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Saturday, November 5, 2011

We are "better off" (Obama). WHEW! [updated 11-17-11]

Obama shows his grasp of reality. (Or his respect for telling the truth to the People.)

NBC News via YouTube

Obama went on to say, "I don’t think the country is stronger yet than it was when the economy was still booming and we didn’t have Wall Street crisis, and we didn’t have the housing bubble burst. But, we’ve made steady progress, we just need to make more."

Probably every visitor to this page knows someone (several someones) who are far worse off than they were just 2 years ago (giving full credit to Obama after 5 months free of "Bush" - unlimited Progressive Socialist power with super-majorities in both houses and the White House). Most of us are just struggling to say afloat at the same level, while 15,000,000 more Americans are on welfare and size of the labor force has actually shrunk: so many have given up that the unemployment rate actually appears better than it is.

Meanwhile, the "#Occupy 99%" rioters are burning Oakland while their Progressive "Mayor" dithers. Europe wavers between disaster (letting bankrupt, Socialist Greece go up in flames from their own unions, without a bailout) and just sinking deeper into the trap (bailing them out for a few weeks, as their debt gets bigger, along with Portugal, Spain, Italy, France, Germany [yadda]). It is this European Socialist model that Obama and the rest of the Progressive Socialists and union cronies are steering us toward.



 And back to Progressive D.C.:

Um, hello?  You readers know better than that.  If you count those who have given up or fallen off official unemployment, the real number of Americana that have to work but cannot find any is closer to 19-20%.
Pelosi continues to hallucinate or  manufacture stuff to tell the electorate.

And back to New York, where #Occupy started. Obama says they have legitimate arguments and Pelosi says, "God bless them; they are grass roots ...and they will be effective".  Whew!  At least they aren't those dangerous, threatening, dirty Tea Partiers:


And here is the reality of our economy. The Congressional Budget Office has already predicted that next year (right through elections) will continue to be 'flat' at best. That is,unemployment and the economy will continue to stagger at near-historic levels for years unless the reckless spending and debt of the Progressive Socialists are not just frozen as Democrats have proposed, but drastically cut. The Free Market (yes, Capitalist) economy must be cut loose from strangling regulation and crushing taxation so that it can use the money they are sitting on to hire, build and produce. No amount of smoke and mirrors, governmental, cronyist spending will even get us back down to the 8% unemployment that Obama promised his Keynesian/Marxist agenda would keep us below. The threat of "skyrocketing" energy and the costliest parts of Obamacare yet to come have employers and investors hoarding their money (including a lot of "stimulus" money) until they know when and if they will be able to use rather than waste it.  Obama "jobs" gimmicks worth a few hundred or thousand dollars will not entice them to spend tens or hundreds of thousands on each machine or employee.

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