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Unless you're dodging a taxicab or sidestepping a falling gargoyle, it's usually wise to take what time is available to evaluate and apply actual common sense. Good, old wisdom. It is, of course, my opinion, but I'll try to show why I think it's factual.
Thomas Paine said, "To argue with someone who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead." ... but I argue with drunks, egomaniacs, anti-gun Statists, Socialist/Keynesians and climate-fraud peddlers, too.

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Monday, August 25, 2014


Yes, indeed:

...Sophosarchaeus is still here.
Yes, there has been a long gap in a long list of gaps (since time [time to consider, time to research and time to find authoritative sources for factual information; but especially time to write cogently and interestingly] is still a resource that is hard to scrape together).
Yes, there are tons of topics that need attention, such as the race-baiting lies coming out of Ferguson, Propagandist media, the White House and Sharpton's & Crumps' falsifying-"facts"-for-fending-focus-from-felonious attack.  Obama and the Progressive Democrats have set back race relations in the U.S. by 50 years.  Yes, Socialists as Domestic Enemies continue to be the biggest threat (on a hundred Alinsky-ish fronts) to America and her allies.
Yes, the Progressives are doing what may be the worst possible job in respect to the huge and growing ISIS ("ISIL" is a term that assumes ownership of everything from Cypress, through Israel and across Jordan) anti-humanity cult.
Yes, the economy has improved; perhaps one year's worth over the last 5.75 years under the Keynesian, Socialist, anti-American, unconstitutional head-in-sand DNC/Progs.

Sophosarchaeus will continue to gather and share facts as time permits.  Meanwhile, everyone else should do the same: find responsible sources of fact, arrange them to explain issues from beginning to end, and then share the story with as wide a circle as they can: FB posts (Twitter tweets tend to be too truncated to educate well) outside the familiar circle of Conservative friends, email replies, letters to editors, polite interruptions to conversations to set facts straight, etc.
Yes, I am serious!

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