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Friday, March 7, 2014

Left pretends that "business" loves Common Core brainwashing

 A "news release from Cronkite News on Feb 22nd defended Federal “Common Core” schooling.  Moriah Costa wrote that "business leaders" (a single usurper in the Arizona Chamber of Commerce) prefer the fact-free, Social Justice indoctrination of future American workers to actual education.  That's because, they say, it will "help the State create a competitive workforce".  Remember, it is not among the enumerated powers to even comment on, let alone dictate education requirements to the sovereign States. That is an ever-growing (thanks to Bush, Clinton and [worst] Obama) violation on Jimmy Carter's hands [there is no "Federal education responsibility" Jimmy!].  And Leftist-based, revisionist systems [educational or economic] have always failed, everywhere they have been tried.  Only slave labor (such as China and NoKor still use) manages to stagger on in a third-rate fashion for a few decades after they exhaust the productive in their societies.  Detroit is an American mini-example:  once the industrial heart of America, but under "enlightened" Leftist/Democrat rule for decades, it is now an economic wasteland and most who can have fled the area.  By comparison, the years of Bush43 were really very prosperous (must be Clinton's fault!)

"Cronkite News" [a revisionist, Propagandist training mill at
Arizona State University] has also manufactured false impressions on other issues; they maligned border security, libeled voter integrity and misrepresented reducing debt, etc.  They don’t question Leftist infiltration of Chambers of Commerce and unionized, illegal, Federal strangulation of schools or Socialized 'education' overall.

Common Core itself, likeHillary-ObamaCare”, has been in the Left’s playbook for many decades.  Unrepentant (as in, “I wish I had done more”) murderer Bill Ayers and his murderous wife Bernadine Dohrn used Communist Alinsky’s ‘clean up, look respectable’ model for their Annenberg Challenge in Chicago schoolsicagoschoolsCh. They recruited ‘community organizer’ Obama to “radicalize schools” in the 90’s.  Ayers boasted (parroting Lenin), “Give me just one generation of youth, and I'll transform the whole world.”  In 2012 Ayers claimed, “…absolute access" to the community, the school, the classroom. 

Obama added Pedophilia activist Kevin Jennings to the mix as his "School Safety Czar" and used his executive "pen"...
...ta-da: Common Core!

Some features of Common Core, which Costa and Chamber of Commerce infiltrator Hamer claim will somehow produce better, more productive businesspeople:
- Teachers’ Edition requires explaining the [revisionist] termfascist’ to students and instructing that “fascist is now applied to all right-wing groups.”
- 4th grade worksheet: ‘…Government is your family and will take care of you’.  The illustration is of UncleSam holding a “citizen” like a baby.
-  4th grade English teaches ‘Pimps’ and ‘Mobstaz’, because sexual gangster terms and Ebonics syntax and spelling will help in business.
- Possessive nouns worksheet deals exclusively with illegal Presidential powers and the need to "obey government".
- Teachers’ Edition decrees “4 x3 can equal 11” as long as future engineers or bankers rationalize their steps [it is only under this kind of rubbish that Socialist/Keynesian "economics" work - until they collapse at an average of 65 years].
- High School Literature worksheet: a woman intentionally deforms her unborn children to sell to freakshows after birth. Progressives’ heroic model of “womens’ rights”, standing up to ‘unfair norms’, right?
- The Constitution and the Bill of Rights are flawed and "being reviewed" in America; 'add, delete or rewrite a few rights' to see how easy it is.
- The Second Amendment is rewritten as "people have the right to certain weapons" [instead of "arms" - unrestricted] and only if they register them [instead of "shall not be infringed"].
Most of these outrages are only made public when shocked parents discover them in their childrens' homework; it is happening now.  Of course, Cronkite News and the rest of Obamedia never even acknowledge such disturbing FACTS.

Even Liberal CBS reports that Leftist Maryland teachers don’t approve.  They dislike C.C. “fuzzy math”; tortuousmethods replacing sensible ones and decreeing wrong answers as correct.  Also, ignoring fact and enforcing tests “rather than have kids explore the curiosity of learning.”

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