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Friday, November 4, 2011

"A little #Occupy reality" Part II [Final update: 12-11-11]

This is a follow-on piece to my earlier "updated" post; it was getting too be terribly long. Too much is happening and more violence and revelations come out everyday. Minimal commentary here, just enough to explain any ambiguities. Consider it a clearinghouse.  This will be updated as well - please check back after a couple of days.

But first, a word from the SPONSORS OF #OCCUPY:
...each of these anti-American groups helped organize, supports and/or joins with the Occupy rioters.  They would gladly also organize, support and join in your neighborhood going up in flames and your family in rags if not chains.  There are others, like specific labor unions; who spend their members' money whether they approve or not.
 - - - - 
And, apropos of the "sponsor sheet" above, here is the final update [once again advanced in order to make sure it is not overlooked by readers].  The link to George Soros' Tides foundation has been uncovered.  In the article HERE, the sophisticated operation was revealed to CNN; but "the donor" who paid for it all was not disclosed.  Further investigation linked the spokespersons' links to this and other Soros fronts, dating back to the Left's creation of #Occupy Everything, years ago.

Having driven off the small contingent of legitimate, not-too-far-from-Tea-Party protesters that want our system cleaned out and tuned up, the remaining hard Left (not a typo*) Anarchists and Communist revolutionaries (*which meet them at the bottom of a proper, circular political continuum) have important work to do:  planning, propagandizing, scheming, sabotaging, conspiring, misleading, history-revising....yadda-yadda, the whole Leftist (for the benefit of the "higher power" of global profiteering) bag.

For those who are unfamiliar with Mr. Soros (George Schwartz's pseudonym: it means "the one who soars" in the made-up non-language of Esperanto - which basically denies individual nationality or language), he started his career under the NAZIs, selling out his own Jewish people for profit, then moved up to the Soviets's anti-Semitic campaign when Hitler "underperformed" (lasted only 12 years).  He considers himself above Socialists, but they are useful in his lucrative, insurrectionist 'hobbies'.  Also above family, religion, nationality, humanity, God...

Since then, he has connived, undercut, destabilized and sabotaged several different countries' economies, while he had monetary fund "bets" against them.  Basically, this means he collapsed people's systems so that their earnings were worthless, making him billions in the process each time.  He has been working on the collapse-reisistant American Free Market system for decades: he wants your earnings and savings in his bank account.

Back to the oft-updated post!

 - - - -
SophosArchaeus has moved this new (11-7-11) development to the top of the order.  When you see it, you will understand why.  It seems that more and more children - - we're talking under 12 years old - - are showing up at these filthy, violent, drug and sex ridden cesspits.  Get a throw-up bowl handy, fellow parents and others who love and respect of children.  Parents are using their own children as HUMAN SHIELDS.  Some have hidden behind them as they threw objects at police.  Here, they placed kids in wagons in front of doors where a conservative group was meeting, hoping to "lock" everyone inside.  The idea was, if attendees or police tried to force the doors open, they would not be able to avoid knocking the kids over.  The Anarchist animals were, of course, ready to rush in with cameras, issue their ubiquitous fake screams and blame everything on their victims: the attendees and the police.

More new video that needs to be shared: Everyone has seen the #Occupy U.C. Davis riot, where police were forced to pepper spray their way out of a larger, encircling mob making threats. It was carefully framed so that the circle is hard to see.

Here we see what you did not see (because it was cut from the beginning to reverse the event): the frame-up. They intentionally cut if from the beginning of the incident, then released it later as if it was the reaction of the rioters, rather than the frame-up. Notice how it is exactly what the police described, surrounded and outnumbered 10 to 1, with the mob shouting threats and demands. Finally, before the sprayng (as opposed to using night-sticks) they were liberally warned of exactly what would follow (pepper spray, arrest and prosecution) if they continued their declared unlawful assembly.

Also notice how crisply the mob reacts to their Anarchist controller: lots of shouting and threatening noise, instant silence, mindless repetition of demands, then seeming peace (as the chain of "sitters" block the only way out of the circle). Just what you need if you are shooting from a script and need to edit the footage later, reversing events in the minds of an audience for propaganda. By the way, rioters are not empowered to detain or make demands of the police that are dispatched to quell them. These things are called FELONIES. I don't know about you, but I would not try to step over (exposing myself) or go hands-on (for arrest) with members of a mob like this.

Too complex for mindless, drugged-out mobs? Remember, they have been practicing the unquestioning repetition of senseless slogans (human megaphone?) at every venue for weeks and weeks, and the chief sponsor of this Anarchist attack is the Socialists: the creators and masters of PROPAGANDA. This was all scripted out (though too cheesey for reality) well in advance. "You and your friends may go"?? Really?!?

- - - - Back to the original timeline:

First item, Oakland's Progressive Socialist Mayor initially placed the blame for violence, stirred up by the anarchists of the Occupy riots, on her own police officers. Now, after increasing terrorism, she sings a different tune (thanks to FOXnews):

Next, a FOX news piece showing ACORN's involvement (on taxpayer's dime?) in organizing and supporting the #OCCUPY rioters and increasing vandalism and violence. Embedding not yet available, see it HERE.

As a follow-on, FOX learned that ACORN freaked out when the first exclusive broke, and fired people threatened staff, shredded evidence - - you know, the typical ACORN behavior when revealed. Article HERE.

