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Monday, May 3, 2010

Tired of waiting

People are still waiting. They pay attention, and they are waiting for responsible reporting of reality by “mainstream” media. The pitifully few, honest articles on back pages, or factual letters from readers, are still outnumbered by leftist lies with banner headlines. What happened to journalistic fact-checking?

We’re waiting for Obama and Progressives to admit the many lies about “health care” that are revealed every day. Waiting for apologies for hiring gay-advocate pedophile Kevin Jennings as “safe schools” czar and self-avowed Communist revolutionaries Van Jones, Anita Dunn, Mark Lloyd (etc, etc) as senior government officials. For honest accounting of hundreds of billions of missing TARP and “stimulus” dollars. Explanation of delayed military reinforcements, swine-flu vaccine, oil spill response, Iranian nuclear sanctions, support for Iranian freedom fighters, etc. “Transparency”. Jobs . Deficit reduction. Tax restraint. Bi-partisanship. Actual language of the Arizona law. Violence of Illegal Alien riots and peacefulness of Tea Parties. Bowing to kings, appeasing despots and insulting the majority of Americans.

I spent one hour, with all the power of SophosArchaeus News Services (my laptop) looking for some real stories. Here are a handful of things you didn't see or read without cable or internet news sources:
1)Santa Cruz (CA) downtown riot:
2)San Fran pro-law supporters attacked
3)San Diego: foreign flags, mass-murderer (Che’) posters
4)D.C. “rep” Guttierez arrested at Illegal Alien protest
5)Phoenix riots, threats, vandalism

Maybe it’s just as well; the word IS getting out. Dishonest media and politicians make themselves irrelevant.

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