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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Hope and REALITY

Some facts (please check, yourself!) on the “most open and transparent” administration in history:

The #Occupy riots:  Neither “grass roots” or a “movement”, they were planned and financed by S.E.I.U., Move-on, Code Pink, WorldSocialism.org, et al.  Obama appointee/Communist Van Jones, other Socialists and Anarchists announced them months ago (this is funny, since Anarchists are supposed to be "far Right" and Socialists are "far Left".  Interesting how they work together - and have for over 100 years).  A few protesters were legitimate at first; now they’re uniformly anti-Semitic, pro-Socialist and/or anti-AmericanU.S. flags are defiled and banners proclaim “F*** the troops”.  Unions paid some (illegal alien) protesters to hold signs.  Occupiers leave tons of filth, assault, rape and steal from each other.  They are endorsed by Democrats, unions, ACORN,  Socialists, pro-Islamist C.A.I.R. and the K.K.K.  They deny that bailouts, forced on banks by Progressives, were repaid (with interest).  They set-up or attack police, then produce their cameras and fake screams.  Their goal is to create anarchy for Socialists to exploit for powerMedia conceal the facts and exaggerate their numbers, but pollster Doug Schoen (D) and others prove the truth. Perhaps the whole issue is a decimal or percentage error.  They are not "the 99%" but the 0.099% - - a splinter fringe group.

Obama’s “jobs” bill:  This is basically a repeat of Stimulus I. Back then, Obama threatened that if his Stimulus was not passed, "unemployment could exceed 8%" (insinuating it would stay at 7.6%).  Here we have sat for the last 25-26 months with unemployment over 9% and an additional 9% having fallen off the bloated, extended unemployment rolls.  As Obama demanded on Sept 8th, the House under Boehner's GOP leadership voted on StimII “right away”.  Dems joined in its bi-partisan defeatHarry Reid (D) delayed it for weeks in the Senate, ignoring Mitch McConnell’s (R) call for a vote.  Reid then altered the bill, blocking GOP input; yet Dems again joined in the bill’s eventual bi-partisan defeat.  It is a mix of small, temporary tax credits, large, permanent tax increases and give-aways.  These include billions for non-critical “infrastructure” projects, but only for unions and “Solyndras”.  It includes a few GOP initiatives that Dems previously blocked.  Meanwhile, the House passed 15 (make that 22) jobs bills since June, which remain blocked in the Senate.

Operation Gun-Runner:  Following a small, strict Bush-era program ("Operation Wide Receiver"), Federal agents (under Obama appointees Holder and Napolitano) were ordered to pressure gun dealers to sell to selected buyers: known Mexican narco-terrorists.  Unlike Wide Receiver, wherein 500 guns were carefully tracked (though a few were lost) over 2 years to discover smuggling connections, Gun-runner involved over 2,000 high-powered guns, allowed to “walk” by dozens and hundreds; just disappear into the Mexican countryside with no surveillance.  There was simply no plan to track them. They were used to kill thousands of innocent Mexicans and at least U.S. Border Patrol agent, Brian Terry and ICE Agent Jaime Zapata.  Holder and Napolitano denied knowledge of it, weeks after his Deputy advised Holder and Obama announced it as an anti-gun tactic.  In fact, after repeated opportunities to apologize and take responsibility, Holder can only fall back on the original, Socialist plan and claim that more gun laws are needed.  This is in spite of the fact that historically, increased restriction on the posession of guns by lawful citizens always results in an increase in crime and death, while relaxing gun laws on the law-abiding always results in a lower crime rate.  That's because criminals simply ignore gun laws [that's what they DO, folks] and prey on an unarmed populace.  When there is greater danger of resistance, they go elsewhere.

Now the administration wants a law to give them permission to lie to courts and the People.  The Freedom of Information Act ("FoIA") allows citizens to get copies of government documents, keeping leaders honest.  The government can deny a request if it jeopardizes an investigation and the People can appeal the denial in court.  They can even respond, "the requested record(s), if they exist, would jeopardize xxx investigations if released".   They cannot say "No such record exists" if a record does exist, and thwart the oversight of Congress and the regulation of the courts.  Judges have ruled many times (more often than not, on a Leftist FoIA request) that the government cannot lie, especially to courts.  Holder’s “Justice” Dept has withdrawn the request, but responded that they already have authority to lie to us at will - - ‘granted’ by an internal DOJ policy memo.

That last fact may be the scariest of all.

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