Then, addressing the 'humane' intentions and general concern for others among the #Occupy rioters:

(from MRC)

Here is a piece From the Daily Caller (not a "right wing" outlet) on a new riot in D.C.  Watch as anyone in a "luxury" car (anything that is waxed and has current registration and all its parts) is denied passage on the public streets that the rioters don't have a parade permit for.  It doesn't matter if they have kids on board or live on the occupied street.  Later on, it doesn't matter if a shoved around family has their 4 year old  IN THEIR ARMS as they try to get down the street - they engage in quite an argumen [see above insert].  Dad carries the child and tries to evade, while Mama Bear drives back the cowardly mob.  Next, innocent elder women are knocked down by the mob, sustaining injuries.  One of them, 78 year old Dolores Broderson, rode a bus for 11 hours (as it is a grass roots, self-funded group whose mission is to make everyone more prosperous) to get to a conservative event.  Listen as the animals scream, "Don't blame us, blame yourselves!"  We won't add to the obvious tresspasses, vandalisms, minor batteries and false imprisonments (felonies); but near the end, some rioters apparently blocked in someone who had the gall to try and get home, and they did their flop to the ground and scream trick.

New video has been released on the DC riot vs "Americans for Prosperity" (an "everyone do well and live better" type group of $35k $70k folks).  Here is one from participants in the "American Dream" conference that was interrupted, invaded and locked in:

Did you notice the "rich banker" (black dude with kid) in his chauffeur-driven, stretch Rolls Royce limo (looks like a mid-class import SUV to me), demanding to get by?

And here is a whole string of videos (thank you, AFP) showing many outrages by the pro-Socialist Occupy rioters and the people they are victimizing:
There is video out there showing the "protester hit by a car".  I saw it briefly on FOX but have not yet found it for posting here.  Basically, a white compact can be seen waiting for a green light, and several rioters hustle up and stand in front of it.  Many other rioters are prowling past [I wonder: how many carjackings in D.C. per year?  Just a thought.].  Anyway, the car is seen edging forward until one thin, possibly black man is touched, gets enraged and hammers on the hood of the car.  If that's me driving my family in my car, I floor it.  The driver involved [more info HERE] has more trust and patience than me, and just rolls on, shoving the rioter out of the way.  Police report (correctly) that the driver had the green light and the rioters were unlawfully in the street.  Funny thing is, the 29 year old driver of a nice but non-exclusive car was probably fairly sympathetic to the #Occupy "movement" until this stupidity and the resultant crowd calling for his head.

Here is a textbook arrest, with exceptional patience by the officers, after an Occupy Oakland thug trespassed and disrupted a private meeting.  He decides to add resisting arrest [and could be charged with escape, getting back out of the car], but is still treated with more respect than he deserves.  Meanwhile, a bunch of junior-high [age and/or mentality] chants absolute nonsense, without a clue if he is a 'political rpisoner' or a mass murderer.

Thanks to Media Research Center

A reasoning human tries (and fails) to discern any reasoning thought  on the part of the rioters.  To fill the time, he assembles the scorecard for the #Occupy "movement" [this is a public service, as most of the rioters can't track further than, "one, two..., oh wow, man."

Here, another protester tries to make his point:  Its all about Unions handing out signs (and money) to hold up as each other gets arrested, and they don't care if there is another Great Depression...

And HERE is Van Jones, threatening us again.  It seems he foresees #Occupy as not only equivalent to the 1000% larger Tea Party, but "evolving" into something more powerful and seizing power.  This as #Occupy rioters in NY and elsewhere again try to block businesses, highways, bridges and attack police.  And it looks like it is "spreading and evolving", since one of the Occupy rioters fired two rounds from an assault rifle into White House (that's our Presidential residence, not Obama's).  They even developed their own elites and ghetto, and even "the Daily Show" was onto it.

What is the response of the rioters to a [drug-impeded, incompetent, Leftist] assassination attempt?  One thing we know is, there's no way they could endorse even this kind of weak-kneed shooting.  Right?

Hm.  A new low, even for these animals.  And it's not like they proclaim his innocence; as they pass the can they ask for donations for "the guy that shot at the White House".

But the next day, they are even lower.  From anti-American to criminal to terrorist: they not only block workers and school kids, they follow and threaten those little children!

And while most cities are fed up with the health hazards, open drug abuse, rampant vandalism, assaults, rapes, suicides and murder, HERE is what the intrepid [or is that vapid?] City of Los Angeles does with its' Occupy rioters.

The City of Los Angeles is even more doomed than the rest of the State of California. Paying the rioters off for their anti-American, nihilist obstruction of honest people trying to earn a living wage. One hardly knows where to begin in such an absurd situation.

And finally, when they have long since chased off the few sincere or meaningful protesters they had and replaced them all with Anarchists, criminals (drug abusers, rapists, thieves and thugs) and lunatics, it gets cold and wet. The 0.099% had vowed to man their posts forever. To stand and demonstrate (as their Socialist masters depend upon to scare the masses into the arms of their "strong leadership and protection") until the system is purged of evil success and self-reliance. But, as I said, it's getting chilly. #Occupy Indianapolis is not the first where paid mercenaries have been proven to exist to promote an appearance of many with a cause, but it is the first place where the entire protest (all 4 of them) are paid homeless people. Might as well get less than minimum wage if they have to stand out in the cold and damp anyway; while the noble @Occupiers sit at home in their heated apartments and ranch-style homes:

All this just to try to stir up class hatred against investors and employers.  We have already seen the rioters doing their 1933 Germany style hate-speech against Jews.  Mob rule just picks out somebody they don't like and that is the enemy du jour.  Tomorrow it's those haters that hold U.S. Citizenship in Tucson; people evil enough to be born white in Scranton "gotta go (hey-hey, ho-ho)" next week.

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