach long-term solutions” (not ‘increase energy availability’). His stated goal last year was to “boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe [currently $8.60 per gallon]”. As I write, March gas prices are the highest in history. So, by Progressive Socialist Democratic standards, they probably would deserve an "A for sabotage".

Employers cite the cost of energy (along with Obamacare) as the main reason why they cannot risk employing more of our 15% unemployed.

Obama the "Uniter"

Obama and the Economy

It’s all Bush’s fault, right? Obama and the Progressives promised in 2008 to cut the debt in half, keep unemployment under 8% and keep inflation down. They probably meant it. After all, Marx and Keynes said their system works (it always did in manifestos and on blackboards).

Now, the debt/deficit has multiplied; more in 3 years than Bush spent in 8 years of war. Unemployment zoomed past 15%, and most of those working are getting less. Inflation is crushing the middle class. Obama said if he didn’t turn things around by last fall, he’d be “a one term president. But “it’s Bush’s fault” and Obama wants four more years to “finish the job”?!? But he called Bush incompetent and "unpatriotic" for raising the Debt limit 1/4 as often as he has. Oops.

Fact is, Clinton(D) set up the mortgage bubble with his forced “fair housing [whether you can afford it or not]” act. When Dodd(D)-Frank(D) forced banks into the risky loans, Obama(D-Ill) voted with the 2006 Dem/Prog majority, under Bush. This triggered the collapse, despite assurances that ‘all is fine, get loans, spend money’. Oops.

Fuel is needed to produce and transport everything you buy. We produce enough Obama algae to power 1 truck (at $35 per gallon) and only enough wind and solar for 4% of our economy, but Obama has already choked American oil and coal, forcing us to pay more for foreign fuel. We have enough outlawed fuels to make Middle East conflicts and world markets irrelevant for generations. Oops.

So how can Dems keep on saying that jobs are up and inflation is down? Partly because Socialists are artists at lying. But also because Obama ordered his Labor Czar to report only those on active compensation claims as "unemployed" (not the 5 million more out of work since his policies took effect) and his Commerce Czar to remove food and fuels from inflation indexes. Oops.

What about Bush, then? His responsibility ended in the little recovery of Spring, 2009. After that, Obama’s policies (Obamacare, Stimulus, etc) were forced through by the Progressive Socialist ‘supermajority’. Employers could no longer risk employing and investors couldn’t risk lending. The economy dumped a second, deeper time and all on Obama and the Progressives' watch. Oops.

Marx and Keynes were idiots. Their theories were just cynical schemes for self-empowerment, that never worked outside of their Manifestos or blackboards; and despite what Socialist activists will tell you, the 'harder' the Socialism, the less sustainable it is.  They all collapse in less than 75 years, and average just 65.  Socialist Europe is in riotous flames and trying to get away from it.  Our Constitutional Capitalism, which Obama calls "the failed theories of the past", has grown over 240 years to the most powerful, successful, generous system in the history of mankind, despite increasing sabotage and obstruction by would-be Socialists here for 100 years. Oops.

Obama and “Transparency”

Obama, Commander-in-Chief

Obama and International relations

Obama and Freedom of Religion

Obama and Health Care

Obama and Civil Discourse

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