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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Protect rights indeed... of Citizens!

[...and the parade of anti-American propaganda continues...]

In his May 5th Point of View, Joe Olague (League of Latin American Citizens) speaks for illegal aliens, though he avoids using such an accurate description. He calls out Mayor Kurth (with whom I often disagree) for his support of enforcement of immigration laws, saying that, “we [LLAC?], support humane…rights to live a prosperous dignified life… on Earth. He asserts that America must support this as “a cornerstone of our democracy.” Mr. Olague, we have little authority over the Earth, but we, the people, are sovereign in our own nation. Also, we do NOT have a “democracy”, but a Republic. This means that leaders MUST respect the will of the citizens. Polls range from 55%-78% in favor of immigration enforcement, such as Arizona just enacted with 70% voter approval.

Olague admits that we are “kind, caring and compassionate”, while Kurth and I know that legal immigrants are necessary to keep American liberty fresh. This applies to immigrants such as my grandparents. They each waited 7 years for admission, AFTER proving job skills, finding a sponsor and applying for a visa. Illegal immigrants (the only accurate description) start out by knowingly breaking the law, sneaking into the U.S. They then take lower end jobs away from American teens, college students and retirees, while California and Arizona unemployment remains over 10%. You don’t break into someone else’s house and eat their food, then “seek a path to legal residency”.
Illegals also receive up to $35,000 (U.S. govt figure) in annual benefits, paid by the rest of us. Olague evades this fact, denying that “all immigrants” come here “solely to be subsidized by health and welfare benefits.” Of course not! As I said, those that come LEGALLY are generally honest, productive and pay their taxes. Illegals are a different story, and that is the entire issue. Also, when thousands of illegals are known to enter the U.S. daily, only a fool would assume that criminals, drug or human-smugglers (usually both), or terrorists are not among them. Arizonans know better.

Olague then recites Socialist mantra, blaming all misfortune, American and Mexican, on U.S. corporations. Those evil, rich, (and apparently suicidal) corporations cause “the failing internal structure of the United States”. He ignores the reality of unenforced regulations and laws under Clinton, Bush and Obama, and 1999 Progressive/Democratic legislation FORCING lenders to make the risky “equal opportunity” mortgages that caused the recession. Olague implies that illegals (and unions, pensions, wars, etc) have no impact. American industry created 240 years of unprecedented growth – why else do illegals come HERE from around the world?.

Olague also imagines U.S. ownership of Mexico’s economy. While some American companies outsource manufacturing for cheaper labor, their sought-after wages are far higher than regional averages. He does not mention the huge profits of PEMEX (Mexico is an oil exporter and OPEC member, untroubled by environmental laws). In Alaska, each citizen gets a check from profitable oil companies (who also hire thousands), but the corrupt Mexican government seems to soak up the huge profits from nationalized PEMEX.

The article acknowledges that 50% of all California births and school children (with free meals) are Latino. Olague claims these are our “future core”. Actually, many of these are “anchor babies”, and the term fits in two ways. First, exploiting intentional misinterpretation of the 14th amendment, thousands of pregnant illegals cross the border annually to give birth in U.S. hospitals (70% in San Diego). They are improperly deemed “citizens” and the rest of the family is sponsored in, “anchored”, by the baby to join the human wave. Second, this 10-for-1 giveaway multiplies the entitlement to uneducated, unskilled aliens, threatening to drag us all under water. Olague doesn’t mention that.

Olague’s last instructions to Kurth are to serve “the people who elected you…the 27.8% Latino population” (at the expense of the other 72.2%), and “remember the Berlin Wall”. Olague is absolutely correct on that last one! That wall was built by Socialist East Germany at the order of Communist USSR. It was not a defensive structure, but designed to keep people who wanted to escape INSIDE East Germany. You see, they were oppressed by Socialism and were welcomed by prospering West Germans whenever they could dig or climb out. Both regimes eventually collapsed of their own weight, because Socialism cannot compete with free market capitalism.

Mexican President Calderon agrees with Olague that U.S. law is “creating intolerance, hate, discrimination and abuse”. Arizona's new law restricts investigation, and is a misdemeanor, minor felony for repeaters; should we copy Mexico’s law? Illegals there are aggressively investigated and prosecuted, serving 2 year FELONY convictions, 10 years for repeat offenders; and they deport anyone who is not fully self-supporting.

Curtis Allen
Ontario, Ca
- retired 30 year police officer and private citizen.

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