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Sunday, October 31, 2010

After the vote:

Elections will be over before the newspaper version of this essay gets to print.  There will have been something between a slight shift back to the right and a conservative tidal wave.  California is either in better hands in Sacramento and D.C., or “Moonbeam” and “Call me Senator” will once again be steering us toward the sharp rocks on the left.  California has been teetering on the verge of bankruptcy for years, under Democratic legislatures and D.C. no longer represents the People or defends the Constitution.

Several things will now happen nationally.  Since new Representatives are not seated until 1-20-11, a “lame duck” session of congress will be expected to create and pass the budget that Dems refused to introduce for months (because it points out their deficit/debt and limits their future spending).  They will also either pass an extension of the Bush tax cuts (for all Americans or just DNC supporters), or refuse to bring them to a vote.  If so, all our taxes will go up a lot, and employment will take another hit.  Please remember, if these increases take effect in January and become obvious in the spring, that the Democrats (who will loudly blame conservatives) controlled the voting agenda for years.  They have not been too shy to threaten, bribe, fabricate and lie up to this point.

Most of the Progressives’ job-killing, economy-crushing, debt-piling bills had inexplicable delays in their effective dates.  The reason that parts don’t become effective until after 2010, 2012 and even 2015 is two-fold:  They hoped that more of us would remain unaware of the worst effects (if you've had your coffee, wade through the alchemy submitted to the CBO [to do massively more for vastly more people on a more centralized structure] for yourelf HERE), keeping them in control of congress for the next two years and the presidential election.  Also, if they failed, they will have left those toxic laws behind them like a road littered with land mines for conservatives to deal with.

Conservatives probably now control the House and are about even in the Senate.  They can stop the funding of the worst of those time bombs, but Obama can veto any new legislation.  Conservatives won’t have the veto-proof super majority that the Progressive Socialist led Democrats did for the last 2 years.  They might not even control both houses as the DNC did since 2006, when they passed the regulation and funding bills that caused the recession.   So, serving the people and obeying the Constitution will be limited to defending the broken gates until 2012.  Certainly, a President and ideology that calls on “his” Hispanics to “punish our enemies” (after calling peaceful Tea Party members “dangerous” or “extreme”) will veto every effort to make actual improvements.

Still pending are: most of the still-missingstimulus” billions, staggering debt approaching our total national production, rampant and increasing unemployment, strangled domestic oil production, health care thrown into chaos and increased cost by Obamacare, Dem threats of more spending sprees, increasing terrorist attacks and lack of protection of our borders, growing threats to honest elections, lack of integrity at the D.O.J. and a host of other damaging, Progressive creations.

The good news is, Americans seem to have awakened to the Socialist threat decades sooner than the Europeans did.  We now know better and learn more every day.   Out-of-control Euro-Socialism has broken the bank (like it has done in every case through history), making reductions in their taxing and spending unavoidable.  That ignited the Communist-led riots now raging across the continent.  We have a chance to make reductions and changes while they are smaller, less painful and less disruptive to our way of life.

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