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Unless you're dodging a taxicab or sidestepping a falling gargoyle, it's usually wise to take what time is available to evaluate and apply actual common sense. Good, old wisdom. It is, of course, my opinion, but I'll try to show why I think it's factual.
Thomas Paine said, "To argue with someone who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead." ... but I argue with drunks, egomaniacs, anti-gun Statists, Socialist/Keynesians and climate-fraud peddlers, too.

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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Productivity: Reality Sucks


Once again, the realities of keeping body and soul and house and family and together (i.e. earning a living) intercedes in the writing of even the wisest of old wisdom.  Even when there are literally dozens of usurpations, lies, crimes, distortions and scandals, one can only do one thing at a time.  And I refuse to post something that I cannot research to the point of being confident in its veracity.

Never fear, though: Sophosarchaeus will be back soon.

Meanwhile, old wisdom is still around - just keep your eyes open for truth, seek original sources and reputable people, then, SHARE THE TRUTH with everyone reasonable enough to converse honestly with you!  Be factual (reject hyperbole and internet fantasies).  Be calm. But be firm and refuse to be 'chased' out of the argument; remember that others are listening to or reading the conversation, so let the mindless Lefty be the ridiculous, fact-free, angry, hateful, un-trustworthy, shrieker.  You may never convince your adversary, but you WILL influence most of those that watch the discourse.  And try to spread your message beyond the usual circles.  Shed a little light into darker places where reality rarely gets a fair hearing.  Some people in even the most preposterously Leftist groups want to deal in truth.  State your case, announce that you will not waste everyone's time being talked in circles or distracted by bovine excretia, and excuse yourself from the honest listeners (ignore the toady altogether).

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