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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Is a rose a rose?

We are witnessing a massive increase in name-calling in the public arena.  Usually vulgar or inflammatory names come from naughty 4 year olds, surly high-schoolers and drunks.  The common thread among these is a lack of intelligent argument.  They have no empirical data, no content, no pith, no evidence, no facts, no examples, no (unrevised) historical reference, no truth and no civility.   According to the Left, all reasoning adults (the majority, which disagrees with the Progressives’ programs) are “racist[i], “the (evil) rich[ii], “Tea Baggers[iii], “haters[iv], “polluters[v]. “flat Earthers[vi], “extremists[vii], and/or “anti-immigrant[viii].  The disturbing part is that these now come more and more from elected “representatives”.  Virtually all come from the Left, (Joe Wilson called Obama a liar, but Obama had just lied about Illegals getting Obamacare).  These elected servants of the People also throw in “go straight to hell[ix], “Astroturf” and “the real enemy[x]

Then there is the ubiquitous Leftist talking point "do nothing Congress" or  “party of ‘no’ ”[xi].  “NO” means:  trying to slow the disastrous Progressive  ‘Supermajority’[xii] quadrupling of Bush’s too high debt, so that there is still an economy to re-start.  The fact is that, since the Conservative landslide of 2010, the GOP controlled House has passed many bills and amendments, while Harry Reid [D], gatekeeper of the Progressive controlled Senate, refuses to even let Obama's "pass this jobs bill" come to the floor.  This is because he knows that many Democrats will vote against it to save their own re-election chances and it would be defeated by a wide margin.

[UPDATE:  while the GOP-controlled house brought the "jobs" tax increase up for a vote weeks ago, and Senate Minority Leader McConnell (R) has repeatedly called on Reid to bring it up in the Senate, the Majority Leader has refused to do so.  Now, Reid  has improperly invoked the (the "nuclear option" that he condemned when Republicans properly applied it once on Jul 18 2005) as he already did to pass the Socialists' wildly unpopular, damaging and unconstitutional Obamacare. He will not allow Conservatives to comment or submit amendments to the bill, but will personally amend (which Biden said must be passed as-is) it and present it in language that Democrats can claim is positive in their campaigns.  This is because he knows that Democrats would defeat it as Obama presented it.]

Setting aside the 2% of wingnuts present in every group (e.g. those actually calling for Bush 43’s death while he was in office, or calling Obama “Hitler”), Conservatives generally call those on the left “Socialist”.  This is not a compliment.  Hitler’s National Socialists (NAZIs) murdered 15million innocent civilians[xiii], Stalin’s Soviet Socialists murdered 35 million[xiv] and Mao’s Communists murdered at least 70 million[xv] of his own people.  All of these also ran their countries into the ground economically, structurally and societally, and fomented insurrections and wars around the world.  The suffering and expense they inflicted on humanity is staggering.  It is also absolutely accurate.  Obama appointees Jarrett, Dunn, Jones, Lloyd, Sunstein, et al, are admitted Communists or Marxist Socialist (Dunn is actually a Maoist).  His own policies boil down to regulating and confiscating the wealth of the successful and massively growing government to spend what doesn’t stick in cronies’ pockets.  That would be Marxism.

But let’s speed this up:  Obama wants to “share around” [redistribute] Joe the Plumber’s wealth.  Frank-Dodd (D-2006) created the mortgage bubble that collapsed our economy, and Dodd-Frank (D-2010) is making this even worse in the rest of the financial world.  Maxine Waters threatens to “um, er, Socialize your company”.  GM and Chrysler are actually seized and stockholders’ equity given to their union bosses.  CBC chair Frederica Wilson declares the clear majority of the People (since 71% agree with the Tea Party ideals) are “the real enemy”.  The White House forces Ford to pull unflattering “bailout” commercials.  Van Jones threatens an “October” insurrection.  PotUS tells minorities to get out and march.  W.H. budget director Peter Orzag claims ‘maybe democracy would work better if U.S. was “less democratic”.  Chiming in, North Carolina Governor Bev Purdue actually suggested that “elections be suspended”.  Dems  and Leftist/Revolutionary groups encourage and join anti-Capitalist march of (rather dismal, spaced-out, clueless, unwashed) hundreds in NYC, S.F., and other sketchy venues[xvi]. [Thanks to sphotos.ak for carton]

So, the “Socialist” tag fits and it is simply accurate definition.  Name calling as exercised by the Left is the last resort of those with no legitimate argument. They have lost the electorate and know it.  They know everyone knows the facts and are simply trying to filibuster; to stop the conversation.

