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Sunday, April 6, 2014

"Experts", when paid for certain findings, will find them.

Some local papers increasingly waste space and insult readers' intelligence with junk “news” like the Cronkite News regurgitation (4-6-14) on “climate change [man made]” and wildfire.  So sad to see more newspapers sinking into “mainstream media”, irrelevance, like the useless rags in most bigger cities. [IMHO, it is this plunge into mindless cloacum, as much as the influence of the Internet, that causes readership to plummet and makes formerly free services like graduation and Eagle announcements and even obituaries cost hundreds of dollars to get published; they are otherwise losing money and must profit from these.]

This fable insists that ‘CO2 kills trees', contributing to wildfires.  This requires volcanic concentrations in the soil, not parts-per-billion atmospheric fluctuations.  Trees (all photosynthetic plants) ‘inhale’ CO2 and ‘exhale’ Oxygen, so this assertion is about as sensible as decreeing that the O2 carried by Hospitals, paramedics and COPD patients is ‘deadly to humans’. Further, the minute ripples in CO2 over recent decades are dwarfed by earlier eras, with no relationship to human activity (i.e., often more growth, less CO2 and/or, more CO2, less warmth).

There are some fanciful pictures with the piece, though; much like other fairy stories
 A thermograph (limited, to avoid inconvenient levels of earlier history) suggests that the hot-spot Hell-hole of the entire American West is …wait for it… from Prescott to Flagstaff! Forget those 'mild' Phoenix and Palm Springs climes.  For you Arizona denizens, do you remember the last 3 winters, before this year’s el Nino?
Another Case in point, the Arizona Daily Sun (Flagstaff) recently decided that 'consensus based upon magazine article observation, CGI (cartoon) footage of glacier calving, disproven "math" based upon forcible "bending" of curves, and closely cropped photos excluding most of a celebration of Polar Bears overrides actual observation of facts [see: http://azdailysun.com/news/opinion/editors-column/between-the-lines-it-s-not-censorship-by-ignoring-those/article_38f02d94-eee1-11e3-8b0b-0019bb2963f4.html].  Thus, there is simply no longer any room for the printing of articles or reader comments, unless they kowtow to the Global Warming fraud's agreement policy. Or, as another demonstrably Left-of-reality and gleefully mindless rag (the Daily Kos) puts it, "there IS NO opposing viewpoint."
On the plus side for those that missed it in 2009, a line-graph with the Cronkite News article does show a classic example of the ‘hockey stick’. This conspiratorial math-skewing device pushes actual (or imagined) observations upward toward a desired (not factual) end point. 
 It was exposed in 1,079 leaked, East Anglia University emails, expressly coordinating suppression of actual science and expounding of Leftist “consensus” (as if physical facts can be ‘voted’ into changing by shouting down or ridiculing other data). Obama’s U.S.P.S. concocted these particular images, since N.O.A.A. no longerplays such games.

The 4-6 “Wizard of Id” comic strip also deals with manufactured “news” and has funny pictures; but it’s in the comics and doesn't demand that a growing majority of intelligent people abandon reality.

But, we now see that when either of the ugly faces of 'truth' or 'fact' is raised, the Left simply bullies or censors their inconvenient realities under the rug.  After all, they interfere with the collection of funds and the aggregation of power.  How scientific!  How journalistic!

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