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Friday, October 29, 2010

A brief word before you vote.

This is for the sincere liberals (not Leftists), democrats (not Progressive Socialists) and Independents, who want to improve California and the U.S.A., rather than usurp them or bring them down for personal or ideological gain.

First, "moonbeam" Brown and "don't call me Ma'am" Boxer are leading, but many polls have obviously been cooked, just like the “Global Warming” and “jobs created or saved” numbers, which have already been exposed.  Until last week, all results in both races were tied or favored the Republicans, and the only things that changed were two Boxer ads and a Brown smear being discredited.  In fact, both Meg Whitman  and Carley Fiorina are still within reach of a good, pro-jobs, pro-California turnout.  The DNC and CaDem know that too many of us disbelieve them and are checking facts for ourselves.  Union members already know that their bosses are skimming millions for themselves and contributing their dues to campaigns they don’t believe in.  The Progressives that took over the Democratic Party can’t have that.  Too many false claims and attacks have failed, and their power and fortunes are at risk.

You know people who have no actual issues or facts, and just shout slogans or insults.  They hope you will not join others and research actual laws, events and records, realizing that you have been used.  They hope you will vote as they tell you to, since they think you are not smart enough to make decisions on your own.  The President of the United States recently ordered all Latinos to vote to “punish our enemies” - - who thinks like that?  Latinos and other minorities don’t need Progressive (or even conservative) orders, just honest information

Finally, the Left expects to reduce the massive surge of energy of the combined independents and conservatives.  They want to discourage us from bothering to vote in a “lost cause”.  Sorry - - having scrubbed most of the slime from the Republican Party in the primaries, we are eager to sign in and vote for sensible patriots, regardless of the letter behind their name.  Our kids depend on it.
It’s NOVEMBER, and we remember.

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