We will no longer recoil from false accusations in order to explain our true character, or allow them to distract us from our defense of our Republic, its Constitution and economy, and thereby, our families and neighbors.
Thanks to the photographer/editor, Victoria Kelley, who asks "if people would like to join my fan page (as facebook is too slow), go to https://www.facebook.com/pages/Victoria-Kelley/114473698637977 "

[i] Ironic, since the Founding Fathers tried to end slavery while Southern “Democrat” plantation owners refused to sign the Declaration or the Constitution unless their terms were deleted; the Republican Party was founded as an abolitionist movement while the defeated plantation owners formed the KKK. GOP voted 100% for XIII Amendment while Dems voted 63% against, followed by hyper-racist Wilson, the Segregationists [George Wallace (D) -- overcome by Eisenhower (R)] and then the Progressive Socialists.
[ii]Funny, since this is always said with contempt if not disgust, and these would be the investors [those risking money for companies to buy new equipment & supplies and hire more workers] and the employers [those actually committing to pay fair wages over an undetermined future], as the “poor” cannot afford to do these things.
[iii] Strange, as everyone on the Left seems to know all about masticating scrota (they say this constantly), while conservatives generally have never heard of such a thing, let alone approve of it.
[iv]Confusing, because the threatening union bosses, rally finger biters, Texas plane crashers, Ft. Hood shooters, union grain-pier rioters, Tucson shooters, CBC ‘spit’ liars, Beltway Shooters, CBC “go to hell “ and “real enemy”  dividers seem to come from the far Left.  Even Timothy McVeigh sang Socialist songs in prison and hated Christians [only humoring his attorney’s request for last rites}.
[v] Frustrating, since the greatest polluters in history were the Socialist NAZIs, Communist Soviets and Chinese [along with the dubious record of the most murdered civilians: 15,000,000; 35,000,000 and 70,000,000].  Capitalists see pollution as wasted resources as well as a danger to their families and a blight on beautiful America.
[vi] Weird, since Conservatives readily acknowledge the recent warm years as well as the current cooling cycle, while Leftists of every stripe make up “hockey stick” modifications to make their climbing magazine “research” and photoshopped  polar bear evidence get hotter and hotter.  And Uber-Liberal warming czar Gore flies around in the dirtiest jet in the air (GulfstreamV), collecting $100,000,000 in prevarication fees.
[vii] “Conservative extremist”  And the definition of ‘oxymoron’ is…?
[viii] Unusual, since all of us are immigrants or offspring of immigrants, and most Americans are opposed to law-breakers who don’t follow the procedures the way Grandpa or Mom did.  They no more want criminals and potential terrorists (35% of the invaders are Arabs, Russian, Chinese, Iranians, etc) running loose in the U.S. than they want to give “a path to residency” to a burglar in their own home.
[ix] Try saying this to your boss!
[x] Google “irony” and check what Al Qaida and Ahmadinejad think about us.
[xi] This means, steadfastly defending the Constitution and the economy, rather than “compromising” - - way the hell over to the Left wall.  Republicans  have dozens of bills ready to go or already past the House.  Dems (Harry Reid) just refuse to let bills come up for a vote.
[xii] Dems took over both houses in 2006 and passed the Dodd-Frank Recession bill.  Supermajority for the 1st two years of Obama’s regime.  The People 86’d them from the House in large numbers in 2010, but there is still the Senate and White House.
[xiii] Jews of course, but also, ethnic gypsies, Poles, homosexuals, Christian clergy, mentally ill, political prisoners, political competition, etc, but not counting the combat casualties of WWII.
[xiv] Political prisoners, released Russian POWs from Germany, mentally ill, gays, political competition, etc.
[xv]Political competition, political prisoners, yadda-yadda. 
[xvi] These block traffic, leave tons of trash and force more arrests than all of the Tea Party rallies (including the 1.8 million D.C. march) combined.  The most common thread is to “bring it down”, but are unclear what 'it' is or what replaces it.

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