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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sooo... what’s the diff?

Democrat, conservative, Republican, Socialist, Progressive… what’s the difference?  Are any of them really so bad, or better than the others?  The dictionary will tell you basically that conservative means ‘changing carefully’ while liberal means ‘with less care’.

Republicans blew it, going along with the growth of government and running up the deficit and debt.  Of course, that includes the cost of defense after 9-11.  The recession started under Bush.  However, it was engineered by the Democratic-controlled congress (which controls spending and regulations).  In fact, the designers of the mortgage collapse (that caused the recession), Dodd and Frank, are still in office.  The worst of the Republicans were “scrubbed” from the GOP by the Tea Party surge in the primaries.  Dems don’t seem to have done that.

Under Obama (in an unprecedented string of “crises” and “emergencies”) the deficit has quadrupled and the debt is now more than every president from Washington through Clinton.  Combined.  Every man, woman and child in America has a $40,000 share of the debt, which will more than double by 2015.  But it’s okay, because he put all the bribes, threats, back-room deals and blockading of Republican amendments and motions on C-Span.  While respecting the will of the people.  Right?

Let’s compare a few State candidates.  Jerry Brown, in his first go at Governor, appointed a rabid, Leftist, anti-death penalty California Supreme Court Chief Justice (Rose Bird), who was so radical that she was the only one ever voted out of office.  He also opposed Prop 13 as a “fraud” in 1978, then rushed to “support it” when it was supported by an overwhelming majority.  Now he supports propositions to scrap it, or subvert it in hidden language. He favors huge unions (government or private) and their bloated pensions and once stated that he'd prefer everyone to be on welfare or unemployment.

As Attorney General, Brown (who never held a real job) went after kids’ bounce-houses, but ignores illegal immigration.  The farce of a defense that he mounted for the peoples’ twice-voted Prop 8 was only exceeded by the melodrama he arranged with Gloria Allred.  She outed an illegal alien, revealing her forgeries on TV while proving that Whitman paid her double the going rate for a housekeeper.  It seems that in immediately firing “Nikki” upon discovery (as required by law), Whitman “knowingly employed her for years” or “cheated her”.  Or failed to “profile” Nikki, or fire her over a letter from Social Security, which she never saw and says that it is not proof of any wrongdoing and you can’t fire over it.  Or something.

Whitman, meanwhile, was not political (didn’t even vote for several years), but grew a small company into the e-Bay giant and is fiscally conservative and level-headed.  She shattered the lies about her “raising the overhead” of the company that she more than quintupled in size.

Carly Fiorina has been hit by the same Progressive lie #1, trying to blame her for laying off 30,000, whilr creating hundreds of thousands of jobs at HP, while , after acquiring Compaq Inc and resizing.  They even said that upgrading the company fleet of aging planes was her personal greed, and she raised her own pay, rather than HP’s independent salary board.

On the other hand, Barbara Boxer supported California's job-killing Leftis lunge as well as the federal Progressive economic fiasco, which cost Americans over 5 million jobs and trillions of dollars.  She interrupted a combat General so she could be called “Senator” rather than “Ma’am”.   “Ma’am” is protocol for female generals, housewives and the Queen of England, but not Barbara Boxer, because she works so hard.  Closer to home, she supports maintaining the political cutoff of irrigation water to our San Joaquin Valley, raising our food prices and pushing unemployment past 40%.  For some smelt.

It seems that Socialists, from Marxists to Maoists to National Socialists (NAZIs) make a habit of lying, disregarding their people and running their countries into the ground for personal gain (remember that, since their public writings are for misleading "the masses", the opposite appears in print).  Fidel Castro now admits that “Communism doesn’t even work in Cuba”, which has been abusing its enslaved people since Che roamed around murdering helpless prisoners.  Of course, Cuba’s tens of thousands can’t compare to Pol Pot’s millions, Hitler’s 15 million, Stalin’s 35 million or Mao’s 70 million victims (not including predecessors’ or successors’ murders, or wars they caused).

Socialist economics, sometimes called Keynesian or “State Capitalism” has never worked.  No Socialist state has ever stayed anti-capitalist and survived more than 70 years.  They extend their run by increased use of slave labor, and then either go semi-capitalist (like China) or collapse of their own weight.  The European Union is a current example.  Though “soft socialists”, they have built up their entitlements and “social justice” systems until they have run out of other people’ money.  Entrepreneurs are hard to find, the rich Ologarchs won't let their money be "redistributed" and the money-for-nothing unions are rioting.  They have been told that they need to cut the budgets (government jobs, free services, medical care, early retirement, etc) in England, Portugal, Italy, Spain, Greece, etc.  Red flags and burning cars and buildings (some with employees still inside) are seen everywhere except on “mainstream media”.

Our Democratic incumbents, seeing all this and the fact that the people are catching on, have little to run on, and avoid contact with Obama, Reid and Pelosi.  They call conservatives “extreme” (look up “mutually exclusive”) and stick to bald face lies and smears. They say they opposed the health care, auto industry and banking takeovers.  They promise to “fix” the massive, convoluted, unconstitutional, hidden funding “health care” fiasco, when they could have supported the simple bills (and hundreds of amendments) that Republicans introduced, which they shot down.  Bills that would prohibit exclusion of pre-existing conditions, cap costs, open up interstate competition and cover all legal residents in risk pools.

Republicans, called “the party of No” by the Progressives, now promise to be more conservative; the party of “Stop” until they can repeal the most dangerous of the Socialist laws.

Unemployment never dropped below the point that Progressives promised that “stimulus” would keep it from reaching (8%).  Even with billions piled atop trillions and their “creative math”, it’s back above 10%.  And if you cross Leftist bosses, they just dump you via cel phone, like former USDA supervisor Shirley Sherrod and NPR radio analyst Juan Williams.  No investigation, no personal meeting, no warning, no rights, just a 1.8 million dollar "donation for more journalists" from George Soros.  A certain conservative cable channel snapped up the liberal-but-honest Williams.

I guess there is a difference. Better defend yourself... vote on November 2nd.

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