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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

What does it mean, when... [updated]

The Obama administration continues to blame America for the attacks and murders by violent Libyan and Egyptian extremists - and continuing to spread! Obama's "popular, successful foreign policy" now sees not only North African mobs calling for our blood, but growing throngs (thankfully still not majorities) in over 30 countries.  It can't possibly be the eerily familiar failure of this Administration to show strength, to even try to influence or encourage a moderate, civilized replacement for the tyrannical strongmen that were deposed - - while actual grass roots rebellions against more dangerous dictators in Iran and Syria continue to be ignored and abandoned (and shelled and machine-gunned) under Obama's policies. 

Like Carter, Obama's policy (exercised by Clinton's State Dept) was to ignore honest quests for freedom; no money, no arms, no encouragement, no endorsement.  In fact, the only Administration praise, taxpayer $Billions and actual U.S. "boots on the ground" (or planes in the air) were engaged in the insurrections being obviously co-opted by the Muslim Brotherhood or the even less rational and peaceful Salafists.  We were told by the White House and State Dept that they were: always peace-loving, faithful reformers, or they were reformed themselves and no longer homicidal, or they were somehow restrained from gaining power.

In a back-door attack on the First Amendment (and by extension, the entire Constitution) Obama's Progressive Socialist regime is once again blaming an otherwise unknown film [actually just a 12 minute video on YouTube that has been there for 4 months - waiting for the Jihadist leaders to call it out on September 11th] and all but excusing the murderous rioters. When Ambassador Susan Rice (who should [in a stance that the Left would actually approve of] be compelled to change her name to avoid impugning the intelligent, credible and honorable Condoleezza Rice) claims that a fully practiced, heavily armed platoon-strength attack in two-pronged waves, with indirect fire support, it is a "spontaneous" event. She even asserts that, despite a forest of burning U.S. flags and calls for "Death to America", that it is "NOT Anti-American".  She advances the Socialist/Jihadist agenda against the Constitution by exhorting us to believe that when anyone publishes a story that hurts someone's feelings, THAT person is dangerous and unlawful. That person creates violence that would not otherwise exist.  In other words, our Bill of rights is evil; OUR Constitution needs to be re-written, to avoid 'pissing off' foreign zealots.

Many of the attackers, in Cairo and elsewhere, chanted, "We are all Osama bin Laden".  And, lest there be any mistake, Obama's claims that his "Arab Spring" [like the dangerous, terrorist, #Occupy Anarchists that Obama, Reid, Pelosi and the rest embraced] is a glorious upwelling of freedom and democracy, the Muslim world does NOT esteem "the corruption of democracy and freedom":

[thanks to FOX via YouTube]

It was over a year ago that Imam Choudary threatened to force Shari'Ah upon America.  Yet, Obama claims (in typical, Leftist, all-or-nothing argument) that ANY Democracy is better than the brutal but peace-keeping dictators that were replaced by Muslim Brotherhood and Salafist Jihadists.  Was there no non-Jihadist faction to back or encourage?  We have now been told that 'Obama made a call to foreign leaders and it's all taken care of'.  That's great - except for the part where it has grown and spread to dozens countries! What was NOT released (by our side), was that Egyptian President Morsi told Obama that the irrelevant film-maker 'should go to prison FOR BLASPHEMY'!!  Just imagine how strong the "Arab Spring Democracies" must be if one unknown, low-talent, video nerd can trash it all so easily.

Obama, of course, told Morsi that he cannot do that here. It is unclear whether he mentioned that "After my election, I have more flexibility". But in an AMAZING coincidence, the otherwise anonymous film-maker that supposedly enraged the entire Muslim world (despite a lack of views and a small percentage of YouTube devotees among the no-electricity, poor, undeucated mobs) was "voluntarily" detained and transported at midnight by a reinforced squad of Deputies*, with "voluntary" control techniques and a scarf over his face [http://pjmedia.com/instapundit/150781/ ]. For old (misdemeanor) probation 'questions', of course - just another 9-11 coincidence.  That man, creep or bigot or not, has now gone into hiding along with his entire, equally guilty family.  An American citizen family fingered by the U.S. Government for the benefit of vengeful, foreign, anti-American Jihadists.  For exercising his First Amendment rights is a way that was inconvenient for the PotUS and his policies.

Of course, Obama's assertions and Ambassador Rice's ridiculous lies have now been totally dis-proven, in a very rare piece of actual Journalism by otherwise biased CBS.  Not only did Libya's own President Mohamed Magariaf (already possessing more credibility than Peace-Prize winning Obama) acknowledge that the Benghazi attack was organized, militant and coordinated to fall on 9-11, but he revealed how his government had warned the U.S. days before the attacks.

Good news, though!  Even though Obama is "too smart" to attend his own, Presidential Daily Briefings [briefings are compiled by all major agencies, outlined and then delivered by experts with great depth of knowledge on surrounding facts], and too busy to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu in the face of nuclear Iran's threats, and too important to stay near the White House situation room as 30 countries host attacks on our country (there are 'Vegas fundraisers to attend and stars to hob-nob with), Obama did manage to clear enough time to meet with a distinguished representative of the critical "International Talk Like a Pirate Day", for photos to post on his campaign page.  SophosArchaeus could NOT make this kind of mindless crap up - never got into drugs.

Sen Joe Lieberman (I), (who caucuses with Democrats) and the Homeland Security committee have taken notice of all the evidence ignored by the Administration and covered up by Obamedia.  It is now known that the attack was led by Libyan Al Qaida militant Sufyan Ben Qumu (actually a member of AQ affiliate Libyan Islamic Fighting Group).  Qumu, now in Libyan custody, was safely locked up in the Guantanamo detention facility, classified as a  'moderate to major risk'.  But in 2007 (yes, actually "blame Bush" for this one), under massive ACLU and Democrat (DNC controlled Congress since 2006, including Senator Obama) pressure, Qumu promised to go home and play nice and was released along with dozens of others.  Many of these have since killed or tried to kill Americans.

If all this happens over a four month old, high-school quality, 'trailer' on YouTube (which almost no-one in the Middle East ever saw and most never even heard of until now), one wonders what will happen when the full-production, theatrical 'Kill bin Laden movie, FULLY SUPPORTED WITH CLASSIFIED INFO FROM THE WHITE HOUSE hits the theaters [http://tinyurl.com/DailyMail-ObamasMovie]

[*PLEASE NOTE that the deputies involved were almost certainly told (by policy-making superiors) that this guy was simply wanted for probation violations and that the weird arrangements were 'necessary'. In the opinion of Sophos Archaeus, most or all of them had little or no clue of the politics or Constitutional issues.]

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